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Same track, different era cars...

TRACK: Imola with the OSRW PIT MOD (so we can get more of each car on the prac server).

35 lap race (1 hour). Open pitstops again - refuel and change tyres as often as you like.
I'll probably have tyre rate at 1.5x again, as real life races were around about the 1.5 hr mark (will do a little more testing).
"Refuelling during races first took place in Formula One in 15th August 1982". So... no refuelling, and fuel rate at 1x.

Unzip (e.g. with 7-zip) and extract to .../content/cars.

You can choose any car you like.

Important PLP change
For this race (and the upcoming season), I'll double the number of warnings before you get penalised for disrespecting track limits, due to the length of the races.

You need to edit your ...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\PitLanePenalty\PLP.ini file with a text editor and change:


You'll get penalised on your 7th cut.

Early sign up to give me an idea of numbers.

Depending on the car poll, either Ferrari F2004 or F1 1975 (mod).
Races will be 1 hour, with pitstops required.
No performance ballast/restrictor.

More details to come.

1. Wally
2. Bacchulum
3. Shayne
4. Joe
5. Buellersdayoff
6. Freezer
7. Russ
8. Mael
9. killagorilla
10. ab156
11. keith
12. Kcender87
13. Dr. Dinkum
14. Dadio
15. Grat
16. Phil.8

Let's try a single hour race (46 laps).

Tyre wear will be 1.5x, to simulate wear over a real life race distance of 1hr30.
Fuel rate is 1.5x.
Tyre warmers will be ON.

No refuelling at pitstops, but you can do whatever you have to do regarding tyres. Refuelling is also allowed.

The next season will be an open wheeler season, with a choice of the Ferrari F2004 or cars from the F1 1975 mod, which you can download here (730 MB). The release notes for the mod describe how you have to copy some AC files into the mod, from the Lotus 72D and Ferrari 312T (which require DLC).

You can choose both options if you don't care which one we drive.

We'll have some upcoming trial races in both options.

Ferrari F2004
The car that took Michael Schumacher to the 2004 F1 championship. It has no DRS or KERS, and is relatively easy and stable to drive. This is the fastest car in the AC stable.

F1 1975
Nicki Lauda, James Hunt... these cars drift a lot more, are a little harder to drive and are arguably more fun. The mod has many different cars of the 1975 season to choose from.

Either choice will be a 1 hr race, pit stops for fuel and tyres open.


This is the mod car that we've been having some excellent racing with in the current Thursday season. It gives fantastic close racing.

We'll have an 8 lap sprint followed by a 16 lap race.

Car: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/caterham-academy-2017.17855/
Skin Pack: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/caterham-academy-2017-skins.20545/
Track: Road Atlanta 2017 http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/road-atlanta-2017.18293/

Season champion Matthew dominated the stats, unsurprisingly.

Most wins: Matthew, 5
Most podiums: Matthew, 12
Most poles: Matthew, 5
Most fastest laps: Matthew, 4
Most consistent: Grat, Kcender, Killagorilla, Matthew, Phil.8
Hunter: Shayne
Hunted: Matthew
Busiest: Mael, Matthew, Shayne
Loneliest: Dave O, Freezer

Congratulations to the season winner, Matthew, who hung on despite a late charge from Phil.8.

1. Matthew.111, 1068 points
2. Phil.8, 962
3. Grat, 849

Congratulations to the 3 podium finishers.  Phil always does well in cars he hates ;)


Round Points
Phil.8   200
Kcender87   183
Shayne   168
Matthew111   157
Keith   152
Freezer   142
Jeremy   140
RussG   131
Bacchulum   120
ab156   78
buellersdayoff   63
Mael   62
Wally   59
JamieP   18
Dave O   16
Dadio   15
Phil   13
Simone   9
killagorilla   0

Congratulations to Phil.8 on both race wins and the round win, and to Matthew on pole.

Race 1 - none.

Race 2 - Russ and Shayne had a side-to-side contact which sent Russ off track – racing incident as no driver was clearly at fault (maybe fractionally more Russ as he was the one trying to make the pass, but he ended up worse off anyway).

Apr 10: New Jersey Motorsports Park (2 x 25 laps)

This is the final round of the season, which will make a few people happy  :o . Matthew has a healthy 102 point lead over Grat, with Grat and Phil.8 still a mathematical chance to cause an upset.


