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Add me in please.

lol  Well I've learned something today, never seen the word used in that context before. Now to go and try it out on my work colleagues ;D

Yeah sometimes sayings make no sense literally. Things like 'Mael didn't crash' or 'Mael overtook me'...

ROFLMAO   ;D :o 8) 8)

Hardware & Reviews / Re: New case and cooling
« on: December 06, 2017, 11:04:06 PM »
Ha, I can see Joe spinning out while he is busy checking out the disco lights on the case  :P

The BMW also offer TC as additional help for drivers who had a bit too much to drink on race night  ;D

I resemble that remark   :) ;D :o 8)

Sadly I won't be able to make it tonight or next Tuesday.
I hope you all have some great racing  :)

OK, I am talking about contact being made, not whether the initial move of someone is judged to be a good or bad move.

I know about the B pillar rule etc. I already stated: "I'm not saying it was a good move. What I'm saying is that there was no need for contact to have been made." I didn't brake so late that I couldn't make the turn. If that was the case AND killa had tried to leave space AND we still crashed, then it is definitely my fault (the contact that is). There will always be someone having a go and not being quite there, but when it happens to me I go wide and leave space and we both keep racing.  I don't want to be "racing" where nobody is allowed to have a go. In this particular case, if killa had left some space, I would have had to take such a tight line he would have driven away in front with a smile on his face.

Here is the scenario as I see it.
*   The car behind makes a split second decision when to brake and maybe the decision is a little off, but they will still make the corner.
*   The car behind is now on the braking limit, and there is no more they can do.
*   The car on the outside now has a choice.
        1. Go at the apex and have a crash.
        2. Leave some space, don't crash and keep racing.

I always choose option 2.
In fact I chose option 2 earlier in the race when I got in front of Freezer when Joe passed him. I knew he was still there somewhere so I intentionally went wide at the last turn to avoid any chance of contact. This left me coming on to the straight slow and is how killa also managed to pass me. If I had claimed it was my corner and went for the apex I am certain we would have crashed.
I have noted other drivers who also take option 2 but we never hear about those :)

I don't want this to become too big a thing and I hope we can all have some more good "racing" in the future.

Didn't get my best lap in qually, but was pretty happy with 4th. Freezer jumped in front of killa at the start and then killa and I followed Freezer all the way to the pitstop. I think we both had more pace than Freezer but he was keeping it all nice and tidy and never gave a chance.
I pitted on the same lap as Freezer and killa a lap later which allowed killa to jump Freezer in the pits. I continued to follow Freezer until the time I found myself about to run into his rear. I steered off track to avoid ramming him but there was still a bump. At least it didn't seem to upset Freezers car and he kept going, but by the time I got going again, Joe had slipped past. I caught them again and followed Freezer and Joe for a while. Then Freezer went wide at the last hairpin and Joe got past. I also got my nose in front of Freezer up the straight but I knew he was still on the inside so I left plenty of room which left me slow out of the final turn and Freezer slipped away and it also let killa cruise through.
Now I followed Freezer and killa until the incident which saw killa turned around. Then I was just cruising it home and ran long at the final hairpin which gave me the 4th cut track and 10 sec penalty dropping another place. I think I had one genuine cut track.

Got a tap from Russ toward the end which I think was a missed brake marker
I was caught by surprise with this one. I didn't THINK I missed my brake point. I wasn't sure what happened, but an LMP1 just screamed by and braked in front of Freezer so I thought it may have balked him a bit and he may have braked slightly earlier. I'm still not sure.

