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Did a season in these at ROOZ, strategy choices were fun. We did a couple full gp distances and 2 and 3 stops were both options. A 1 stop would be too slow as running heavy loses heaps of time and a fuel an tyres stop was usually about 20 secomds lost but could be 2 secs per lap faster.

Thus after a season with the F2004 Marty can confirm my view that the 1975 cars are a better choice  ;D
If we have to go historical, I then propose again the Porsche short/long tail thingy... love that car.

No refuelling at pitstops, but you can do whatever you have to do regarding tyres.
That sux.
I can only get 39.6 laps out of a tank. :(
mmmm,... they still had refuelling back then... didn't they? But still, it's weird the tank is so small... I think I remember they could do a 1 stopper easily. No?

Assetto Corsa / Re: The Definitive circuit guides
« on: April 17, 2018, 12:41:08 PM »
Yeah. He's pretty good, also about general driving tips and some commentary on racing rules...

cant believe i have to spend 8 bucks to get that bloody ferrari
You sure you want to do it? It's quite a large investment... non fare colpi di testa avventati ;)

As long as Verstappen does not join...

Jokes aside: I prefer to stick with official content, plus we already had a 1970s F1 season, so the F2004 would be a very nice novelty. I am for it.

See Wally? Nobody missed me ;)

Jokes aside: as predicted, I got back very late from work and so there was no choice. Glad to hear it was a good night for most. I can report that I had a very good time trying the SF70H last Sunday and plan to try something else next weekend too. Will keep an eye on proposals for next season.

Cheers all!

You cant fight me that hard grat to then just quit come the last round lol
Sorry Matthew. As you know, it has nothing to do with you (or anybody, really). But yes: I was really trying to make you sweat for the title ;)---and I am sure you know, but... I did wait and redress when the harder crash happened.

That said: I am perfectly aware that some slow warp happens. But I had fights with lots of people in these past years without so much of it. I am perfectly willing to think it was my impression or my imprecision more than any true issue, of course. Just wanted to let you know I was not trying to be overly aggressive. Just fight hard because it looked like the "decisive" race of the season and so it was worth making it an epic one.

But... I would like to see you race in the final round next week since you are in the championship hunt, out of fairness to Matthew, so he can win it fair and square. After that, you can take a break. Sound fair?
I may not be able to anyway, Wally, because my wife asked me to pick her up at work late that night. If I can't make it, I think Matthew should feel like he fully deserved it anyway---aside for the difficulties with the connection, the battle yesterday was really good, with several corners side by side in more than one lap, say from lap 8 onward. And he was the better one there too. I'll watch the replay when I have a bit of time and I suggest to watch it.

As for me: I am sorry if I am disappointing anybody, but I think I should take a few weeks of break. Trying other cars, driving when I can for the pleasure of it. Lately I have only had time for a 40 minutes session on the weekend to try the track and then Tuesday night. So as soon as things get annoying (for any reason: tonight it was nobody's fault... just a crappy connection, I guess) I feel like "right: the only night I can race I can't enjoy it"

So that is it. No hard feeling about anybody or anything, really. All good. But I think I need to do something else for a few weeks. Will keep checking the forum, of course, and probably I'll be back for next season, or at least for parts of it. Hopefully I'll learn how to properly enjoy it again.

As usual: lots of thanks to Wally for the excellent organization.


I agree with Wally
+1. I do not know what killa is referring to exactly. But I do not think there is any problem with his posts nor I think others think it.

oh, well. Sorry guys. I am starting to think this is not good for me. Have fun. Cheers all!

Matthew: i was trying to tell you the whole race that your car was going back and forth all the time... like a slow warp, and it was really impossible to follow you without bumping in you all the time. At some point I was attacking you at every corner, but simply because I did not know where you actually were, so I could not brake "behind" you.

Hang on. I missed tonight race but I had never heard of this rule.

I give room and try not to hit anyone but if I see an overtake I'm taking advantage of it. Isn't that what we all should be doing?

For example, a couple weeks ago I managed to get a hell of a start because someone was too slow off the line and I think there was a bit of an accident, I'm not 100% but I overtook as many people as possible before the first corner.

Am i not allowed to do this?
That's the way I read it.... keep to your side when cars around, but if there's a clear gap then I'm in..!
I think its mainly to stop 3 wide, dangerous dives etc etc...
As far as we all agree, I am happy with whatever rule and interpretation. The way I followed it is that:
  • I keep straight unless I really need to move to pass the car ahead, in which case
  • I preferably move to the outside of it and choose the middle lane only if I am completely safe
  • In no case I move to the line of the cars on the other side or try to get the tow of one of them
This seemed to me the only honest interpretation of what wally wrote: no crossing of the lines in the first two corners. But maybe I am the only one doing so. If so, just let me know.

Of course, that is not enough, because somebody from the back arrives at full speed on the grass and takes me out of the whole race.

Honestly, for once I was even thinking of seriously driving for the championship. But I see it is not possible, unless I play tough with everybody and use whatever rule is there just to my advantage. Since I do not feel like doing it, I'll just drive week by week, I guess. It's sad, though, as the championships are a nice idea.
Grat - watch the replay. It's never as bad in hindsight as when the red mist is coming down. The race start was clean (as in no contacts, but people had to think on their feet and did a good job avoiding any contacts). The hit was simply from Killa missing his braking on cold tyres, as happens in countless real-life races all the time. No one's being ultra aggressive, or unfair... I see it as just the "heat of the battle", and there's a lot of really great racing going on.

I always think most of the skill of racing is what happens between the ears. It's a mental game as much as a physical one. You have to stay calm, stay consistent, stay cool and calculated, roll with the punches and suck up bad luck from time to time. Our racing is just like real life racing in that regard. You look at some of the older, more experience heads in the Supercars - their race can be over because of someone else's mistake or some bad luck, and they mostly smile, shrug and let it pass under the bridge with the old line "that's racing". There's always the next race.
Wally: my problem was simply that we have a rule that I respect (as many others. Most, indeed) and that puts in great disadvantage those who respect it if others don't. As I described in detail above, a pair of people around me did not, and took advantage of it, and since it is not the first time I notice it, I got annoyed. I do not care for penalties---that's up to you to keep the group working well and you do a very good job. For me, it ends there, of course: I lifted, no contact, all good, we can go to bed, for sure. I just got annoyed, and apparently it was useful, as others say they did not even know of the rule. Hopefully this will also help clarify to others who may know of the rule and do not follow it  that the simple fact that the others lift to let you go (therefore: no contact and no penalties) does not mean you are behaving nicely by ignoring the rule ;)

Then of course the fact that whatever happened behind me sent me to the back of the pack and away from the big points zone did not help my mood. Indeed, I did not mean "full speed" as in "bad behaviour"---obviously something happened behind. It was just a statement of a fact about the speed. So, yeah, it ruined my mood and a bit the night. But that's just my own mood and, as I wrote in my previous post to you, it is my problem and I should just shut up. ;)

But then on lap 6 Grat came in too hot behind me at the end of the back straight when I was tucked under ab156's wing in front of me, and hit my rear. I managed to hang onto the first tap, but then there was another which spun me and dropped me back to 10th from 5th :(
Sorry about that. Waited to redress and then gave up with the whole thing when I did not see you passing by. To be honest, I did not come in too hot. I merely misjudged how close I could stay with my nose to your butt. My fault. It always happens to me when I am a bit upset---I lose the details of close racing and make a mess. I should actually just seat the race out when that happens. Crappy night in all possible ways. :(

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