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XGN hosts league races in Assetto Corsa racing on Tuesday and Thursday nights.

You can read about the XGN Assetto Corsa League here.

Read about Tuesday night racing here, and Thursday night racing here.

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November 09, 2018, 09:04:01 AM by Wally | Views: 593 | Comments: 0

The next racing season starts November 13 - based on the IMSA GT Championship of the 80's in the US (GTP cars.
Details are here.
July 29, 2018, 02:34:04 PM by frognastie | Views: 2861 | Comments: 15

Congratulations to XGN, who many may not know it, the clan started 20 years ago in 1998. Yes 1998.

In its first form, the clan know as -ozi- started with a game called Delta Force with a roster of approximately 10 players, Blade (later to be come Nosf3ra2) Mason,  a guy called Danny (cant recall his Alias), Silk, Havoc , Ando (Alias?) myself DirtyJoe, and  2 others whom Nosf3ra2 maybe able to fill in the blanks? All of us were based out of Adelaide, SA.  As I recall back them, Nos & Mason were the only 2 players on ADSL, and the rest were on 56k Modem.  ??? you may ask? copper wire and slow speed!

We featured in the Oceanic League against teams such as the Wizards of OZ, AUS, SAS and played on a few local servers as best we could. Throw in the occasion LAN event or a Friday afternoon off work, there always was an -ozi- player playing online. Great times - I often ducked over to Mason's house to play on a better connection - Thanks Mate!

We then moved to the Franchise of the game Delta Force Land Warrior, , and the team started to take shape with more members coming into the fold, such as Havoc's brother, Digger, Brit, Pointless.  We again were leading away in the Oceanic League events and started to play more often on Overseas servers.  Many players grew from the 56K modem to ADSL which improved the game play for everyone.

Following again the DeltaForce franchise came Black Hawk Down, again a fantastic game for its era, imo probably the best FPS. The team went from strength to strength with numbers again growing at this time I think we had a touch on 20 members by the time we moved to DF Joint Operations.

DF Joint Ops, was the game at the time that probably lead to demise of -ozi- into XGN. Diggazz and myself broke away and initially followed by Nos to set up Xtreme, and the Xtreme Gaming Network. We had contributed to financially to a number of servers and brokered a deal with a local ISP Adam Internet in SA whom hosted the boxes and provided free connection and data. The boxes went from 2 to 6 pretty quickly as did the range of games we hosted.  A big shout of Kudos to Diggazz, who was able to set them up and remote control the servers.  After 12 months of this set up we were running most of Adam Internets gaming servers at the time (that's 2003 folks). We had a vision, well sort of  ;D

Games included, Joint Ops, Operation Flashpoint, Battlefield 2, some car racing game lol, only joking. We also started hosting clan forums and running our own events. Oceanic League whom we were involved with shortly die soon after and XGN become the community site away from the others.

Whilst I have not been involved in online gaming since 2008, its great to see XGN still going strong. I big thanks to all those who contribute and those who use the site, I am sure its greatly appreciated.

P.S Well done Nos, Mason, Brit and Diggazz you guys are still going strong by the looks of it, but you are still poofs :) and I am sure the lube jar is still full :)

Take care people and have fun..
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