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Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 19, 2018, 10:16:46 PM »
Just did a few laps in the lotus at QLD, and got around 350 for Corner and around 180 for Average consistently
across a number of laps.

Apps / Re: Tyre Pressure Engineer
« on: August 19, 2018, 04:29:00 PM »
Just to clarify, of the two numbers one is lap average, the other last corner?
I'm getting around 100 for the top number and around 0 for the lower but not understanding why they are so different??
(I'm in the ACL Mclaren M8C)

The season so far has frequently gone two good races and a dud so the aim tonight was consistency.
Managed to crack a pb in qual to start 6th.  The guys in front were a bit to quick and the there was a gap to the pack behind so
a reasonably quiet race to grab 5th.
Race 2 - Got away well gaining a few spots but on lap 5 I glanced killa and spun losing 5 spots.  Surprisingly though I had them
back within 2 laps thanks in part to others battling, getting home 3rd with Jeremy a huge 0.1 sec behind me on the line.
Race 3 - Managed to find myself in front of phil who proceeded to keep around 0.5 gap for basically the whole race.  His ballast
meant he didn't quite have it on the straights so I fought very hard to keep it tidy for 11 laps and was able to come home 2nd.
Best results for the season . . and some time actually! so pretty happy.

yeah i dont see them either, only way i know is by watching the chat window when i think i cut and keeping count lol
If the app is visible, it should always show something like "Warnings: 2/3", and it pops up a little flag too when you get a cut. It pays to have the app visible.
Checked and it had gone missing, so that explains things!

Sorry Freezer....... I was too close and didnt think you would brake :P
All good.... :)

Results are up.
Hey Wally, just noticed that on each results page the result in the table for me is different to the chart.
The chart from my memory is accurate.  I also have my position in red in each result in the table for some reason.
Not sure which has been factored into my points for the round!
The charts show your true position, while the results show your position adjusted for any time penalties (that's what the red position indicates). You had about 4 cuts in each race. I'm guessing you didn't have PLP visible so didn't see the warnings.
Damn, no I didn't notice the cuts during the race... :(

Results are up.
Hey Wally, just noticed that on each results page the result in the table for me is different to the chart.
The chart from my memory is accurate.  I also have my position in red in each result in the table for some reason.
Not sure which has been factored into my points for the round!

More highs and lows for me.
Race 1 and 2 I finished 4th and 6th I think.  Wasn't quick enough for the guys in front but was able to keep the pack behind
so just fought to keep it clean which I did for a good result.
Race 3 . . . F^%$,  I crashed four times I think, including a full somersault which sent me back to the pits.  Popped out of the pits
right in the middle of the pack so that was interesting trying to keep out of the way yet get on with it!
Just watched the replay to see that upon having my somersault crash, team mate Mael arrived on scene and did exactly the same thing . . :):)

Great little track this one . . !!

For some reason I couldn't break or barely match the 1.20.5 I had in practice then suddenly in qual I found an extra 0.7 from somewhere!
Race one was great battling with Kcender for a handful of the early laps and managed to come home in a rare 2nd spot.
Race two was less eventful but again managed a 2nd.  Race three unfortunately was far less successful after being tagged by Jeremy under brakes into
turn one which speared me off into the tyres.  Car was pretty stuffed and required a stop which saw me come home basically last.
The high's and low's of racing . . . was looking to be one of my best rounds in a long, long time!

As for the delayed Group C season please take a look here.
Thanks Seanus, but for simplicity's sake and to avoid choice overload, I'd stick to original AC cars.

I was afraid you'd say that. Can't say I'm not bitterly disappointed though.

For all other members don't let Wally's reticence disuade you from having a look at, and if possible a little testing and feedback of, my compilation. If nothing else it should make a decent offline mod for the few of us that swing that way.
I'm getting a "page not found" error on the link.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S23 Car Poll
« on: June 28, 2018, 11:43:15 PM »
Always wanted to race the Merc, but it could definately kill you.  The short tail on the other hand is less powerful but great to drive.  Long tail.... in between.
As for the 911, easier to drive and possibly closer racing.  That said, the strength/weakness thing in the Group C's could be interesting!

So I said to Mael, "If I can't get past Bacchulum, you know what to do!!"  :) :)

My challenge tonight was to try and take some points of Bacchulum who I was behind on the leaderboard.
We had a great race where I put a tonne of laps in right behind him ( Hunted: Bacchulum ) but as is often the case I
had great difficulty getting past.  I had a yellow engine in the first stint, but a fix at the stop brought back some pace!
Didn't feel as comfortable at this track as I have in the others but overall with some practice managed to be pretty
consistent and even put in my best time on the last lap.
Bad luck to Bacchulum with the Mael tap, but congrats on a solid season.

Congrats to Kcender and thanks again to Wally!

Very good race with a race-long battle between Freezer and Bacchulum. Unfortunately messed it up by bumping into Bacchulum two laps from the end, thought he was going to defend the inside line which did not eventuate and thus got myself into a tangle and (not for the first time) bumped him. My fault  :'(

Other than that it was fun, both Freezer and me had too much wing which made for interesting battles between Bacchulum and Shayne with the cars making their speed in different sectors of the laps.
Good to see you finished a race . . :)

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