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When you look at the race graphs for Modena, Joe and Freezer were clearly too fast for the field, off in a race of their own. The point of this car dealer is to promote closer racing (with a strategic element). Joe and Freezer both got their cash by having a bad round with DNFs, not by being slow, which is not really the intent. So from this round, I'll change it so that you don't get money for your finishing position, but by your fastest lap times. In other words, the fastest guy won't earn any cash; the slower guys will get more cash. This way, even if you don't start or finish some races, your cash reserves won't be artificially boosted.

And please, I'd like to hear other opinions too. As I said earlier, it's about community standards. I'd like to hear what the community thinks. It's not about taking sides, or blaming the driver, it's about the situation. Should it be a penalty?

As I've said many times, and everyone should know this by now:
  • Hitting someone from the rear, when the following car has visibility of the car in front, will nearly always attract a penalty.
  • Dramatic moves from one side of the track to the other in the first two turns and hitting someone beside you will nearly always attract a penalty.
  • Unsafe track re-entry, out of impatience or frustration will nearly always attract a penalty. Track re-entry where you're out of control, or sliding on grass etc, will not.
  • I am lenient on side-to-side impacts due to the poor side visibility in sim racing.
It's simple and clear, consistently applied over many hundreds of incidents, acknowledging that often a degree of judgement needs to be applied.

As for your penalty, you dive-bombed at speed down the inside of turn 1 into a group of slow moving cars and hit and spun Killa - a clear penalty of the "hitting someone from the rear" kind.

A couple of videos (best to watch fullscreen):

Bird's-eye view (Bird is a black Nissan, left of track):

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/WtnTOIkcKkw?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
Bird's view:
<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Sqc_gu8lG0k?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

In my opinion, it's a racing incident. Like Bird said, he was at full lock, just trying to negotiate the corner after being tapped offline by Joe, and taken by surprise by AB appearing from the left. Was Bird a tiny bit at fault? Probably. Was he driving recklessly enough to cop a penalty? I don't think so.

Thanks for the write up Russ. I'll take another look at the replay when I get a chance.

Another mediocre performance there and I may be able to get the Abarth. However, I'm not sure if this guy is really giving you an advantage on a faster track...seems to lack top speed a bit.
Yeah, it's strength is really cornering. At Modena, my Nissan could pass Abarths on the relatively short straights, but then died in the corners.

I respectfully disagree with the judgements but won't dwell on it.
I must agree with ab about R1. It's very clear.
How do you know which judgements AB is disagreeing with? Who do you think is clearly at fault in R1, and why?
Would you like a PM or to post here on the forum?
Well, let's discuss it here. These judgement calls have to reflect "community standards". If most people think it should have attracted a penalty, then I'm happy to change my standards.

I respectfully disagree with the judgements but won't dwell on it.
I must agree with ab about R1. It's very clear.
How do you know which judgements AB is disagreeing with? Who do you think is clearly at fault in R1, and why?

Just wanted to throw something out there!  Having acquired the Abarth last night I thought I owned it, however
is see today that I am back to the three bottom cars as a result of achieving damage etc.
Would it be beneficial to keep your car? 
Keep a better car and earn less cash, or only choose to buy a modest car earning more cash with the aim of
holding back your cash for later in the season!  Bit of strategy!
That's what the entry fee is designed to do - make you slowly drift back down the car list (especially if you do well in it), so you can't just "fluke" a faster car after having a shocking round, and then get to keep that car forever. In the Porsche trial, people tended to go up and up the car list. This way, the people up the pointy end will slowly change.

As for the strategy, you can already decide to go with a cheaper car and maybe sacrifice some points to earn more cash for later rounds, especially if there's a future round coming up that might suit a faster car. For example, the people that drove an Abarth at Modena could have chosen to buy a cheaper car and not do so well, and then have the money for the Alfa 4C at the much faster Thruxton.

We've been round this many times... it's far too time consuming to judge every incident. My preference is that people are mature enough to realise that they stuffed up and try to learn from the mistake and try to improve their driving next time, for the increased enjoyment of everyone.

This was a tight track (the tightest and slowest of the season - average speed was only 105 kph), with 16 mixed cars on it. There's always going to be some bump and grind in this situation.

As AB said, a little redress goes a long way. But I emphasise to only do this when it's safe, without causing further mishaps by unexpected slow downs. Talking on Discord also makes your intentions clear.

Thank you AB for your contribution!

Geez at this race I'm never going to be able to afford that M1  :'(  Only made $100 from the previous race.
Coming 5th in the championship, you don't need the M1!

FYI, the Alfa 4C is in reach of some now.

Just one question, Wally, do I get the penalty money as consolation prize for R3 or the institution pockets it?  :)
Interesting suggestion. But I don't want to introduce a financial incentive to cause incidents ;)

And congratulations to Mael - the only driver who didn't rack up a damage fee  8)

This round sees us at Thruxton, "the fastest circuit in the UK" (where I can afford a Mustang).
The races are 13 laps.

Track link: https://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/thruxton.6192

It's cold in England again - 11, 13 and 15, and cloudy.

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