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Mod Tracks / Queensland Raceway
« on: June 03, 2018, 08:19:31 AM »
I haven't tested it but from the comments it seems pretty good even though it's at 0.7.

Either way, it's great to see the paperclip in AC.


So did anyone even check out the software?

ten to the ninth power

Previously the best set of data on the whole Milky Way covered approx. 100 million stars. New public data is now available via Gaia and the 3D map is now @ 1.6 billion stars(approx 1%), I think they said 200 million asteroids and I believe in some cases exo plants and other rare objects. Now you can zoom into each and every single star found by Gaia.

Find out more here:

You can view it via windows desktop or in VR both Oculus and Vive are supported. 

desktop exe is on the link below. To setup VR just google Gaia VR and you should find instructions.


Assetto Corsa / The Definitive circuit guides
« on: April 17, 2018, 09:05:33 AM »
This was posted on the AC forums but I thought I might post it here as well.

I haven't ever heard of the driver but his instructions and tips are top notch


For example check out his Nürburgring Nordschleife Circuit Guide, it's probably the best one on the net.  He has done quite a few of these guides and many are official tracks in AC.

I am on some meds but I am fairly sure I can still drive but I'll probably just be at the back.

Wally, I can now sit on my bum. I wanna go racing tonight please :D

I can't race probably for a week or two.

I hurt my back again recently and I thought I was OK till I further tweaked it on Friday. I then nearly overdosed on painkillers (no joke), not exactly my fault but I did end up throwing up 10 times and then I tore my esophagus which resulted in more throwing up.
ATM I can't sit down on a seat without pain.
I really wanted to put in a good effort for the last round!!!

SideNote: I now know the guy who runs the Formula Vee's in QLD and I now have access to tickets to Queensland raceway, Lakeside raceway and warrick (not sure on spelling).  It's only for the days where the HQ's race, hyundai, mx5's and Formula Vee's race. At QR they have more classes and I think pro class as well.
Yesterday was Lakeside and it was pretty good fun.

Next race is at Warrick in June (first weekend) if you're interested tell me and I can get you in for free.

I know what you mean - I'm a fan of witches hats too. One mod track (I can't remember which) actually had a practice layout which added more witches hats for apexes and corner entry/exit points, which was a nice touch.

Yeah I wish more had it, for example in practice mode they should have the witches hats out.

This is a really great track and flows very well. I love the witches hats cause it makes it easier to learn. I wish more tracks had them.

Can you run two tyre apps at once? I think I get an error or something when I try to load it and hence why I don't use it .

Hang on. I missed tonight race but I had never heard of this rule.

I give room and try not to hit anyone but if I see an overtake I'm taking advantage of it. Isn't that what we all should be doing?

For example, a couple weeks ago I managed to get a hell of a start because someone was too slow off the line and I think there was a bit of an accident, I'm not 100% but I overtook as many people as possible before the first corner.

Am i not allowed to do this?

I am as high as a kite, no way I can race tonight. 

Thanks Phil.8. I have notice all the time because I get backlock all the time.

I'm gonna sound like a nitpicker BUT If you're going to quote someone especially someone as remarkable as Stephen please do the whole quote.

"........Then something happened which unleashed the power of our imagination. We learned to talk and we learned to listen.


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