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Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 20, 2018, 08:56:38 PM »
Last change......  :o

I added the average for all corners over a lap, so you have:

Last Corner = the weight transfer delta for the last corner (final figure on exit is the average for that corner)
Lap Avg = the average delta over the whole lap
Corner Avg = the average delta, over the whole lap, but just while cornering.

Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 20, 2018, 07:59:15 PM »
Oops... the corner figure was stuffed. It wasn't resetting after each corner. Now fixed. Please re-download!

Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 20, 2018, 06:11:43 PM »
Does the 'corner' reading change through the corner?
I saw some high figures there and assumed that it was the 'last' reading, ie. corner exit only, as I was looking at the apex during cornering and not the app.
The corner figure is a running average as you go through the corner. So by the time you exit the corner, the last number is the average over the whole corner.

Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 20, 2018, 12:37:08 PM »
Just did a few laps in the lotus at QLD, and got around 350 for Corner and around 180 for Average consistently
across a number of laps.
Yeah, you don't have enough ARB adjustment in the Lotus to really balance it, but you can improve the weight transfer distribution.

Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 19, 2018, 05:45:38 PM »
Just to clarify, of the two numbers one is lap average, the other last corner?
I'm getting around 100 for the top number and around 0 for the lower but not understanding why they are so different??
(I'm in the ACL Mclaren M8C)
Yep, one's lap average and one's last corner only. Is the Average 0? Maybe it's possible to get 100 for one corner, but average of 0 over the whole lap (if some corners are negative)? Is it always 0, or does it change?

Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 19, 2018, 11:41:54 AM »
I have updated the app in the first post to add information about lateral weight transfer.

Here's the theory, as I understand it.
As you corner, there is lateral weight transfer, so the tyres get loaded and unloaded. There's not a great deal you can do about the weight transfer - it's going to happen. What is important for the handling and balance of the car is the amount of weight transfer at the front and the rear, or in other words, the roll stiffness. The larger the lateral weight transfer at either end of the car, the more total grip that end loses.  A more balanced car will have a similar amount of weight transfer front and rear - you want both the front and the rear to lose around about the same amount of grip to maintain a balance.

So the app shows two numbers, both related to how much more lateral weight transfer there is at the front compared to the rear. The bigger the number, the more weight transfer is happening at the front compared to the rear. If the number is negative, you are getting more lateral weight transfer at the rear. The "Corner" figure shows this for the last corner, and the "Avg" figure shows this averaged over the whole lap.

A stiffer end has more lateral weight transfer. So if you want to get a positive number that the app displays closer to 0, soften the front or stiffen the rear. If you want to get a negative number that the app displays closer to 0, stiffen the front or soften the rear.

A good car to experiment with is the Ferrari 599XX Evo, as that has a big range of ARB adjustment.

You need to enable Dev_Apps.
This is located in your main install: (steam crap)/assettocorsa/system/cfg/assetto_corsa.ini
Once you do this, you'll have access to the Wings app, which shows total d/f for each element, d/f & drag coefficients as well as CoP % (front) (I call this the wind tunnel).
You'll also have access to the Car Engineer app, which gives damper ratios as well as suspension frequencies (shaker rig).
I use Car Physics app to get the weight distribution which locates the CoP (just rearwards of this point).

Enjoy the world of numbers. 8)

I simple to understand app that gave these numbers in a way dummies like me could understand would be cool
Some, or most, of these measurements aren't exposed to public apps, unfortunately.

Did some aero mapping in the E21 and managed to get 40% front CoP, even without a front wing. 8)
And that allowed me to get the spring frequencies back to a more traditional delta. ;D
Setup posted on sTracker. ;)
But did it make you faster? :)

I'll take a mtx_103c_r2 thanks Phil.

@Wally, I was watching you close in on me in my mirrors and was trying not to give any easy drafting pass! I had touched the wall in R1 so knew how cafeful you have to be. Sorry/Glad our little excurtion to the top of the track had the desired result. ::)
I wondered if that move up to the wall was deliberate. If so, it was a good move.

Hi Wally,
No mention that I was only on the ripple strip because Jeremy hit me up the arse in the middle of the previous turn which let Kcender breeze through into 2nd place???
Sorry, you're right. I missed the earlier hit of Jeremy into your rear which let Kcender past. So that's a penalty to Jeremy for that impact.

Aug 21: Queensland Raceway [DOWNLOAD]

17 lap sprints.

NOTE: If you already have this track, there has been a version 1.0 update on Aug 13, so please redownload it.
Weather forecast: 23, 29 and 29 degrees and sunny.

My 1st two races were great - lots of close racing, made no mistakes and dodged other people's accidents. I couldn't quite get the draught enough to pull of a pass into the chicane, and turn 1 was often nice and hectic with people with the draught having all sorts of different entry speeds.
But race 3 was screwed. I was starting 5th courtesy of a good finish in race 2, and was hopeful for a good points haul. But I spun all by myself exiting the road section onto the oval on lap 1, and did a big, slow loop-the-loop out in the grass that left me last. The game also put me a lap down at that point (which I have adjusted in the points only for race 3). Then a few laps later while trying to make up some ground, I was draughting AbleArcher when I got too close to the wall on the banked section and hit it, which damaged my aero, broke my suspension and ruined my top speed. That was race over - I just circulated to the finish at that point.

Results are up in the first post.

RussG, this is how the server reported the finish to race 1, with you in 3rd 0.004 secs in front of Matthew.

1) Kcender87 BEST: 1:46:850 TOTAL: 19:53:228 Laps:11 SesID:3 HasFinished:true
2) Jeremy BEST: 1:47:117 TOTAL: 19:58:198 Laps:11 SesID:2 HasFinished:true
3) RussG BEST: 1:47:084 TOTAL: 19:59:312 Laps:11 SesID:10 HasFinished:true
4) Matthew111 BEST: 1:47:056 TOTAL: 19:59:316 Laps:11 SesID:0 HasFinished:true

Server's up.

Fastest time on the practice server was set by RussG, with a 01:46.681.

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