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Jul 17: Salzburgring [DOWNLOAD]

3 x 15 lap sprints.
Weather forecast is 16, 21 and 23 degrees.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Season 23 Sign Up
« on: July 10, 2018, 10:41:39 PM »
Lotus 3-Eleven.

Round Format
3 x sprints.
Race 1: In qualifying order.
Race 2: Starting in reverse groups of 4 from race 1 finish, e.g. 4,3,2,1... 8,7,6,5... 12,11,10,9... etc.
Race 3: Starting in Race 2 finish order.

Damage restrictor to be applied for car-to-car contacts over a certain speed only (but not contacts with the environment), meaning the faster you hit someone, the more damage restrictor you accumulate for the next race, but it won't carry over into subsequent races, unlike last time.

Track List
Jul 17: Salzburgring [DOWNLOAD]
Jul 24: Sebring [DOWNLOAD]
Jul 31: Bikernieki High Speed Ring [LINK]
Aug 7: Riverside Spike [DOWNLOAD]
Aug 14: Daytona Road Course [DOWNLOAD]
Aug 21: Queensland Raceway [DOWNLOAD]
Aug 28: Putnam Park (no chicane) [DOWNLOAD]

1 bonus point for pole and 1 bonus point for fastest lap in each race.

Must complete 75% of the race laps to be classified a finisher and get any points.

Start Time
Qualifying starts at 8:30 pm Eastern.

Other Bits
The usual ballast penalty (25 kg) for the next round for causing an avoidable lap 1 incident such as rear-ending someone or moving across to the other side of the track in the first 2 corners.

Sign Up
1. Wally
2. Bacchulum
3. Freezer
4. Phil.8
5. Mael
6. Dave O
7. Kcender87
8. Matthew111
9. Jeremy
10. Seanus
11. Russ
12. Keith
13. Rob
14. BuellersDayOff
15. Shayne
16. ab156
17. Doobs
18. killagorilla
19. Steve Lewis

1. Shaun Field (GT VIRUS)
2. Joe

And so on to the other car choice, the Lotus 3-Eleven.

Track: Road America 3.6 (make sure you have a recent version of 7zip to be able to open the rar file).

7 lap sprints.

3 x 9 lap sprints at Brands Hatch GP, to try one of the season 23 poll choices.

Practice server is up. Tyre warmers are OFF. The tyres take a few laps to warm up - give the tyres some time!

Two vintage choices this time round. As usual, you can vote for as many choices as you'd like.

Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 (1974)
A beautiful, raw race car. We raced this on a Thursday night fun run, and it gave excellent close racing.

The race format would be 3 x sprints.
Race 2 in reverse groups of 4 from race 1 finish, e.g. 4,3,2,1... 8,7,6,5... 12,11,10,9... etc.
Race 3 in Race 2 finish order.

Damage restrictor applied for only car to car contacts (not environment), but not carrying over into subsequent races.

Lotus 3-Eleven
Same season format as the Porsche above.

80's Group C - United States IMSA GT Championship
    Porsche 962 C Short Tail
    Porsche 962 C Long Tail (but with 100% restrictor for parity as the long tail is lighter and more powerful)
    Mercedes-Benz C9 1989 LM
Tracks (from the mid-80s IMSA GT calendar)
    Daytona 24 hrs (Road course)
    Road Atlanta
    Laguna Seca
    Watkins Glen
    Road America
    Sonoma Raceway (Infineon/Sears Point)

This is an endurance championship, so I'd like to go 1 hr races again with pit stops, but if people are sick of long races, can go to 2 x 30 min sprints.

Kcender87 takes the win over Phil to take out the season 22 championship trophy.


Round Points
Kcender87   45
Phil.8   38
Grat   32
RussG   27
Freezer   23
Bacchulum   20
Mael   18
Shayne   17
Wally   16
buellersdayoff   15
Doobs   14
Seanus   13
Dave O   12
Keith   11
ab156   10
AbleArcher83   9
Jeremy   8
Matthew111   0

Congratulations to Phil on pole and fastest race lap, and to Kcender for the win.

None - no contacts at all in the opening laps.

