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I like this track and managed a little practice time to work out the best way to drive it and was happy with the balance going into race 1.

Got a good start but had nowhere to go so I just pulled in behind and followed the cue around for the first lap. Lap2 was interesing, I got past a couple of cars that had a slow exit off turn 1 and was driving down the left side of the track when I got turned around rather violently and made a mess of the car. Limped back for repairs and soft tyres to experiment how long I could last, came out a lap down behind the rear of the field. The car was good for about 12 laps before the left rear gave up.

Race 2 started from the back but was on the phone at the same time. Drove the first 6 laps one handed which made gear shifting interesting. Got off the phone and tried to push as hard as I could. Managed to pull in a 35 second gap to finish 2nd last on after the last corner. Managed to dip into the 29's so pretty happy with that.

Not a huge fan of the limited setup options but it should provide close racing and the cars have enough in them to make mistakes like wheel spin off the corners. Should be a good season.

I loved to be in the open wheelers again but the head shake was killing me and just couldn't focus. Don't seem to have the shake at A1 Ring.

Had a wierd sort of compromise night with the cars where I couldn't get a good setup for the tyres. Mediums went off about lap 9 and Hards took 7 laps to start working. Lots of spins for me but such a satisfying feeling to get a clean lap in. Track cuts were an issue here as I seemed to be getting them even with 2 wheels still on the track. Anyway, I had a blast.

What about a compromise season of the the forumla abarth or something like that. I'd love an F1 season at tracks like instanbul, magny Cours and the like with a few tight tracks thrown in for variety but an open wheel sesaon in anything would suit me fine

I'm getting mismatch errors too

I liked the idea but have the same concerns regarding receiving restrictor penalties for contact that had little to do with me.

There are better ways to do it but not in the short time frames between races. Time penalties are a fairer system for guilty parties as they actually effect race results. The problem with this is that the time involved to review the incidents would take quite some time and is just not fair to the administrators. For the most part, the system is a good step forward but maybe review the impact speeds to restrictor ratio. Collision speeds under  50kph depending on the impact point and the object you hit, are superficial at best and usually just have some bolt on panels changed which generally would be done in less than an hour by any team. Higher speed impacts like should definitely carry a penalty of some sort.

It a matter of balance and practicality, like anything, and would depend largely on the information available regarding the impacts.

Just my opinion

Very keen for open wheelers. Better get practicing I suppose.

Race 2
  • Godzilla bumped the side of Joe, but given that they were side by side for some time and Godzilla had no real visibility of Joe’s car, this is a racing incident.
  • RussG was off track and clipped the side of Godzilla’s car while re-entering, and then clipped JamieP’s car while correcting – racing incident (while RussG could have re-entered more safely, he was really the only car

Sorry Wally. I must disagree with you here on pretty much every point.
I agree with Joe. Godzilla turned in on him causing the carnage. Yes they were side by side for some time, so all the more reason that Godzilla should have been aware not to turn in.
Then ... the only reason I was off track was to avoid crashing into the recovering Godzilla, but the recovering Godzilla thought it best to go straight to the apex when I was there just trying not to hit him. Who was re-entering????
The tap I got there unsettled my car which meant JamieP had no chance to avoid me and clipped me which sent me into the wall.
I rejoined last again ... with big damage again ...

Is this the incident where I ended up T-boning bacchulum as well? It was a pretty messy part of the race

I am back to my usual installing the track 30 minutes before qual and learning the track. The Thruxton setup worked well and I didn't even have to change the fuel load. Qual was a write off as I expected it to be but I can usually race my way up to the back of the midfield.

Race 1 was not too bad a race for me. Had a few battles, passed some cars and had a good battle with shameless which was great fun. First I spun and recovered and then he did and I ended up in 14th or thereabouts.

Race 2 was an absolute abomination. I butchered the start and had to make way for several cars moving around a stationary car on the grid. Lost a few places then got dive bombed a few times and lost some more. I then managed to get a couple of wheels in the grass and lost some more places. Ended up near the back and was making my way through when in the battle up ahead, a few cars got together and bachulum got spun around and was sideways across the track where he quickly got T-boned by me with nowhere else to go. That put both of us to the rear again. Made my way back to 15th or so with a few others having some off track excursions.

Race 3 was going OK and I was making steady progress forwards but tagged Joe going into turn 1 and felt it necessary to redress the average piece of driving. I do apologise Joe, I did see you taking a more shallow line and earlier on the brakes for a few laps but I completely stuffed up and left it too late to back out of the poor attempt to beat you to the turn in point in turn one. Ended up in 17th

Just after close and fair racing.

my main use for the sim is to keep or rebuild my concentration and racecraft for when I get back in my kart. The result makes little difference to me

I had an hours practice on Sunday which was a nice change and found a reasonable balance to start with and then did my first laps on the track on Monday night. Tweaked it a little and was feeling pretty good. Got to qual and was nowhere and curious as to why. At then point I realised my complete blonde moment and swapped to medium tyres.

I managed to avoid all the race 1 carnage and was pulling away from the cars behind when I put 2 wheels in the grass and lost it. Back to the rear I went

Race 2 was a lot easier starting from 2nd on the grid but I figured the quicker guys would catch me from about mid race.......which they did. I fought as hard as i could but as fair as I could and it wasn't till the car started stepping out on the corner exits that I just couldn't hold them off any more. Finished 4th which, lets face it, is like a championship win for me.

Race 3 was going to be a lot tougher and I made it worse by getting on the grass on lap  and rather than trying to re-jion and take out half the field, I waited for the field to go past and the spun the car before re-joining. Managed to make my way back to 13th so was pretty happy for the night.

I really don't like these cars but I do like the close racing

I'm in if there's a free spot.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S11 R6 - Silverstone 1967 - 14/12/2017
« on: December 14, 2017, 06:29:57 PM »
Sorry but probably going to give tonight a miss. I have a bunch of guys bouncing around fitting a new roof at the moment

Had a pretty good race night. Got a little practice in the KTM which was nice. I personally like the KTM over the BMW as it's a car you have to be consistent and smooth and the feedback is excellent. The BMW felt like driving a boat and you could drive it like an arcade game with no real penalty. Having said that, the BMW does give very close racing which is great fun.

I haven't driven the other 2 cars at all yet so I'll give them a go on the weekend.

Thanks everyone for the season. Despite lapping alone most of the time, I did enjoy driving the LMP1 cars. It was nice to be able to setup the car the way I wanted it to drive instead of adapting to the car and working out how to drive around the issues. I had a decent base setup by the Le Mans race and was just lacking in practice time with all but 1 round only having about 30 minutes to learn the track and find where to best use the KERS. Shanghai was definitely my best race as I like the track and actually had about 1.5 hours to practice. That seemed to be enough to gain the 1 to 1.5 secs I was lacking otherwise. My consistency is also getting better but still have some brain fade late in the races from time to time.

Thanks again to everyone and sorry for those I caused problems with. Congrats to the winners and of course my team-mate KCender for this run. At least one of us was getting results

Bring on season 20

Had a lonely race thanks to not getting a lap in during qualifying. Completely my own fault.

Made my way through the GT cars half way through lap 1 but was already about 30 secs behind. Lapped reasonably consistently for most of the race with a couple of lapses in concentration but wasn't too bad a test session for me.

Congrats to Kcender and KillaGorilla for the wins and bring on next week.

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