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Joe starts of the season well, taking the lead with a 3rd place and a win.


Round Points
Joe   49
Freezer   37
Kcender87   30
ab156   29
Bacchulum   28
Keith   27
Mael   27
AbleArcher83   26
killagorilla   24
Phil.8   24
RussG   23
buellersdayoff   22
Simone   19
Rob   18
Mac87   15
Seanus   14
Wally   14
Mark Hannon   10
Doobs   8
Jeremy   0

Congratulations to Kcender on pole and the race 1 win, and to Joe for the race 2 win - his 2nd ever Tuesday night win!


Race 1

Race 2
AbleArcher locked up under brakes and ran wide from the inside of the corner, pushing Simone off track, and shortly after squeezed Russ off track – 15 kg penalty for the next round.

Kcender suddenly dived across the track into the pits in front of me, causing me to blow my engine while trying to miss him – 15 kg penalty for the next round.

Season Standings
1. Joe, 49
2. Freezer, 37
3. Kcender87, 30

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Season 24 Sign Up and Info
« on: September 04, 2018, 10:30:09 PM »
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0

Round Format
2 x sprints of 25 minutes + 1 lap (with a couple of enduro rounds)
Race 1: In qualifying order.
Race 2: Starting in reverse groups of 4 from race 1 finish, e.g. 4,3,2,1... 8,7,6,5... 12,11,10,9... etc.

Damage restrictor to be applied for car-to-car contacts over a certain speed only (but not contacts with the environment), meaning the faster you hit someone, the more damage restrictor you accumulate for the next race, but it won't carry over into subsequent races.

Track List
Sep 11: Bridgehampton[DOWNLOAD]
Sep 18: Bye - fun run
Sep 25: Kyalami 1967 [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 2: Imola 1972 [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 9: Feldbergring Enduro [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 16: Osterreich Ring 70’s (no chicane) [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 23: Goodwood [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 30: Spa 1966 (Enduro) [DOWNLOAD]

28, 24, 20, 18, 16,15,14...1
1 bonus point for pole and 1 bonus point for fastest lap in each race.
Enduros are double points.

Must complete 75% of the race laps to be classified a finisher and get any points.

Start Time
Qualifying starts at 8:30 pm Eastern.

Other Bits
The usual ballast penalty (15kg) for the next round for causing an avoidable lap 1 incident such as rear-ending someone or moving across to the other side of the track in the first 2 corners.

Sign Up
1. Wally
2. Bacchulum
3. Freezer
4. Phil.8
5. Mael
6. Dave O
7. Kcender87
8. Matthew111
9. Jeremy
10. Seanus
11. Russ
12. Keith
13. Rob
14. BuellersDayOff
15. AbleArcher
16. ab156
17. Doobs
18. killagorilla
19. Joe
20. Simone
21. Mark Hannon
22. bradc
23. Mac87
24. BGardner


Apps / Load Engineer
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:41:36 AM »
Based on the weight transfer stuff I added to Tyre Pressure Engineer, I created a new app - Load Engineer, which is more graphical.

Read about it here: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/load-engineer.50685/

Download is attached to this post.

You can choose more than one car if you'd race either.

Also, cast a vote if you want to see the top 8 drivers in the standings get a modest amount of success ballast to close up the field at the pointy end. If more than half of the voters say yes, then so it will be.

The season format will be 2 x 25 min races, plus a couple of endurance rounds of an hour.

Track List
Kyalami 1967
Imola 1972
Feldbergring (endurance)
Osterreich Ring 70’s
Spa 1966 (endurance)

This is a practice run to try the season 24 cars - the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 (circa 1974) and the Ford GT40 (circa 1969).

The format is a combined practice session, then a race in the Porsche followed by a race in the Ford at Goodwood Circuit [link].

The races will be timed races of 20 mins + 1 lap.

Assetto Corsa Competizione / ACC league discussion
« on: August 23, 2018, 01:45:58 PM »
With multiplayer ACC coming later in the year, I want to canvass some opinions about an ACC league. I know not everyone will be interested in ACC, but I expect many will. I expect some people will be happy to keep racing in AC. So what are people's thoughts?

Alternate AC and ACC seasons?
Have an AC league one night and an ACC league another night?
Don't have an ACC league at all? (that option has the risk that people will leave for other leagues running ACC to get their multiplayer fix)

Edit: Or alternate AC and ACC weeks.


Round Points
Kcender87   76
Phil.8   68
Matthew111   67
Bacchulum   58
Jeremy   56
Keith   56
Mael   52
buellersdayoff   52
RussG   50
ab156   46
Freezer   45
Wally   38
AbleArcher83   35
Doobs   32
Dave O   22
Mac87   19
killagorilla   15

Congratulations to Kcender on the clean sweep - pole, and all 3 race wins.


Race 1
Bacchulum ran into the back of Mael, but only because Mael braked suddenly, taking Bacchulum by surprise – racing incident, that unfortunately had some knock on effects.

Race 2

At turn 1, Jeremy turned into RussG. For not sticking to his side of the track in the 1st 2 corners and causing an incident – 10 second penalty.
There was a subsequent side-to-side impact between Freezer and Killagorilla – racing incident.