Season Podium
1. Kcender87, 249
2. Phil.8, 238
3. Matthew, 176

Assetto Corsa / ACC pre-alpha game play footage
« on: June 14, 2018, 07:06:05 PM »
<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/K_4zgKm5cSs?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Kcender87 takes the win by 1.7 seconds over Phil to take the championship lead.


Round Points
Kcender87   45
Phil.8   38
Matthew111   32
Freezer   27
Grat   27
Bacchulum   23
ab156   20
RussG   18
Keith   17
Wally   16
Shayne   15
Seanus   14
Dave O   13
Doobs   12
Jeremy   11
Mael   0

Congratulations to Matthew on pole and fastest race lap, and to Kcender for the win.

There was a slight sideways contact between Freezer and ab156 when cars were 3 wide that sent AB off track – racing incident.

Tangle between Shayne and Russ in the 1st chicane – racing incident. There was another Seanus – DaveO – ab156 tangle. All of it was fairly light, slow and not reckless contacts, so no penalties.

After the chicane, RussG re-entered the track and kept drifting from right to left into the path of Seanus, spinning him into the barriers – restrictor penalty for next round for reckless re-entry causing an accident.

Season Podium
1. Kcender87, 204  (Kcender and Phil swap places for the lead, with nothing in it)
2. Phil.8, 200
3. Matthew, 176

This will be at a GzeroD mod - Monza without the 1st chicane. Not 100% historically accurate, but what the heck, more fun.
MOD DOWNLOAD - this is a mod to AC's Monza, just to remove the chicane. It doesn't alter the base AC track though. Just unzip it into your tracks folder.

38 laps. It's going to be in the Italian heat, 30 degrees.

Phil puts in a big win to regain the championship lead.


Round Points
Phil.8   45
Kcender87   38
Bacchulum   32
Freezer   27
Matthew111   23
buellersdayoff   20
Jeremy   18
RussG   17
ab156   16
Seanus   15
Wally   14
Shayne   13
Dave O   12
Doobs   11
Keith   10
Mael   0

Congratulations to Phil on pole and the win. ab156 takes out the fastest lap.


Season Podium
1. Phil.8, 162
2. Kcender87, 159
3. Matthew, 144

Racing general / Sim racing aches and pains
« on: May 31, 2018, 04:28:40 PM »
The ball of my right foot has been a little sore for a while, and the other night I realised the soreness was exactly where I was pressing the pedals with my foot. So I'm going to try racing with light-soled shoes instead of socks.

I've never really had any wrist, shoulder or arm issues though through racing.

What physical toll is sim racing taking on you?

Seanus has fixed the impact engine damage, so you will need to apply this patch to your cars: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c57gW2312cEI77QPYG9LbVkW4d30XB-Y/view
The practice server has been updated, so check your checksums there.

38 laps at Österreichring 70's [TRACK DOWNLOAD]

This round we're back to the usual 1.5x fuel rate and 1.7x tyre wear.

Matthew and Kcender emerge from an intense battle to the line to take 1 and 2 on the podium with Jeremy a little way back in 3rd.


Round Points
Matthew111   45
Kcender87   38
Jeremy   32
Phil.8   27
Bacchulum   23
Shayne   20
RussG   18
Wally   17
Doobs   16
Keith   15
Dave O   14
Freezer   13
Mael   12
Rob   11
Seanus   0
Shaun Field   0

Congratulations to Matthew on pole and the win.

None. Very few contacts at all the whole race.

Season Podium
With Matthew and Kcender finishing 1 and 2, and previous season leader Phil finishing 4th, Matthew and Kcender are now tied for the season lead.
1. Kcender87 + Matthew, 121
2. Phil.8, 117
3. Jeremy, 96

The halfway point of the season takes us to the big one: The Nordschleife (Endurance Cup layout).
The 1975 grand prix was won by the Argentinian Carlos Reutemann in a Brabham.
You will need the OSRW PIT MOD.
The race will only be 7 laps (so I may have to adjust fuel and tyre wear after some testing - perhaps make them just 1x for this race). If anyone has any thoughts on pit stops in a 7 lap race, shoot. It would probably be best to not require a pit stop - but we'll have to see if tyres can last the full distance without a stop, even at 1x.
Also, I'll make all of practice a qualifying session, so we can actually get more than 1 qualifying lap in.

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