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I reckon what you have to do is extract the rar file from the download and rename tracks\spa\spa_osrw113 folder to tracks\spa\spa_osrw (replacing any existing folder called spa_osrw).

Phil's logged onto the server right now, so I'll restart it in a moment.

oops sorry 

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run - 26-10-2017
« on: Today at 10:32:34 PM »
Server is up

Thursday Nights fun racing / Fun Run - 26-10-2017
« on: Today at 10:26:36 PM »
Mazda mx5
Skip barber

Okayama International circuit v1.0
 Love this track, one of may favorite, So i hope this is a good version of it, claims to be scratch made.  The mazda mx5 is one of the cars you get with a sub with iracing and is very popular here and produces close racing, so I am going to put some of them on the server also to have a look at.

For all those who have issues with disappearing road or any other objects on the track, please download this file Here
How to install it: just overwrite the file in ...tracks\okayama folder.

8) Results :P
Some cameras managed to sneak into Maels private winners party and captured what can only be called a good time :)

Well done mael on the championship win, and to Bacchulum and wally on second and third

i wasnt so much weaving as steering as hard as I could in the corners, getting that rubber screeching

Gotta keep it on the black stuff here.
The sand is very boggy.

Very very boggy

hope you can make it Bruce, Give that new graphic card a workout :)

mine were 25 degrees when i started them race from just scrubbing the hard in the corners mainly, up from like 18 or 19 whatever they were

And if you want 'vastly different speeds', check out the latest craze of '├žircuit safaris', where they drive a tour bus around the track during practice! :o

That sound cool! I would be willing to fork out a bit of cash for a seat  ;D
I'd love to do that  ;D.

me as well

well for my first time racing with cars so vastly different speed, I now know why I don't watch FIA World Endurance Cup and  I cant understand why it is even a thing to be honest

Sorry everyone. :(
Following the restart after the practice start, I began getting micro stutters.
I hoped these would go away but they got worse, I lost it on a curb, and killed half the field. :'(
They didn't go away so I left, I didn't want to cause another accident.

I was not upset at you at all, and if it came across like that I am sorry.  I was just salty because while I am all for realism, I also think it should be fun also, and tonight was not fun and the whole week turns into a waste of practice and to top it off don't even get to race,  just lapping god knows how many laps down


Are we allowed to fuel in the pit stops or have to start with full tank ?

i used to be indecisive but now i'm not so sure

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