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in of course

If that's the faster way I will try it next time

no phil no - that was not for you :P

I'm losing a fair bit of time down the bottom of the esses somehow, compared to the leaders. I'll have to watch Phil's line on the night  8)

that massive ripple strip on the exit of the esses is totally part of the track - as is the end of the access road after it :)

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/R0BlGWnIMJk?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

also - anyone got a race 2 replay laying about?

best racing for a long time there with matt - i had ... erm...brake fade .... at the end of race one and had a light coming together at turn one but race two was magic with 2 mistakes resulting in 2 swapped places then ruined tyres for me defending a rather fast matt behind - not sure what happened under the bridge on the last lap though :S

good season - see yall in the v10s :)

That was my bad on race 1 Grat - I had a chat on discord to Wally as I had no idea about the own side of the track deal and was just being careful on cold tyres etc - I certainly did dive across on start one behind Matt and sorry if that cut you off - wasnt my intention. Being aware for race 2 Im pretty sure I was left lane all the way :)

In other news a good night. My soft tyre gambit on race one lost out by less than a second in the end and race 2 was magic - nice and close with Matt and was able to show him a nose or more a few times but traction out the corners was too similar making it super close all race

good times

hey guy s- im still alive - just moved house over past few weeks and almost have hte rig hooked back up - hopefully back in business for next week - enjoy!
Goodo, I was wondering where you'd got to. I hope your internet is OK at the new place!

Should be alright - plugged right into the wall and non NBN FTTH :P http://www.speedtest.net/result/7157780604.png

hey guy s- im still alive - just moved house over past few weeks and almost have hte rig hooked back up - hopefully back in business for next week - enjoy!

Well my interwebs done asploded - not sure why but seems to keep happening in fun runs - luck i guess ? :P sorry to anyone i warped through - thought I had this issue nailed

I run VR all the time and think it gives greater situational awareness (though I stand to be corrected by anyone i have run into :P). I find it easier to keep track of the space around the car and manage that space more efficiently - it does require some sideways glancing but its more of an overall ... jedi / matrix like feeling of just knowing whats going on around you - I can also dodge bullets



Congratulations to Kcender87 on the two race wins.

I did really well in race 1, coming 3rd after other people's accidents and track cutting penalties, also managing to put in the most consistent lap times.

Race 2 was a bit more eventful, with a few accidents here and there and some brain-fade spins on kerbs, but it was still immense fun. I was eventually in a nice groove, just listening to the screaming V10.

A season with no damage, and tyre wear tweaked so that you could just manage to get away without a pit stop with some tyre conservation, or opt for a pit stop with a short stint on softs, would be a lot of fun.

+1 for season

I reckon vr would be best in single seater ?

100% sit nice n low its great in a cabin but far better somehow in single seaters and open cockpits

That thing is proper fun especially in VR with an arm breaking wheel - battles in both race 1 and 2 were great, looking out the side or seeing the car dancing in the mirrors with the sounds while trying to keep it on the track is whats its all about - also, I have left a mildy disgusting 5mm deep puddle of batty sweat in the crease of the seat

How anyone drove those for 2 hours and managed to climb out and give an interview is beyond me :S

I have a problem :( Practice makes perfect.....ly sure I learn to make the same mistake consistently lap after lap :P

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