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I like your stance, AB, and I think we should put it to bed.

I am sorry for both incidents, we both got something bad out of it - you somewhat worse, admittedly - and I really hope lady luck will grant us a quarter car-length next time.

If you are around the central coast, jump in for a beer anyday.  Then we'll sit down and laugh at us crazy buggers arguing over online racing to the hilt; how does that sound? ;)

...from this round, I'll change it so that you don't get money for your finishing position, but by your fastest lap times. In other words, the fastest guy won't earn any cash; the slower guys will get more cash. This way, even if you don't start or finish some races, your cash reserves won't be artificially boosted.
So if you dnf a race, you won't cash in? eg if you drop out halfway due to damage?  Or is it for dns (did not start) situations? 
Or is it simply a measure on laptimes, nothing to do with dnf's directly?
What if you don't finish a single lap?  (like myself in r3 last round)

No problem Russ, if I'm at fault I'm happy to cop a penalty, but I do not feel I am (or was). (To clarify this statement: I don't feel anyone was; it was a racing accident IMO)
I've checked my replay - mostly from my viewpoint, - and it matches what I recall - ab's car suddenly appearing from the outside, I'm at full lock (full turning ability) exiting the corner and he gets caught on my front.

so firsty; he was full-4-tyres outside of the track (outside the white lines)
I was at full turning ability, I did not "drive straight" -I was simply trying to exit the corner.
And lastly; he really surprised me by appearing here, check the replay from my viewpoint, it happens rather quickly. Maybe the replay is different from mine, I'll upload my replay to be sure.

I also did not expect that bump, and really did not expect him to get turned around by it when it happened!   By the time I could do anything it was over.  Maybe I'm getting old, and I'm sorry if this was an easily avoidable accident, but believe me, at no point I wanted him to crash, that is never my intention, unless I'm playing destruction derby ;) 

(But I also seldom slow down to allow someone an easy overtake, unless I'm lapped!)

Also: I'm really sorry for it, AB and all the others who got caught in it, I hope I can avoid such situations in the future.

Edit: here's my replay.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Thursday Server
« on: March 21, 2019, 07:06:48 PM »
Rooshooter has donated the funds to keep the server running another 12 months,  thanks very much :)

Does anyone know/remember how I make a payment to continue the server for another 12 months,
is it under reserved instances - purchase more like these,  I just want to keep the server I have so I don't have to change anything,  just pay for it for another 12 months,  any advice is greatly appreciated,   


Reserved instances work very simply; you purchase them, and they apply to any running instance.  Just make sure details match; i.e. server type ( eg t2.small ) and region (asia-pacific/sydney) - and of course you'll want to buy either the 12 or 36 mo full upfront.    (best savings is the 36mo non-changeable)

If you guys are short on the 36mo full upfront, tell me how much is missing and where to put the money, I can front it, no probs.

Brad, I think you can still report any incident (mostly where you think you came out second best) to Wally, and he'll be the judge of it - but don't expect him to watch all races from everyone's perspective every time.

The contacts I think are due to most of us not used to mixed car racing too much.   Early on in GTL we had plenty of these, until everyone has learned how to cope with very different cars.

I think we are all a bit above that, these things become tedious and eventually collapse once formal protests and reviews are put in place.  The pack will take care of itself  8)

I personally don't like it to be self-managed; it's always better to have an impartial judge of such things, IMO.   But of course it's not mandatory to report anything.
Actually, Wally may no longer prefer this system anyway. :)

Brad, I think you can still report any incident (mostly where you think you came out second best) to Wally, and he'll be the judge of it - but don't expect him to watch all races from everyone's perspective every time.

The contacts I think are due to most of us not used to mixed car racing too much.   Early on in GTL we had plenty of these, until everyone has learned how to cope with very different cars.

And congratulations to Mael - the only driver who didn't rack up a damage fee  8)

Is that because he was nowhere near anyone else? At the back maybe?

Definitely not, I was chasing him a lot.
He's just a lucky bugger, huh? ;)

Just one question, Wally, do I get the penalty money as consolation prize for R3 or the institution pockets it?  :)

Well, it was good fun but I got a bit tired by the end.