Round Points
Kcender87   200
Phil.8   178
Matthew111   124
Keith   112
Jeremy   111
Wally   104
Shayne   69
ab156   67
Grat   66
RussG   58
Freezer   56
buellersdayoff   54
Simone   48
Mael   34
Bacchulum   32
Rob   16
Dave O   15
Dadio   12
Phil   8
killagorilla   0

Congratulations to Kcender on both race wins and the round win, and to Matthew on pole.

Race 1 - Simone had an off onto the grass at the end of the back straight and then lost control into the back of Killagorilla. I reckon the impact was as a result of Simone being on the grass, so that’s a racing incident with no penalty.

Race 2 - Matthew and Grat were travelling the same speed down the back straight, but Grat braked too late, tried to avoid Matthew but ended up hitting the side of him, sending him off the track into Phil.8. 30% restrictor penalty for the next round.

Season Podium
Matthew extends his lead over Grat.
1. Matthew.111, 911
2. Grat, 809 pts
3. Phil.8, 762

A heads up.

And this means that qualifying start time will revert to 8:30 pm Eastern.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / S21R6: VIR Race Chat
« on: March 27, 2018, 11:13:47 PM »
Round 6 is at Virginia International Raceway (full course).
2 x 14 laps.
Weather's going to be pretty warm again, with race 1 being cloudy and race 2 clearing.


Round Points
Matthew111   200
Kcender87   197
Jeremy   138
buellersdayoff   121
ab156   106
Mael   104
Shayne   100
Wally   77
RussG   62
Freezer   61
Grat   40
Bacchulum   30
Dave O   27
Keith   17
Rob   16
Simone   7
killagorilla   6

Congratulations to Matthew on the clean sweep - pole and both race wins. Kcender was just a whisker behind in both races, scoring 197 points to Matthew's 200.

Race 1 - Killagorilla came in too hot at turn 2, clipped the rear of Freezer, bounced off the barrier and into the field. 30% restrictor penalty for next round.
Race 2 - None.

Season Podium
1. Matthew.111, 753 Matt moves up 1 place to take the lead from Grat after Grat's poor round result here.
2. Grat, 743 pts
3. Phil.8, 584

Mod Tracks / Watkins Glen by LilSki
« on: March 22, 2018, 06:36:35 PM »

I haven't tried it, but it should be his usual top quality.

Mar 27: Mills Metropark (2 x 20 laps) + [ SEANUS PIT MOD ]

Weather will be warm to hot, 25 degrees and 30 degrees and clear.

Instead of penalty ballast, I'll give Jeremy and Russ 30% restrictor for the round (because of the BoP ballast in race 2). Should amount to less than a 10 second penalty over the whole race.


Round Points
RussG   200
Grat   193
Matthew111   184
Mael   147
Shayne   145
killagorilla   129
Wally   109
Phil.8   88
Seanus   72
Jeremy   50
Bacchulum   39
Rob   24
Freezer   19
Dave O   17
JamieP   16
Joe   0
Phil   0

Congratulations to Grat on pole and RussG for the race wins and the overall round win. These two wins were Russ's 3rd and 4th ever in the Tuesday league - well done!

Race 1 - none.

Race 2 - This one kept the stewards busy.

The race 2 start incident was a tough one. Jeremy jump started, and then with his extra speed compared to everyone else, he took off down the left hand side of the track, off track. Then when he re-entered in front of Phil.8, Phil had to veer right a little to avoid him, which started a concertina effect, with Shayne and Killagorilla all having to veer right as well, which ended up with Shayne hitting Killagorilla and Killagorilla hitting Phil and spinning him, ending Phil’s race. It all started with Jeremy, who should have checked up after his jump start instead of racing around the field, so he gets penalty ballast for the next round..

With the Russ/Grat contact, the two were side-by-side through turns 1 and 2, but then Russ moved over to Grat’s side of the track, unable to take the turn tightly enough, and squeezed Grat off the track, costing him positions. I judge that Russ had enough time to know that Grat was alongside him, and shouldn’t have squeezed him off the track, so Russ gets penalty ballast for the next round.

Season Podium
1. Grat, 585 pts
2. Matthew.111, 553
3. Phil.8, 496

No change in the season podium standings this round. Struggle Street Racing Crew still hold a handy lead over DA Racing in the team standings.

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