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Looks like I'll be out for a little while. My graphics card as called it a day and my backup (HD6850) just doesn't cut it even at low res and low settings. Can only manage 45 FPS with drops to below 15. Just my luck when we finally have an open wheel season. Guess I'll be stuck on GranTourismo 5, KRP, or maybe GT Legends/Race07 for a little while.

I guess it's an opportunity to get my ClubSport wheel and pedals ready too.

Looks like my computer related luck is continuing. Seems my computer has decided to freeze after 10 minutes. I restart and it's good for another 10. Will keep working on it but don't like my chances at this stage

Sign me up. Can't wait to run a full season and long races

Sorry but will miss this one. I have a referees course for soccer tomorrow :(

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Looking for a Fanatec Wheel
« on: March 31, 2018, 11:00:05 PM »
well done on the purchase,  I don't have any spare for sale sorry

Thanks Phil

Hardware & Reviews / Looking for a Fanatec Wheel
« on: March 30, 2018, 09:25:39 PM »
I have just come across a really cheap upgrade and will take delivery of a Fanatec Clubsport V1 wheel base and pedals. I have a couple of repairs to take care of first but one thing that does not come with it is the wheel itself. Does anyone out there have a wheel only for one of these things they're willing to sell?

I will look at getting the universal mount and my own wheel but for now, a basic wheel for testing would be great


Sorry all but will be missing for this round as well. In Sydney with family for a break. I brought my gaming rig but haven't had time to be there.

Cars & Bikes / Re: Finally got my toy
« on: March 23, 2018, 11:22:55 PM »
Looking to start with straightening all the bent fins on the intercooler, braided brake and clutch lines and a decent set of competition brake lines and synthetic fluid. Will also add an oil cooler and most likely try and source a more efficient radiator.

Over time, I'll get it all up to par but will most likely use it as a bit of a weekend cruiser for a drive through the adelaide hills from time to time too. That will mean the springs and shocks will very much be a comprimise unless I have 2 distinct sets and just change it over for track days where I trailer it to the meets.

Cars & Bikes / Finally got my toy
« on: March 23, 2018, 07:34:36 PM »
Well, I finally have my toy here and am going to try and get her ready for a track day in May. She's not a bad starting point for a track car but we'll see how reliable she's going to be.

I have to agree about the braking inconsistency but found moving the bias a little rearwards helped a lot but I have to change my style to brake effectively. For me it seems to be the bumps that really unsettle the car

Race 1 - started on softs and just hung off the back a little. Made my way past a couple of cars and then just concentrated on being very smooth and making the tyres last. 1st tyre gave up on lap 10 quickly followed by the front tyres and by lap 16, I was struggling to keep the car on track.
Limped home last of the runners

Race 2 - Thought I'd better run the mediums given a higher temp and there was no way to make them last. Proved to be a complete error. I dodged the issues on lap 1 and tried to pull a gap. I knew everyone would catch me but I didn't expect it so quickly. Tried to battle as hard and fair as I could but it was all in vein. Couldn't get temp in the tyres and it was like driving on ice most of the time. Once everyone went by, I collected the tyre bundle and wrecked the car. Came out of the pit almost exactly where I was behind Dave O just a lap down.

I'll be glad to see the end of these horrid things

That was cheap!   Well, it'll cost a bit more on the long run anyway, hehe.   Feel free to start a thread to share the project details, for one, I'd be happy to read it.

I'll start a thread when I get it and keep everyone updated as I go, with photos of course

I was keen for a good race here since I'd done a couple of races here in other games and liked the track........many years ago.

Had a pretty poor race one with a couple of lazy spins costing me plenty of time. Ended up last by a country mile getting lapped by the whole field....I think. Main cause is me overdriving the car so I thought I'd try an easy going race in race 2.

Race 2 I just hung up the back for the first couple of laps and built myself into a decent rhythm. This strategy worked well for me as I built up speed while others were starting to burn up the tyres. I ended up doing my fastest laps in the closing laps as I'd passed the cars in front during their own battles and worked on building a gap. Had some tight racing with the guys up the back which was great fun and was cruising to the finish when I ran out of fuel on the second last corner. Almost got a good push over the line but ended up last again.

I'll drive more relaxed next round and not push the car too much as this seems to yield a laptime loss for me more often than not. Almost getting my head around driving these things but I guess some practice time would be a little helpful


Have you tried FFBClip?

Just had a run with it then and it was a vast improvement. Much clearer feedback. Still learning the track but feels a lot better and 10x easier to catch a slide

Bought myself a 1995 WRX with a twin turbo driveline and brakes from the 2001 Liberty B4. Has a few STi options and coil-overs. Not a bad little start for a track car but still some work to do. A bit of dyno tuning to get the lag out between turbos and upgrade the brakes to the STi Brembos. Should be a bit of fun a few times a year. Track days, motorkhanas and the like

Couldn't turn it away for $1500. Opted out of my BMW project and will concentrate on this one


My ARBs were 4/1, and took some camber off front and back. TC was 4. See if that makes any difference.

My setup was actually very similar and played with the traction control quite a bit and seemed to make little to no difference. I have researched my T300RS a bit in the last few days and lack of useful feedback seems to be a common complaint with quite a few of the cars in AC. I have seen a few people post their settings so will give them a go and see what happens. It couldn't be worse, I'd have been better off running a controller compared to how it was last week.

I have just acquired a track car which will be in my shed in a couple of weeks so that may take up some practice time that I dont get anyway :D

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