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Awesome, I've only got $66 damage fee.  I thought it'll be worse...so I guess wall hits don't really count?

Just a reminder the dealer is here: https://xgnsimracing.com.au/car-dealer

Enjoyed the two race before the solar batteries got a bit low!

Here is my 2cents. The difference in car speeds were too much. Not even GB would have been competitive in the boxter. I would suggest using the same car but in different states of tune (by modifying restrictor & ballast). For the cheapskates a backyard mechanic tune (100% restrictor & 100kg ballast) while the golden spoon drivers can get their car tuned by the  "AC Schnitzer" tuning house (or any-other ones goole suggest as the best tuning house).

Nice driving Bueller!
Mael, that's probably not the point.  The point is to mix the field up; i.e. make the really fast guys not-so-competitive for a race or two, then they can catch up.  Aliens will still prevail in the top region, just not the first position.
Once it's all tuned up, it should be fine I think (i.e. the monetary bits; prices & earnings).   
It gives non-aliens to win the odd race, basically.

That's one bit of a problem; in the olden days we took a few seasons to tune the car prices, and the car yard was the same each season (GTL times).

P.s. that was a tad different system in that you paid full price for the car and did not get anything back.  So the fluctuation in cars was great, you got a fast car, won, you went back to a slow car straight away. :)
It may still be the system to go for, as it kind of balances itself out to a large extent, you just need to 'tune' some car prices a bit that maybe too cheap or too expensive.

Take note Wally, Bird and Mael have 2c less to spend on their next car. ;) :P

Thanks guys, that was great, really tough to pass, had me sweating quite a bit. It's certainly good not having to worry about setting up the car and just drive. With only 4 rounds this is the last one I can attend, unfortunately due to work. I wonder if it were longer how it would go for me not being able to attend many events, I think I'd end up with a slow car while everyone else starts to upgrade throughout the season?
The goal is not to have everyone slowly getting into faster and faster cars, but to have the slower drivers end up in faster cars. Hopefully the field should stay relatively balanced, as even after a break, I would still expect a few Carreras and so on on track.

I feel, Wally, that this system will never truly even out, and it'll take long to get to a temporary balance.    The temporary point is where the slower guys are in the faster cars.   But then they'll top out, and the faster guys will catch up.   

Now, of course you can either make the process quicker by dishing out more cash, then it'll be like a wave, or slower, to try and peak it at the end; either way it'll have periods of imbalance.   And there's little auto-balancing during the season, once you got a good car, you keep it (again, accidentals notwithstanding).
I feel it has to be the slow method where you can only get into the fastest car if you finish down the order at least half the races or even more.  Otherwise the system can potentially be gamed a lot more due to the no-loss financials.

Just my 2c.

I've really enjoyed driving the cockster, it seems a reasonably forgiving little car.  I was even able to catch bigger slides on a couple of occasions, much to my surprise as well as others'.
I've even managed to put in a mid 1:04 lap during the race!   

Had great battles, chases, and a lot of gentlemanly drivers around - thanks guys, it seems everyone was driving in their friendliest manner. :)

By r3 I've run out of puff, and after a couple of early spins I had a hard time keeping up.   But I've enjoyed the nine, nonetheless.

I reckon it works best with a mix of cars with different strengths, and minimal setup options.

Too much setup work is a problem (in every car/season tbh); it takes the fun out of it  for those who can't do setup too well, or lack the time to do it.

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 17, 2019, 03:14:25 PM »
My first setup change ever  was to bend the little contacts underneath the Scalextric car up a bit to reduce friction against the track.
Similar here, but I've also put slightly bigger wheels on to gain a bit more top end :D

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 16, 2019, 02:34:17 PM »
Pfffft. Screens  ::)
Oh yeah, I remember sitting in a carboard box, "racing" with my friends, does that count? :D

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 16, 2019, 01:13:08 PM »
You would flick a marble up the side with a spring, like a pinball machine, and the first player to get all their cars to the bottom won.
cool :)

Yeah my first was Indianapolis500 on Amiga that got me hooked I think.  Decent driving model and awesome damage!
I think it had pit stops, even.  It was very comprehensive, very lifelike.

I mean I've played 'racing' games, including a very simple one on a programmable calculator of all things, but I do not class those as simulators.

I find even classing the C64 TD in that category, although it's getting there.  I believe there was some ZX Spectrum game similarly simplistic but first person racing - still, it did not stick with me.
Edit: oh yeah, this one, the "Checkquered Flag" : http://www.worldofspectrum.org/infoseekid.cgi?id=0000912

Having said all that, the real hook was LFS - online racing is so much more fun than lapping alone! 
Funny that LFS still had a better interface & community features then, than AC now. Huh.

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 16, 2019, 09:59:45 AM »
Sorry to burst your bubble, but that's not a sim from where I sit. :)

How does it go, though? This game wasn't available in Europe .

eh, sorry guys, after a tough day I dozed off on the couch...hope you had a good one

It is good. My past experience with MSY wasn't on par.  They were pretty rubbish after sales.  Glad you had a good experience.

I'm gonna miss this one, I'm off to some well-earned holidays.  You guys enjoy it!


Btw, Wally, you can get free signed ssl certs in a few places, I think this is it https://letsencrypt.org/ or https://www.sslforfree.com/ ( I haven't used them )

If all else fails, there's el-cheapo (but fully functional) certificates to be had here, $12/yr: https://www.namecheap.com/security/ssl-certificates/
I am regularly using these guys, the certificates are industry standard just without any warranties - and most importantly w/o company checks, so it's easy-peasy to get one.

Simone, you bastard, you still haven't sent me strawberries, and you're pumping cash into Wally's coffer!

Hhahahahahahaa  just saw this as my internet fell down again i had to replace 15 mt of tel cable.......but ye Bird its a pleasure to give wally a little help!!  Bird please if you can stop over on my place i will give you some passion fruit !!!!!!! I am not growing starwbs anymore.
Anyway........Merry Christmas to everybody enjoy your family or whatever, really just ....enjoy!!!!


I love passionfruit but as it's a long day's drive to your place, with great regret, I'll have to decline the opportunity for now. :)

It's very nice of you - and everyone else - to help running the show a bit here, thanks guys!

Assetto Corsa / Re: Best wishes to Flattop
« on: December 20, 2018, 08:00:57 AM »
Rest In Peace, friend. 

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