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No practice/qually just races, was a good format for the fun runs last time, turn up early and get about 9 races as opposed to the usual two or three.

Assetto Corsa / Re: G25 parts
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:19:32 AM »
Hey all
Have broken the clamps on my G25.  Have looked but cannot find any spares
Anyone know where to find parts?
Quite a few g25s and 27s on gumtree and eBay, not sure about spare parts though

Assetto Corsa / Re: ACC pre-alpha game play footage
« on: June 15, 2018, 11:17:05 AM »
Looking good

Good track, really good fun muscling these cars around it.
R1 close battles, went for a dive up the inside of Brad and couldn't pull up in time, bounced of the inside curb and went off the other side, luckily Brad was aware and we avoided contact.
R2 bit of hustle and bustle on the grid with some getting better starts than others, after a bit of bumping I ended up stuck in the guard rail on the right side of the main straight, had to escape and wait for in pits, lonely race.
R3 30 minutes of virtually no mistakes is a first for me, the one small but costly mistake was missing a gear when Bacchulum finally caught up with me, good fun thanks guys.

Disappointing, no porsche, maybe Capri if I need to nominate something, thanks

An non comprehensive start order for the third race.

Dave O

Missing anyone? (or have I included any Tuesday only runners?)
At work again, will miss this one

Yeah I was thinking this is gonna be good, I felt I had a little bit more pace in the corners but you were catching me easy on the straights. At that moment of the incident I thought you might try to get up the inside so I kind of went a little defensive but being off line a little I drifted towards the fence and well...yeah....sorry, I feel bad that you and the others lost out a bit as result, sorry guys.

Racing general / Re: Sim racing aches and pains
« on: June 06, 2018, 08:33:56 PM »
A wise man (or comedian) once said, once you turn 60, never trust a fart....
Several years as an automotive mechanic I got a lot of lower back aches and bad knees, comes with the job I suppose. I got out of the industry because the pay was crap and dermatitis was eventually horrendous on the back of my hands (oils and hand cleaner). I've been operating machines for around fifteen years now and provided I don't slouch in the seat my back is fine (with a little stretching). But my neck and shoulders ache from looking down in excavators and looking out of the back window in dozers, also my wrists from pulling levers all day. I still can't hold a squat for too long otherwise my knees don't like to straighten back out lol, all this going on for so long but I swear only much more noticeable since I turned 40 last year lol. My right wrist can sometimes flare up a bit while racing but I wouldn't give up on it because I enjoy it too much.

Good fun racing with you guys again. Pushing too hard in qualifying and didn't make the most of it but still fairly good position on the grid, only to have a shocking start dropping back a bunch of positions. Couple of good close battles but possibly partly to blame for on off with Russ, sorry. Made a mistake while calculating my fuel during practice and put in 20 litres too much for the pit stop, so cost me a fair bit of time. I was catching up to Matthew by the end as well as Jeremy hunting me for the second half of the race, it was quite exhilarating trying to focus on not making any mistakes because my socks were starting to feel a little sweaty, forgot to take them off. Almost had a major incident while trying to pass Dave O at the end of the back straight but luckily it only ended with me on the grass rubbing the fence on the right side and no major damage, thanks everyone

Mod Cars / Re: DRM Revival preview
« on: June 02, 2018, 11:19:28 PM »
Update, might be some stuff in there for G0D

PHYSICS: more brake power for cold brakes under 150 degree Celsuis
PHYSICS: more tire grip at temperatures less than 60 degree celsius
PHYSICS: new tire called "endurance" with less wear rate and more heating stability.
PHYSICS: the advanced suspension setup to adjust the bump and rebound of the damper is now enabled
PHYSICS: KI improvements and a new ai_tyres.ini for the pit stop   
GRAPHICS: backfire with reworked animation and textures
GRAPHICS: wobbling mirror deactived
GRAPHICS: reworked shift and fuel lights
GRAPHICS: driver view camera positon fixed, please check you camera position
GRAPHICS: correct mirror aspect ratio
GRAPHICS: brighter gauge lights
UI:       corrected car information and technical data
SOUNDS:   tweaked Turbo sounds 
SOUNDS:   surround sounds enabled
MANUAL:   updated the information about new "Endurance" tire and brake temps.