Race 3
Keith had an off by himself after clipping the grass, which caused a few impacts – racing incident.

Final Season Championship Standings
1. Matthew.111, 413
2. Kcender87, 410
3. Jeremy, 391
Aug 28: Putnam Park (no chicane) [DOWNLOAD]

Putnam Park is a road course in Indianapolis, Indiana.

This is the final round, with Matthew 12 points clear of Kcender in the championship standings. Jeremy and Phil are separated by only 2 points in the battle for 3rd, and with Jeremy carrying penalty ballast, Phil may be able to move up into 3rd.

Weather: 21, 25 and 25 with moderate winds.
3 x 18 lap sprints.

With three wins at his home track, Kcender moves up into 2nd place, with Jeremy in 3rd and Matthew leading by 12 points. This round was Kcender's, Russ's, Doob's, Rob's and AbleArcher's best round this season.


Round Points
Kcender87   75
Matthew111   69
RussG   62
Freezer   58
Phil.8   57
Wally   56
Jeremy   54
killagorilla   50
Mael   49
ab156   47
Rob   46
Doobs   41
AbleArcher83   36
Keith   34
Dave O   25

Congratulations to Matthew on pole, and all 3 race wins to Kcender.


Race 1
At the exit of turn 2, Jeremy veered towards the left suddenly into the side of ab156, sending him off the track. Because it was turn 2, you’re expected to stick to your side of the track more carefully. 25 kg penalty.

Race 2
Turn 2, Russ rubbed the side of Kcender, who had the inside line, unsettling Russ a little, who then continued to veer into Matthew at the corner exit. I’m calling that a sequence of racing incidents.
Turn 4, Killagorilla ran into the back of ab156. 25 kg penalty.

Race 3
Turn 6, Matthew veered right on exit, making Russ veer right on exit, into Jeremy. Racing incident.

Season Podium
1. Matthew.111, 346
2. Kcender87, 334
3. Jeremy, 325

Jeremy and Phil swap places in the podium standings this round, with Jeremy moving up into 2nd place behind team mate Matthew. This round was Freezer, Rob and Bacchulum's best round this season.


Round Points
Kcender87   71
Jeremy   69
Freezer   65
Matthew111   65
Phil.8   60
Mael   52
Bacchulum   51
killagorilla   49
RussG   44
Wally   43
Rob   40
Seanus   33
Doobs   32
Keith   31
buellersdayoff   30
ab156   28
Mac87   25
AbleArcher83   22

Congratulations to Kcender on pole, and race wins to three different drivers: Kcender, Jeremy and Matthew.


Race 2
Jeremy ran into the back of RussG, letting Kcender past – 25 kg penalty.
Seanus had an oversteer moment entering the chicane and hit ab156 – racing incident.

Race 3
Keith ran into the back of Seanus, sending him off track – 25 kg penalty

Season Podium
1. Matthew.111, 277
2. Jeremy, 271
3. Phil.8, 263

Matthew retains the championship lead, while Kcender drops down to 4th courtesy of technical issues, moving Phil and Jeremy into 2nd and 3rd. Other movers up the standings were ab156, Shayne and Doobs.


Round Points
Matthew111   70
Jeremy   69
Phil.8   64
Shayne   63
RussG   57
ab156   54
killagorilla   52
Wally   50
Keith   46
Kcender87   45
Mael   40
Freezer   39
Doobs   38
AbleArcher83   35
Dave O   30
Rob   23
Joe   20
Seanus   0

Congratulations to Kcender on pole, and race wins to Jeremy and Matthew.


Race 1
Killagorilla ran into the back of Wally – 25 kg penalty.
Mael lost control under brakes and hit RussG – 25 kg penalty.
Matthew did the same as Mael and ran into Kcender under brakes, but Matthew came off worst – no penalty.
DaveO and Seanus came together – DaveO turned in a bit early, on the racing line, but Seanus was only up to DaveO’s rear wheel – racing incident.

Race 2
AbleArcher ran into the back of Freezer – 25 kg penalty
Mael and Joe had a side to side impact – racing incident
Kcender tried to dive inside me under brakes at the slow hairpin, but came worse off – racing incident.

Race 3
Phil ran into the back of Matthew at the hairpin – 25 kg penalty.

Season Podium
1. Matthew.111, 212
2. Phil.8, 203
3. Jeremy, 202

Assetto Corsa Competizione / ACC News
« on: August 01, 2018, 07:55:08 AM »
A new thread for ACC...

Not strictly ACC related (great start to the thread, I know), but here are some interesting comments from KS's Aristotelis at the Spa 24H event where ACC was set up for real drivers and sim racers to try (from https://www.facebook.com/aristotelis.vasilakos/posts/10156639993558069?notif_id=1533033161405304&notif_t=mention)

The Spa24Hours event was particularly important because it allowed to watch real drivers and alien simracers really going for it, especially alien simracers as they also had some big prizes at stake. Here are some of my thoughts.

