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Definitely worth a season . . . good fun to drive!

At least 4, its only 3.5 min laps....

Mod Cars / Re: AC Legends Pack - IMSA GT Classics
« on: June 18, 2018, 03:39:09 PM »
Downloaded it last night along with the Prototypes pack.  Sound, particularly the old Lola is awesome.  Something missing in most AC cars I reckon!!
Only had a quick drive but it felt pretty good....!  :) 

Are we at Monza? Or may I suggest Highlands, either the Long layout or the Very Long layout where these cars can stretch their legs a la Le Mans.
Not a la Le Mans . . . lets race Le Mans!  Specially given it is on this weekend!

I don't mind if enough are happy with that and someone can provide a download link


Are we at Monza? Or may I suggest Highlands, either the Long layout or the Very Long layout where these cars can stretch their legs a la Le Mans.
Not a la Le Mans . . . lets race Le Mans!  Specially given it is on this weekend!

Assetto Corsa / Re: ACC pre-alpha game play footage
« on: June 14, 2018, 11:17:56 PM »
Looks awesome . . can't wait!

Quick question Wally, who came 4th. Grat or Freezer?
Grat . . Scoreboard might be out!
Do you reckon you actually came 4th? Do I have to check the results?
You have us both on 27 points but i followed Grat home!

Quick question Wally, who came 4th. Grat or Freezer?
Grat . . Scoreboard might be out!

Couldn't quite get it together in qualy but still happy starting 9th.
Got away well at the start and followed Shayne through the gap in front finding myself between AB and RussG.  Unfortunately there was a small touch with my rear wheel and AB's front which put him in a tank slapper which thankfully he hung on to and kept going.  I felt a small bump at the time but didn't really know what had happened so apologies to AB for my part in that.
I had some hard racing with Bacchulum (is there any other way!)  I appeared to have higher down force so he would catch on the straights but I had good drive out of the corners.  We battled for a bit until
he had a slip and I was through.  From there it was a pretty quite race (although Bacchulum was always not far behind).  Ran to lap 26 on a full tank (almost had to coast into the pits on the last drops) and a second set of hards and a top up got me home in 5th.

Racing general / Re: Sim racing aches and pains
« on: June 06, 2018, 04:23:10 PM »
Sounds like your all getting old . . :) :)

p.s. I removed my load cell and reverted to the trusty spring!!

Well unlike Wally my car felt really good here tonight.  I managed to find a lot of mid corner grip without the need for high aero which allowed me to qualify 4th.
Unfortunately the start was a bit of a dud, bogging down off the line and then for the first two laps I had a few wobbles, I think due to not testing with full tanks!
After that I started to find some good speed getting past KC and Jeremy at one point.  Pitted on lap 22 and spent the later part of the race gradually shrinking a 5 second
gap to bacchulum which ended up being 1.3 at the line :).

Note to Kcender:  Re our contact I initially thought there might have been a little squeeze bit watching the replay I seems I was the one who drifted wide a bit . . !!
You caught me by surprise with the redress which turned out to not be required, however appreciate the sportsmanship!

Having a great season, really enjoying these cars :)

Yeah I wasn't paying attention and should have spoken up sooner....

I had assumed it was only the practice server that had 100% damage.
I haven't found any user variable that controls how much engine damage you suffer from frontal impacts even when the engine is in the rear!
And searching the Kunos forums has came up empty so far.
As it is it seems that any impact, even a glancing blow where the actually impact is quite low compared to your ground speed, causes total engine loss.
It seems some cars suffer it and others don't so Kunos is keeping something from us which seems to be the only thing Race sim developers are good at.
The races have all been at 100% damage for a long  time. It could be that any impact of enough speed translates to engine damage no matter where the engine is located. Bacchulum will have to take some Porsches and smash them into the fence ;)
Happened to me last night.  Side glance of the fence not overly hard and engine gone!  :) :)

Well one of those races where you practice, practice, practice and then in the race a corner unexpectedly bites for no apparent reason.
I'm talking about the hump where you lift the front wheels in the first part of the lap!  For some reason, when I went over the car moved left, onto the grass
then into the wall taking out the ENGINE!!  Escaped back to the pits and run the race on my own hoping to catch some back markers but it wasn't to be.
I was one of the very few who ran softs.  Plan being that there might be damage  requiring a pit stop, so why not get tyres as well.  I ran five laps on the first set
and they were hanging in pretty well and threw on the 2nd set to run it home.
Disappointing to crash out as the car felt pretty competitive around everyone on hards . . but it wasn't to be.

Bad luck to my team mate Mael who disconnected for I think the third time this season .... !!! :( :(

also - did anyone else need 170+ litres to make the race or the DFV in the Lotus rather thirsty ?
I needed 178 litres in the Maki. No idea how Mael did the same sort of times and only used 165 in the same car  :o

Very happy with my night though. Qual 3rd and finish 4th in race was more than I had wished for  ;D
I had 109 + 59 Fill ( 168 total ) but had a few litres left at the flag.   You must be a lead foot Russg.

An average saw me start in 9th.  I got away reasonably but then tangle ahead happened.  The gap was widening so I went to go through but then a second hit saw the spinning Mael bounced back and the gap closed!
To late, I was in the middle!!  Got going only to spin on the next corner with front wing damage.  Had another small spin from clipping the grass a few laps later and then a pit for damage repair. 
Things were looking pretty dismal at this point.
I decided to push on and hope to grab some points.  I ran to lap 28 on hards then topped her up with softs for the final stint.  The softs hung in well, setting my best lap on the 2nd last one.  Mael was chasing hard for much of the final laps (to lap me) but I was able to hold a sufficient gap to not succumb to the blue flags.
Ended up being an enjoyable run despite not really feeling comfortable on this track.

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