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Hey Wally, your probably already set on tracks but after watching the BTCC today I went looking for and found this
Oulton Park - https://actrackrebootproject.wixsite.com/ac-track-re-boot/oulton-park 
Fast, flowing and undulating circuit which I recall we used a bit in the Rf days . . . food for thought!

I'm in but will miss 3 or the rounds due to holidays etc.

"Not a single contact in the first lap", but turn 1 of lap two changed that.
I went for a dive down the inside of Joe who braked a bit early and I not only flew past him I started coming down the side of DC.
However he started tracking across from the far left I think to have a look at the inside of Aaron, but then Aaron turned in also.
This effectively squeezed me into the apex with no where to go and there was contact.  Trying to get untangled lost a bunch of spots
and then got going.  I was able to grab a few spots back before the first stop and then spent the second stint chasing Joe.  I was about
5 sec behind but couldn't close him down.  Love this track.  Had a fun season although the number of hits saw a solid result go begging!
Many thanks again Wally.

Somehow managed to crash into you again Freezer, seems like it happens every race this season! Thought I could make the move stick but started a disastrous drift before finally just running out of road.
Yeah took a few hits again tonight!!  Story of the season.

In the link to the race results, showing KCender as the winner for me  :D
Race Results link showing Shanghai.....

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Next season start?
« on: November 27, 2017, 11:37:24 PM »
I'm away from the 10th Jan for two weeks.

There is a key difference here.  Russ and me side by side, so we both left each other room at the last turn.
Killa and Russ NOT side by side so Killa has the line.
You said yourself Russ it was not a good move . . . and that about sums it up.  A little bit too keen and it didn't come off . . it happens!

killa, what I meant by do you watch Motor racing was that you will see attempts to outbrake on the inside a lot. Some come off some don't. Usually the driver on the outside will be aware that someone is taking a stab and leave some space instead of diving for the apex.
You must remember that once someone is braking later up the inside, there is nothing more they can do. It is only the driver on the outside who can decide whether to have an accident or not.
This lap was the closest I had been and you left the door wide open with a big invitation on it. Now, I'm not saying it was a good move. What I'm saying is that there was no need for contact to have been made.
You make some valid points Russ, but in say Supercars, they would want you up to the B pillar to consider it a legit dive and since you hit his rear bumper I'd say you be on for a drive through.

Freezer was coming closer to DC and me before the 'Go' from DC. I was going 126 and Freezer 132 at this point in time. There was a tiny delay in reaction time on my side, but Freezer didn't seem to have that. The result is just logical, he was passing me way before turn 1. Seems like I've made the mistake going exactly as fast as DC.
Hey Killa, 6km/h difference!  I note that coming onto the main straight the pack was gapped behind ( I think I may have even said something on the air ).  I also was moving up to get close along side and around that time I heard the gogogo and hit it.  Not disputing the 6km/h but was not intentionally trying to do anything sus.  I still think we need to slow more in the final turns to get properly in a pack.
My second gear will take me from 0 to 140km/h so there is a lot of variation there.
p.s. good racing with you...

Managed to grab third in qualifying with a pb for me.  Got the jump at the start and was able to power past Killa before the first turn and slot in behind DC.   But that's pretty much the last I saw of him as he just started extending the gap from there.  Spent the first half with Killa right on my tail.  This track was all about hitting the braking point and getting the power back down again on exit which i was able to do pretty consistently.
Pitted at lap 15 but over shot the pit entry and grabbed a bit of sand.  This slight delay no doubt allowed Killa to jump back in front.  For much of the second stint I had Russ behind and was deploying my same consistency tactic until Killa had an off.  Got a tap from Russ toward the end which I think was a missed brake marker but kept going and shortly after Joe suddenly appeared.  He was pretty quick and eventually got me at the 2nd last turn.  (yes, I did leave you room as I thought you were diving in pretty late).
From there it was just keep it together to come home 3rd.
LMP1's were good for me, they get held up a bit in the tight stuff but no issues.

Results are up in the 1st post.
Hey Wally, i think the results might be out.  I finished 3rd on track behind Joe yet am showing as 6th in the round points?
Sorry, fixed. It was just the round points in that post (they were still from the week before).

Results are up in the 1st post.
Hey Wally, i think the results might be out.  I finished 3rd on track behind Joe yet am showing as 6th in the round points?

Apps / Re: Got a spare android phone or tablet?
« on: November 17, 2017, 02:26:23 PM »
Just say that the Simdashboard mentioned at the start of this post requires no connection.  It talks to the PC via wifi.
I just start the app, place my Galaxy phone in front of me and it works . . . very well.

Yes, the rule is very simple. The problem we have is that you can go 30k's in second gear and you can do 160.
Forcing the field into formation earlier and at a lower speed would probably help...and I don't think it would be complicated at all.
The problem we have is that everyone accelerates at different points in time. The leader gets onto start finish straight, maybe at a lower speed for the field to catch up, one guy in row 3 hits the gas pedal earlier and comes with so much momentum that he gets into turn one first...and , of course, he most likely doesn't even do it deliberately.
The faster you go, the later you get into formation and the less practise...the more complaints and discussions here.
I reckon last week I was just speeding up to get into position as the Go Go Go was called and I powered on and flew past 3 cars......
Not intentional, just the way it worked out.  I actually lifted a bit at first as others weren't going as quick.....

I think nominating a top speed rather than 2nd gear would be more specific as to what needs to happen!
And keeping that speed down say 80Km/h should reduce the lag front front to rear of the field.

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