So what did we learned? Some pretty important things.
1) First of all everybody was driving in the same way. If you could put the real drivers and aliens side by side and watch their movements carefully, you wouldn't notice any actual differences. Same movements, same lines, same attack style, same braking points... the lot. At the end of the lap there would be 1 sec more or less difference but it would be down to the aliens having more practice and being able to gain half a tenth at every turn. Being a 7km long circuit that was the difference. We could even watch the in turn speeds be like 1km differences lol. Tiny tiny stuff.

2) pro drivers in real life have nowadays extremely low practice time. Most of them would get 5 to 15 laps between practice and qualifying. When the race engineer see in the telemetry that they are "on target" then the call them in the radio and..." good job, pit now and let the car to the amateur gentleman driver". So their job is to be able to push the car close to the limit with that amount of tiny practice. It was impressive to see them do the same in our rigs. 4 laps and they would be instantly on their real time laps. 10 laps and they would start to go down towards alien laptimes.

3) Alien simracers also did the same initial laptimes as real drivers. We had nobody coming in, sitting down and posting 18s. Everybody would do 1st lap in the 20s, some in the very high 19s. then practice made perfect. They are fast to adapt, but not really "magical". Their strength is that when we stop at low 18s, they would continue to improve down to 17s. No "unrealistic" techniques were seen.

4). When real drivers decide to "practice" they will do 100% valid laps. Eau Rouge taken always in the same way, never putting a wheel outside.
When Simracers decide to push, they have 50% valid laps through eau rouge. I'm sure they can do also 100% but that's pressure for you and pushing to get to the 17s to win the competition. Also explains the difference with reality.

5) Our hotlap competition was set at 25°C ambient 35° asphalt which we thought realistic for Spa... During the practice and qualifying sessions, thanks to global warming, we had 35°C ambient and "catering services cooking eggs on the asphalt"°C in real life. Also I saw fish flying in the air, it was that humid. Significantly enough, when we got some rain, the temperature would stay almost identical. Race had a bit more normal temperatures. That could be another indicator on the slight difference of laptimes between aliens/real life. Still VERY small gap considering the long track and all the other factors.

6) Modern alien simracers adapt. FAST! They are proper pilots in terms of technique. They don't use "tricks" so to say. At the end of the competition, with no more pressure we gave them a surprise with a "hotlap race for a sparco gloves prize" competition on condition totally invented by me and Kevin Stuck just on the fly. It wasn't easy. Wet track, light rain, sun going down, slicks. We let them decide their own TC and ABS levels but with no practice or testing before. They handle it like pros. A single spin was all the drama that happened, then all valid laps and great car control and attention, even though you could see they were struggling on the conditions. Watch the video to get an idea.

7) Real drivers are hunting animals. I don't mean this in a small way. I mean it in a BIG way. When a simracers misses a corner, especially on a chicane, then he will sacrifice it and try to take the second corner properly to retain the car rythm and improve the line.
When a real driver misses a corner he will ATTACK anyway whatever he has infront of him. He will not even blink before going full attack on the next corner on whatever situation he is in. The mentality is "someone is behind me and he will probably try to take advantage of my error, I MUST NOT LET HIM PASS!" Even though they are in a hotlap mode, their mentality is always this. ATTACK ATTACK ATTACK!
I know, but still impressive to watch them.

8) Setup was in the safe side. The cars are a bit of a short blanket so you can't always make them perfectly balanced and neutral. Especially the Lamborghini has lot's of rear biased weight so it suffers some power understeer on its DNA. Still you can work it out with setup, but then you can get brake and turn in oversteer and nervous behaviour on high speed and kerbs. As you know we need to showcase the new game to thousands of people so the main setup was quite "safe" to avoid seeing people constantly spinning at every braking point.Obviously drivers hate it at first, but interestingly enough, after they could arrive on their times they would say that "yes there is understeer, but you can work around it". That was positive. Some of them even went so far to say that "in the end I could modify a bit my line and it wasn't an issue at all for doing what I wanted to get my laptime". I couldn't change the setup in place as the UI is still WIP. All I could change for them was TC, ABS and some brake bias, but not while on the hotlap competition.
Still, a trend feedback from all real drivers was that the car was perfect at slow and mid speed corners but lot's of push understeer at high speed flat out turns, while in reality they get a more nervous car at high speed. Part of it is in the setup as I said, but there's also something I'm working on the aero as we speak. We should be good by early access.

9) Everybody from the real drivers as well as the simracers that tried it, where highly impressed by the rain physics. Reactions where in the range from "oh wow that's amazing" up to "what have you guys done!?". Stefano Casillo should be very proud for the core physics code, I'm so lucky to be able to work with him on it. We still need some fine tuning on the whole system, but I'm confident we will deliver.

10) Believe me when I tell you, the hardware got some through extreme abuse from Wednesday to Sunday. Non stop. Rseat rigs and Fanatec wheels and pedals are an amazing combination. Everybody was extremely satisfied. I think we had a single screw to tight a bit, during the whole event, or something like that. Ak Informatica PCs and monitors, rock solid and stable.

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