I don't know who turned me around in the last race, but blaming me for it I feel is a bit rich; I was in the corner, I was ahead, I cannot see you; you need to take care. 
Anyway,  no big deal.

Hope you guys had good races, too, although there were a lot of accidents.

News / Re: Gosford car museum
« on: March 13, 2019, 04:35:53 PM »
This place is like 5 mins from my house, so I'd always be planning on going but wasn't in a rush, but it recently got shut down due to a dispute with the ATO so I'll never get the chance... All their cars are being auctioned off next month.

Yeah I've heard the news, very disappointing.   
The stupid ATO can't have them operate under dealership concessions, because they are open as a museum as well.   
And now there'll be nothing for the ATO and nothing for us either.  Well done, dear beloved bureaucrats. 

Btw; go to the auction at least, they've got some very nice cars, still, I'm sure.

Really bad timing, too, I've got no money to spend for a few months after our last car purchase & the kitchen reno. :/

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Thinking of a new monitor ?
« on: March 11, 2019, 10:07:53 AM »
Heheh.  I use a 43" Philips and it's pretty darn big.  Imagine 2x24" in portrait side-by-side, that's about it plus a bit more width I think.

But it really depends on you desktop space and viewing distance, too; I'm about an arm's length away from the screen (and a handspan more).

However...what I'm missing a bit, is the horizontal viewing angle in racing.   So you might want one of those ultra-wide ones; I've just got one for my better half; a 34" ASUS ROG Swift Curved PG348Q and it's brilliant.  The width is there - the height is lacking a bit.   The viewing angles are fantastic, 100Hz refresh, and it has this nvidia syncing tech too.   Something like this in a bigger size...I'd buy a new one for myself :) 

But I need the height for work, so I'll stick to my 43".

Oh, and it being 4k resolution, you really need to think about your video card as well. 
While AC isn't too demanding on paper, it's not very well written I think.  I use a Zotac AMP Extreme 1080Ti and it's not wasted power.

Oops, I'm sorry for the no show, I've completely messed up the days.  They seem to blur together lately, a bit. :/

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S26R4: Magione
« on: February 13, 2019, 07:44:12 PM »
Race 1 & 2 were great, although I shot myself in the foot by qualifying on the default setup.  Then in R3 I did the same again, and left the bloody default setup on.   Grrrr....I really hate that this game can't just reload your last setup!

It's incredible how much the simple TC1/2 settings change on the GT3RS.

And of course when I've tried to force the car to do more on tc1, it just snapped at me, went off...I was too tired to care to drive on at that point.   It was a fun 2 races, and that's about enough for me for one night, anyway :)

The car dealer is partially about the close racing, partially about giving everyone a chance to lead here and there.  To "mix it up".   To be consistently at the back is very tyring, and there's usually quite a few people around who cannot put many hours into practice each week.   

The car dealer can give them a boost of fun.  ;)

Btw; talking about close racing; I don't think you can achieve that for everyone in any way in a small field (not with the same car that's for sure).  The difference in skill means there'll be groups.   
The car dealer mixes the field up.
Now, of course each track is different, one car maybe more advantageous at one track compared to the other.

But the cars need to be fairly close in performance; eg if you have an alien, who can lap 2-3s faster, they need a 2-3s/lap slower car to even it out.   So as you can see, the selection of cars would have to be dependent on the field of participants as well, to some extent.    (although if you have to buy the cars weekly, and not keep it, I think it balances things out pretty darn quickly, and to a good extent)

But it can work.     It has worked in GTL and we only had a handful of cars to play with  8)

I think the one thing to aim for is that the biggest difference in car performance should be just over the greatest laptime difference between Alien Joe and Turtle Harry.

The one thing I noticed, as it personally effected me, is if you miss a round you get the same money as the winner.
Doesn't matter if you're winning, but kills you if you're down the back. :'(
I think that will be fixed by not letting so many people get rich over time. In the trial, people earned too much and got up the car list (and stayed there).

I still maintain the issue is that you keep your car :)

Missed rounds...well you definitely should not earn money for not turning up!

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