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i wasnt so much weaving as steering as hard as I could in the corners, getting that rubber screeching
That's the only thing that really works, from what I know about the AC tyre model. You need the screech.

It's worth a try. We could see what happens if both LMP1 and GT3 leaders don't go any higher than 2nd gear. That may naturally spread the two groups apart. I don't think the start was an issue in any case. The most dangerous thing I saw was a lot of braking and weaving. That puts people at risk of formation lap accidents. How much does that really warm the tyres in AC anyway?

...and the practice server is up.


Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / S19R2: Spa Race Chat
« on: October 18, 2017, 11:02:26 PM »
This week we travel to Spa for round 2, where Grat and Kcender will try to gain ground on Matthew in the LMP1 class and killagorilla will try to consolidate his early lead in the GT3 standings.

The weather is a cool 14 degrees, with very light winds.

You will need the OSRW PIT MOD.

Any chance of Spa on the practice server? I need some training!
Just put it up!

No problem at all Bruce. I passed you without any hassles.

This might blow your mind, but Grat and Gratulin are two different people.

It's just a habit when I type Grat I always type out Gratulin.. I don't think I've ever called him Grat.. subconsciously do it.
And I spent the night rebuilding Windows 10 and re-installing AC on my PC.
That's rotten timing. I can't say I've seen a driver update have such drastic consequences before.

This might blow your mind, but Grat and Gratulin are two different people.
Gratulin is Grat's son, I reckon. "Gratulin" means "little Grat" :-X

...and just for fun, I assigned everyone to a team, a pair of drivers usually in the same make of car, which you can see in the standings.

For the new guys, it's just for a bit of fun. You can ignore it, or you can share setup tips, or at least try not to crash into your teammate :)

...overcome all those PLP penalties :P Surely its still track until its wall and/or grandstand right.....? :P

On that - what is the sign I should be getting and where would it be in VR (I have to look around even for flags :P ) to tell me im cutting?
The warnings come up within the actual PLP app and you also see a flag icon near the top of the screen. I have no idea how that translates to VR. You should see text within the app itself such as "warnings: 1/3" in VR, right? It might depend on where you actually position the app.

Thanks Wally as I really enjoyed my first League race and first rolling start.
Good to hear. You're off to a good start in the standings :)

My Audi felt rock solid and consistent, very easy to drive.

My start was OK, missing the Bacchulum crash, and soon settling into a rythm chasing Mael closely. His car was warping about quite a bit, which was offputting. I was thinking he was going to warp into me at any moment. We had one interesting moment when we both caught up to Shameless and both tried to apply boost at the same time to pass. I was in front so came out OK, but it looked like Mael ended up going off the track and possibly hitting the wall. Soon after that Mael seemed to drop off the radar, and I ended up circulating between Diehard and Seanus, never really seeing either of them but passing lots of GT3s. I don't know if I'll ever be able to keep with the likes of Grat, Kcender, Matthew and Diehard, but we'll see.

I found the GT3s pretty easy to pass provided I was patient and sucked up a bit of what seemed like "snail pace" driving until I had a good stretch of clear track to pass on. What worked best for me was when the GT3 drivers just stuck to their predictable race line, as I knew after so many laps where all the good passing spots were.

Race results are up....
I'll update with more info...

Sorry everyone. :(
Following the restart after the practice start, I began getting micro stutters.
I hoped these would go away but they got worse, I lost it on a curb, and killed half the field. :'(
They didn't go away so I left, I didn't want to cause another accident.
That's a damn shame :(

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