Well, we were on the very last laps and then RussG made an attempt to pass me on the inside of that tight right hander before that very fast sweeping left hand turn.
I was going race line a tad more than a car length behind Freezer when he hit me behind the rear wheel and turned me around.
It's disappointing being taken out like that, as I'm obviously trying to win the series.
RussG, you've asked me  whether I watch car races, yes mate, I've done that extensively...and I'm very confident that the race line was mine. You were too far behind to have a serious chance of a clean pass there. If I remember correctly I've had you only once sort of close behind me before. That was in the Escorts at Nurburgring...and you were running into me twice in two consecutive laps at the same spot. I was able to stay on track so I haven't said anything...anyway, you may understand that this worries me.
killa, what I meant by do you watch Motor racing was that you will see attempts to outbrake on the inside a lot. Some come off some don't. Usually the driver on the outside will be aware that someone is taking a stab and leave some space instead of diving for the apex.
You must remember that once someone is braking later up the inside, there is nothing more they can do. It is only the driver on the outside who can decide whether to have an accident or not.
This lap was the closest I had been and you left the door wide open with a big invitation on it. Now, I'm not saying it was a good move. What I'm saying is that there was no need for contact to have been made.

I think these videos show the action better than a picture. People can make up their own minds.

I'm sorry but I don't remember what happened at the Nurburgring in the escorts and I don't have any replays.

Anyway there was a lot of good close racing. I look forward to more of it.

Race Videos / Re: Tuesday season 19 WEC - brief highlights video
« on: November 17, 2017, 11:22:17 PM »
Good work Woll ... How would you spell Woll anyway, Wall doesn't seem right  :P

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: TeamSpeak problems
« on: November 10, 2017, 01:38:42 PM »
My only issue with Discord is that I can't bind keys for Increase an Decrease volume like I have on TS.

I joined OK now  ;D ;D


I re-downloaded the track from the link and re-installed. It didn't help.

I wasn't really happy with my qualifying effort after the pace I had in practise. Started 8th of the GT3 cars.

I started behind Shayne and that was almost my whole race ... looking at the arse end of a Blue Huracan :) The Lambo seemed to have a bit better grunt out of the slow turns and a little more pace down the straights.
I kept waiting for Shayne to make a mistake and hoping that I wouldn't be the one to make the mistake, but he was just keeping it clean. Then, just before half distance Shayne had a bit of a wobble coming onto the main straight and I got a slight overlap at the start of the straight then the Lambo started to slowly move away again. I jumped back in the slipstream but still the Lambo was pulling slowly ahead. I knew I had been much better on the brakes into T1 and this time I was much closer than before so I stabbed it up the inside and made the pass. I was a bit slow on the exit of T1 and Shayne fought back and we went door to door for a few corners before the mighty BMW prevailed (great racing there Shayne :D ).

Soon after this I was due to pit, came out of the chicane and started to move toward the pit lane. Luckily I noticed an LMP1 coming through and had to straighten and brake so we didn't make contact. Unfortunately this lost me some time entering the pits.
After the pit stop phase I was a number of seconds behind Shayne again and could see that he was in a train of GT3's. I soon caught the train and was looking at the rear of that Lambo again. Shayne and I kept moving up the places as other fell off and when Joe had an off we were fighting for 3rd with killa only just in front.

Shayne had been so consistent all race so I was resigned (and happy) to finish 4th when suddenly Shayne missed his braking spot at the end of the straight and went off and so nearly took killa with him. I cruised through into 3rd and tht's how we finished.

I was really happy with my consistentsy in this race as usually when I am racing so close for so long I am the one to make the mistakes. Great racing Shayne. A pity that you had the mistake.

General Discussion / Re: Win 10 defer upgrades
« on: November 05, 2017, 03:41:49 PM »
I just get notified when updates are available and then I can choose whether to install them or leave them for later. So if it's a race day I won't install any updates.


Hi Wally,
I noticed that I haven't been allocated a car in the sign up thread, and yet in that thread I said:
        The BMW Z4 GT3 for me please.
 :P :P :P :P

Hey, you have the same rig as me :)

The only thing I have different compared to that picture is that I've swapped the shifter and keyboard swivel thingy to the opposite sides

Hey Shayne,
Good to see that you selected such a good rig. I chose the Obutto because I also use it as a workstation to work from home. Just remove the wheel rim from the hub and it's perfect. I need lots of screen real estate for work.

That wasn't an actual photo of my rig. I just grabbed it off the web due to lack of time. My keyboard is on the other side too and I don't currently have a shifter.
Now that I have a bit more time, here is a real picture ... complete with button box just resting on the table top.

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