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I had lots of fun, except in the first race. The first lap was awesome until I got a whack in the arse which seemed to make the car even slower in straights, and I eventually lost it into turn one and totally furphed the car. I spent 4 minutes in the pits and that race was a dud.

In races 2 and 3 I had some really good racing with a couple of people who pulled some fantastic passing moves into turn one, and into the fast chicane. Plenty of room was given and there was some really good side by side racing. I can't remember who they were but it was gooooood.
Unfortunately for Matthew I lost the rear a little and turned into him when he pulled his. I'm glad you continued, and I hope the car was alright.
Apart from that little misadventure the rest of the racing was clean and lots of fun for me.

Mixed night for me. I had periods of good racing interspersed with being tagged in other people accidents, or getting tagged avoiding someone getting out of shape, and had at least one off of my own volition. I had a great deal of fun racing on this track though, it is very nice. Nice chase Wally, and it was refreshing for you to make the big mistake and not me for a change. :)

Yay, Smellstra got my cable working at 9:51PM.  Perfect timing.  Hope you had a good run.

Hi all,
Sorry I don't think I can make it tonight. Telstra have screwed me with an outage they expect to have resolved within the next two days. Apparently it's a NBN outage..... I'm not on the fricken NBN. Grrrrrrrrr
That sucks.

TWO DAYS!!!!!!   It could be worse, but I'm a little pissed off because I've managed to do some practice. Pity I don't have that much data with my phone, the 4G looks as fast as some NBN plans.  lol, ping is 14ms though. There could be a miracle and it might get fixed, but I doubt it. Have a good race fellows.

Hi all,
Sorry I don't think I can make it tonight. Telstra have screwed me with an outage they expect to have resolved within the next two days. Apparently it's a NBN outage..... I'm not on the fricken NBN. Grrrrrrrrr

I didn't get an opportunity to practice at all and only downloaded the track with 15 minutes of practice left. Lucky there were only about four corners to learn.
Race 1 was okay but the first chicken was a little tough with the bump and rebound I had from the practice race, but made a few spots and learnt the track and had a pretty good race with Dave O who loved, it seemed, to drive off the track whenever he started pulling away. :)
Race 2 was okay but had a huge off when I tried to stick on the outside of Bacchulum on the fast corner after the back straight. Stuck half a tyre on the grass and caused major damage with a lap to go.
Race 3 was much better after I changed bump and rebound for the better (for a change), made a few spots on the start, and got lucky at the first chicken and avoided any damage. The car seemed to be a little faster on the straight and getting a tow without it.
Was having fun mainly getting chased by faster blokes who'd driven off the circuit earlier in the race. Wally got past me with a couple to go and I thought I had a chance to hold off Keith but Wally was a bit slow on the corner before the back straight and I got baulked a little. It was enough for Keith to cruise by on the straight and that's where I finished.

I'm glad I made it, it was a fun track with those cars.

I might miss it too, sorry for the late notice, I've been pissing about with people trying to sell my bike. You meet the stupidest people when you're trying to sell a bike. I'll have a go at getting on, but I haven't driven a lap here.

Yes please Wally, the lotus is fun to drive.

I was slow, I had a shit race.

I was slow and had a shit race

I am getting lots of understeer here, difficult to work out aero cause it seems like a fast track, but car doesn't steer around the corners

It looks like the cambers all drop away from the inside of corners which is why it doesn't seem to have grip.........................I think.

I haven't tried it yet, but it may be beneficial to go with an asymmetrical setup because from memory the fast corners are nearly all right handers

I clouted the barriers a few times of my own accord, but nothing too major, but it did give me some aero damage, which I reckon shaved a few k's off my top speed down the straight. Apart from a few minor impacts, I survived well and got into a nice rhythm by the end.
The best racing was the close early laps around Russ and Keith, trading a few positions due to mistakes. I finished with comfortable gaps to Russ in front and Doobs behind, so no pressure.
I was chasing you earlier after hitting the barriers and getting wing damage. I was catching you too, until the front suspension just broke and put me into the wall. I had to pit and lost a ton of time.
That was worth the wait, it was fun racing on a great circuit.

 I finally put a decent lap in on the last one to leave me happy...ish.

3 and a half hours practice, yet to finish a lap :)   I am concerned how I am going to do 7 laps in an hour

I had to go offline with 0% to finish laps, but I did manage about 3 without contacts that would have caused damage.  It's the first two that really cause me problems.
I'm going to try again sometime today on the server. Once you do two it actually feels easier............and then you miss a brake point.  :)

Offline I did 4 timed laps (that didn't count because I had little off tracks) and the fuel estimator says I can do 8 laps with 100 litres fuel. The tyres (Hard) might not make it in good nick. They'll be struggling for the last lap or two. I reckon the tyre situation will make it interesting.

The practice server is set to 1x tyre wear and fuel rate, and in the interests of people being able to work out a pit strategy, I'll leave it at that for the race too. I haven't tested those multipliers myself, but being only a 7 lap race, it feels more right. Maybe it means you won't have to pit at all - I don't know. If anyone tries it and finds some disastrous consequence, let us know.

If I ever get past a warm-up lap I'll let you know.  lol

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