RMT 1001

GRAPHICS: completely new cockpit (models, textures and materials)
GRAPHICS: new RPM/TURBO gauge textures
GRAPHICS: new steering wheel texture/material and some 3dmodel adjustments
GRAPHICS: template fix
GRAPHICS: body map texture fix
GRAPHICS: hood vents fix
GRAPHICS: driver door uv/model fix
GRAPHICS: rear wings smoothed and some hard edges eliminated (both wings)

RMT  120
PHYSICS:  modified lag for the turbo
PHYSICS:  modified power less 5.000 U/min for better KI starting
SOUNDS:   new internal and external sounds  for RMT 120_1
SOUNDS:   new internal and external sounds  for RMT 120_2

GRAPHICS: new door handles (period correct from the celica ra28)
GRAPHICS: added hood vents (because reasons, also from the ra28)
GRAPHICS: fix the showroom issue for the delikata
SOUNDS:   tweaked external and internal sounds


GRAPHICS: smoothed the dash light models
GRAPHICS: new gauge textures
PHYSICS:  modified lag for the turbo


GRAPHICS: fixed the internal windshield banner
GRAPHICS: smoothed dash lights
GRAPHICS: new dash light textures
GRAPHICS: fixed reflection in the window frame
GRAPHICS: added new dashpad material/textures/shader
GRAPHICS: revised cockpit shaders with new effects and some textures
GRAPHICS: closed the gaps in the door internal panels
GRAPHICS: revised steering wheel shader/textures
GRAPHICS: fixed shifter animations timing
GRAPHICS: fixed car body map file
PHYSICS:  modified lag for both turbos
SOUNDS:   new internal sounds


GRAPHICS: new shift light

Marod Aero

PHYSICS:  modified lag for the turbo
PHYSICS:  little more power over 8.000 rpm
PHYSICS:  modified 5th gear
SOUNDS:   tweaked internal sounds


PHYSICS: fixed issues with a LUT-files, no more errors will be written into the log files
PHYSICS: reducing the number of objects with the same material. Should help with performance.


PHYSICS: modified front suspension. It will be change the FFB, please check the FFB value ingame.
GRAPHICS: added shift and fuel lights


PHYSICS: modified front suspension. It will be change the FFB, please check the FFB value ingame.
PHYSICS: modified lag for both turbos
PHYSICS: power less 4.000 U/min for better KI starting
PHYSICS: fixed wastegate at rpm limiter
SOUNDS:  tweaked internal sounds

Racing general / Re: Sim racing aches and pains
« on: June 02, 2018, 09:05:01 AM »
Exactly. I think the load cell brake hasn't helped either.
Seriously though, I turned up the sensitivity to avoid this.
I like the feel of the load cell but I don't want to have to put 100kg of pressure on it (ie.' in an F1 car).
I keep it very similar to my road car.
I sim-race for the mental aspect, not to get a work out. :P
Agreed... I've wound up the preload on my pedal to the point it almost registers on its own and reduced the max setting down to about 40 in game (I think, I'll have to double check). I ended up with a firm pedal that I don't have to push super hard, besides, I have a portable wheel stand so it moves slightly after a while if I have to push hard. I don't have room for a permanent rig.

Mod Cars / Re: RSR Formula 3 (Dallara)
« on: May 27, 2018, 03:36:48 PM »
Does anyone want a code for f1 2014? Only one available

What I meant was, are both mods group 5 cars, same make and models? Thanks though.

Assetto Corsa / Re: F1 2015 Free on steam
« on: May 27, 2018, 06:23:00 AM »
Does anyone want a code for f1 2014? only one, first in....

Are these cars the same as the drm mod? haven't had a chance to try these out yet

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