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Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: February 22, 2018, 10:31:29 PM »
I’ll be interested to see what happens with all the content currently on AC. Will we be willing to re-purchase the same content for ACC even if significantly enhanced? I would expect an upgrade deal to ACC with bundled AC content once the Blancpain series based ACC is stable.
I read that the physics is the only asset they could bring unchanged to the new engine, which makes sense as I guess the Unreal engine is primarily a graphics engine. Si it would be quite a bit of work to bring cars from AC to ACC.
Yes. A lot of work based on the preview shots and video. Huge amount of detail. Kunos can’t give it away for free. But it will still feel like you are purchasing the same cars all over again. That is why the Blancpain Series approach makes sense. But I am not sure how I’ll feel if they offer, say, a Porsche DLC for ACC.
I will be pulling out the wallet . . . we get a tonne of enjoyment out of this game so well worth some cash!

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: February 22, 2018, 06:09:36 PM »
So the "Unreal engine", does that drive the current AC?  I'm assuming not, hence the weather etc in this version.
Be good to see it all bundled together in say AC2!

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: February 22, 2018, 02:11:41 PM »
Its got rain, and night racing . . . :) :) :) :)

Coming Summer 2018 (Italian summer I presume)

>:( VR side swipes have to stop. I saw a driver who I know is in VR take out another driver and even though I was prepared for it I couldn't avoid the ensuring carnage. >:(
Granting a bias on my part, I have $1500 of Vive just tossed on the floor gathering dust, it still seems to me that 80% of the mishaps I get involved in occur with a driver in VR. >:(
I know what you mean. VR seems to make you lose awareness of who's around you. I don't know if that's because radar type apps like Helicorsa don't work in VR, or it's too hard to look out the side window, with your view more fixed straight ahead. FOV issues maybe?

Wally, Helicorsa works perfectly in VR. The problem is that some people do not use it because they think it breaks immersion. I use the app and have it to the right of my steering wheel.

When the app goes yellow you know because you look, where the person is. When the app goes red, you know cause you look where the other car is and you can drive side by side without any damage and full pace.

Just look at the tussles I get into, apart from that one accident with you Wally, I went quite a few rounds with zero damage to my car.

People should be using the app I think with or without VR. If you don't you WILL ruin peoples races.
Helicorsa should be mandatory.  I totally rely on it.  I use it to judge overlap all the time, determining whether I leave room or have cleared a car in a pass . . . its a must!
As for the night, I had decent speed which was good.  I find the car most difficult under brakes, with my brake modulation being more from practice/memory rather than feel.  I don't seemed to have any audio of the tyres locking or obvious feel in the wheel.  So when I feel the car not stopping I know I am locked up and lift off, and then the car starts stopping . . . its a weird approach!

Ballast gave me a slight edge on the heavier guys in front but there was a long gap to the rest of the field, not sure if there was an incident back there but I had a pretty quite 2nd race.

Don't like the US flags there on the wing. Would be great to get rid of them.

Add these two files to your folder for Aussie Flag.


Skins for Mael and myself are done....

Can someone add this to the first post...... thanks!

Phil.8: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/schumachers-1998-f300-for-ferrari-599xx-evo.2892/

The Schumacher pack has two different cars in multiple resolutions and is 195mb.  May I suggest we pick out the one that you want to use Phil!

Can someone let kcender know its only a fun run....... poor guys already done 182 laps in practice!   ;D ;D ;D


I have made my mind up, discussion is over for me and I will not be looking at this thread again
You have really got to get those replays working Phil . . .
p.s. good racing last night :)

All up it was a good season.  I think the damage made people more cautious.  I know I was, I had minimal contacts (my fault that is) all season.
But as people have said it did suck when someone cleans you up then you have damage for the next race . . . but for the intended realism that was fair.
Would do it again... :)

Qualified in the top 10 which was a bit of a surprise.
Race 1 was going well in 5th until Grat rear ended me around mid race.  He redressed but it didn't give me back the 10 spots I lost.
More precisely, I spun you around with an horrible corner-exit t-bone (I know it does not seem to make sense, but that's what it was). I still have to figure out what the hell I was thinking (I do not have a replay). Nothing good for sure. Really sorry.

For the rest: I think I have got all I could, given Wally's invitation for my wife to enjoy the night as my passenger. ;) It was mostly safe and nice, with much much much less stuttering than last time---not perfect, but surely drivable all the time. Could do nothing the defend from Matthew on the last lap.
All good Grat..

Qualified in the top 10 which was a bit of a surprise.
Race 1 was going well in 5th until Grat rear ended me around mid race.  He redressed but it didn't give me back the 10 spots I lost.
Upside was a better start pos in Race 2 and was able to gain 5 spots during the race to come home 5th.
Race 3 again turned out to be a good result with 4th and a good battle with Matthew mid race.
Except for race 1, it was clean racing and some close fights with AB, Matthew and Grat.

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