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The layout should be the boot with chicane. ;)

Did you mean without chicane?

I was hoping that

The layout should be the boot with chicane. ;)
Fuel and tyres should be:
Fuel rate is 1.5x, tyre rate is 1.7x

lol I got none of it right then , I have restarted with the correct parameters ,  welcome back Wally

Thanks for the suggestion :)

I am not sure when Wally is back so I have just put up the track and the cars on the server. I am not sure if its the correct layout but it will do until he gets back and can edit this post and the server :) I have only guessed the fuel and tyre rates, so they are probably really really wrong


Yeah I could handle a season in these for sure,  have to find a heap of pace to keep up with you though Kcender, my one lap that got close was an out of control fluke through the final 2 chicanes :D

Really enjoyed that, cars are great fun, sorry Grat for running into you in one of the races

3 or 4 lap races ?  or 2, 2 lap races with the second one been a reverse grid ?

Racing general / lemans
« on: June 17, 2018, 12:21:29 PM »
I don't follow lemans or GT stuff, but was watching a few laps and LMP1 is a bit of a joke isn't it? who is Toyota actually racing besides reliability ?  is this the same series the new AC game is about ? 

cool, will try that,  I found the race department one to be very stuttery

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S14 R3 - Zolder67 - 21/06/2018
« on: June 16, 2018, 08:48:24 PM »
If we can choose any car let me know what everyone wants

As long as we leave out the Chicanes.

how do I do that, I only have a choice of day or night track ?

how many laps then , I would still like to do sort of short races,  3 or 5 ? more or less ?


unless anyone has any major objections to lemans, lemans it is

Are we at Monza? Or may I suggest Highlands, either the Long layout or the Very Long layout where these cars can stretch their legs a la Le Mans.
Not a la Le Mans . . . lets race Le Mans!  Specially given it is on this weekend!

I don't mind if enough are happy with that and someone can provide a download link

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