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Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: Today at 02:14:26 PM »
Hi, I'm GT VIRUS, long time racer at ARSE, Missing AC so coming over here!

I'm a professional track developer, and I was the one who did the The Bend motorsports park and Newcastle for AC. I'm happy to help out with any track issues that the league might have.
Hi GT Virus. I recognise the name.  Your fame precedes you :)
I'll PM you details tonight.

I will give it a go
This is Phil code for "I'll have a very good chance of taking out the championship" :)

General Discussion / Re: Content Manager links here now.
« on: Today at 12:43:44 PM »
If the server name includes an URL string 'Content Manager' converts it to a link.
So anyone who clicks on that gets XGN's homepage, which hasn't been updated in a while.
Perhaps an update or some other stuff to welcome new visitors and make it easier for said to fill our roster?
Thanks, I'll probably update the server name... or something.

Hey Wally. Please sign me up, although I fear I will have to miss some races for work and (possible) relocation.
Relocating for work? New house or  new city?

Prac server is up, but I haven't tested it yet. Let me know if there's a problem.

Added car download link (Seanus's improved mod) to the first post.

Also added link to Imola extra pits mod.

Which car from the pack are we racing or will it be any of them? Praccy server still on the 2004.
It will be any of them. I'll get the prac server set up as soon as I can.

"Error reading config (see py_log.txt)"
Cut indicator works as advertised, I just get that message at all other times.
py_log attached, didn't see the point in me looking at it. :-[
Fixed - please redownload.

Here's an interesting web site that has the real 2004 Imola pit stops.

A lot of the field did 3 stops, over a 1hr 26 race. It would be interesting to see the tyre/fuel changes they did. Most of the pit stops are the same time, so they probably did fairly even fuel & tyre changes.

Wally: regarding cuts that aren't cuts. I know that PLP has the green/red light to tell you if you are going to get a cut when you come back on but I usually don't see it. Maybe make it bigger or an option to make it bigger so you can't miss the red light. I don't even know where I got the cuts last night.
Take a look at the PLP app thread - there's a new version with the option to make the green/red square much bigger. By default now, it's the size of the entire app, but you can make it smaller.

Do you have the results to see where we end up after the penalties.
Yep, earlier up there is a red link to race results that show cuts, gap to leader etc.

I just did some tyre testing, and 1.5x seems OK. Hards last a long time, but get squirmy before full race distance, and fuel will be very close. Softs... well, I blew up my gearbox before I could get my tyres worn down enough :( but they were on track for maybe 15-20 laps, at an estimate. The softs are 2 or 3 seconds quicker per lap, by my reckoning. Everyone will probably do 2 stints on soft and pit halfway, although there is scope for pitting outside of that if you want to get out of traffic or attempt an undercut.

Same track, different era cars...

TRACK: Imola with the OSRW PIT MOD (so we can get more of each car on the prac server).

35 lap race (1 hour). Open pitstops again - refuel and change tyres as often as you like.
I'll probably have tyre rate at 1.5x again, as real life races were around about the 1.5 hr mark (will do a little more testing).
"Refuelling during races first took place in Formula One in 15th August 1982". So... no refuelling, and fuel rate at 1x.

Unzip (e.g. with 7-zip) and extract to .../content/cars.

You can choose any car you like.

Important PLP change
For this race (and the upcoming season), I'll double the number of warnings before you get penalised for disrespecting track limits, due to the length of the races.

You need to edit your ...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\PitLanePenalty\PLP.ini file with a text editor and change:


You'll get penalised on your 7th cut.

Uploaded a new version 1.25 in the first post.

Made the off-track red/green indicator bigger (size controlled by setting in PLP.ini). By default now, the red/green indicator is really big (the size of the whole app window), so you can't miss it.
If you want to make it smaller again, edit ...\steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python\PitLanePenalty\PLP.ini and change CUT_INDICATOR_SIZE to whatever size you want in pixels, e.g. CUT_INDICATOR_SIZE=50. Before, it used to be 20 x 20 pixels.

Strange, had plenty of excursions into the green, but no penalty
It also depends on your speed - i.e. below a certain speed is no cut, if you are off track for more than a certain time it's no cut, if you slow down while off track, it's no cut.

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