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Next Tuesday! It's not a real serious season, but more a test of the car dealer system, looking for bugs, seeing how it works out moneywise, etc.

If it goes on the Tuesday statistics page then it serious.

BTW: Waiting for Dave O's 200th Tuesday race!

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 16, 2019, 12:14:54 AM »
Must have been before my time  ;D

Thanks for the season Wally, was fun.

The race was tough, started with a short intense battle with AB and Russ. Russ was waay too quick and disappear into the distance while AB vanished. From there just tried to keep the laptimes constant with a bit of Phil blocking thrown in for fun. Unfortunately I allowed Phil by after missing a brake-maker while trying to calculate the fuel needed, utterly pointless since I finished with 30litres still in the tank!

The last section was kept busy with catching Killer and being caught by Jeremy. Just had no answers to Jeremy's pace on worn tyres.

As for the Team Maki, it was not a memorable season. One podium between Freezer and me with an average finishing position of 8'ish. But we will be back! Congratulation Struggle Street Racing, a well deserved championship.

Toughest race of the season,

Agree quite a though one  :)

Decided early on that I would not be able to get the Longtail on the pace around the nuclear disaster zone that is the Sonama road surface. So instead tried to create a easy handling car and focus on staying on road.
Which worked well, made a few early error giving up positions to Phil, Bacchulum and Bradc which was immensely frustrating. Don't mind being slow but people should still work hard to get by me.   (I would take being called a blocker with joy, a hat tip to Enrique Bernoldi  ;D)

Then surprisingly made a few position during the pit stop, I added 10l of fuel really only because that was how long the tire change took. Could have done the whole race on a single tank, emphasizing how little throttle I was able to use in the long tail! Finished (I think) 4th, a good result!

Also if anyone knows how to get the suspension of a longtail to settle down (default is like a bucking bronco) I’d love some hints.

I'm all ears for that as well

I almost feel sorry for the Merc drivers. This one is ideal for the shorty Bird!

Not sure if I got this right.

Currently I have $60,400 in the bank and a Porsche 718 Boxter. I should be able to return the cheap beetle for $57,500 leaving me $117,900 to rent something else. Unfortunately the system does not want to allow it :(

The night race started bad, a first lap incident with Keith (20% my fault/80% his I would judge) which caused a red nose and some interesting handling. A few laps of learning the car's new handling followed before suddenly parked up against the wall all broken   :'(  Joe must have just nicked my rear bumper as I passed causing a 90 degree turn into the rather solid walls of Watkins Glen.

Luckily the pitlane was close at hand, repaired the damage, put on some hard boots and tried to make it 40 minutes on one tank of fuel. But the hard tires turned out to be a bad idea, the car just would not turn! Lapping around 3 seconds slower and realizing that the fuel saving was not enough I made a second pitstop for a bit more fuel and some proper tires.

Ended up behind Keith (a lap down off course) with 20 minutes to go, but this made the night for me. I had an idea to irritate him by following closely so gave it absolutely everything the Porsche had. But noting I tried worked, doing my best laps averaging in the 1:38's I could see him edging away inexplicable every single lap. Using 90% to 100% turbo did not help at all. But what fun trying to keep up  :)  It was only afterwards looking at the results that I realized he was lapping at the fastest pace of anybody in the race, good driving Keith.

Also managed to finish ahead of my team mate, must have been a horror night Freezer!

The Shorty has barely been in the top 10 all season . . . so not sure why we keep talking about penalising it!   Practice server lap times are not at all reflective of the racing reality.

The restrictions are not meant to be fair, it is there to help the Long-tail win. As the esteemed cricket team showed its all about winning and not how you play  :P Now I'm wondering; if I attack the C9 with a bit of sandpaper would it slow it down?

Hm...yet another track where the short tail will be schooled on the straight, and no way to take the position back later.  Not complaining, just stating the facts ;)

I've managed a decent low 37 but I'm burning up the rears after a lap or two...:/   
The last bit was always a weak part for me on this layout, I reckon in the proper hands the shorty could do a 36 no probs.  I just can't get the last 3 corners done properly, especially the 3rd last, I keep losing grip there (as usual for me).
You're only 0.15 off of Kcender's C9 time!

Might be time to start adding ballast back to the Shorty!!

Worst feeling car I've had in weeks and I couldn't get any consistency at all.
Did my usual half spin and damage the car early so I had to peek through a broken windscreen for the first half of the race. That didn't help.
After that, it all went pretty much the way it had all week and I did the odd good lap, (not great), but couldn't drive consistently enough to catch anyone.
I don't know where I finished, all I know is it was disappointing.

Spend quite a number of laps behind you before managing to lap you Doobs, during that time your pace did not look too bad! Can only assume you lost a lot of time somewhere earlier in the race.

For myself took a gamble on softs and it certainly paid off during the first few laps, especially to stay out of trouble. Even contemplated challenging Phil at one stage but as the tires started to go off I just concentrated on staying on track. Once major mistake (a right turn instead of left at the corkscrew, same as Wally) robbed me of a chance to challenge Jeremy but his mysterious last lap shenanigans mean a very satisfying  4th place was achieved.

Hope to see you well and back racing soon Bacchulum. Without you and Joe there was nobody to crash into  :P

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S16 R7 - Usce - 13/12/2018
« on: December 08, 2018, 01:12:42 AM »
It must have been the laziest, most unimaginative track designer ever, but still fun  ;D

Question is... will anyone break the 1 minute barrier?

The worst race of the season, mostly due to my own poor driving  :-[

A surprising 3rd position on the grid was followed by misery after misery with me being unable to handle the longtail's propensity to understeer. On lap 8 I went from 4th just ahead of Jeremy to being lapped by Jeremy  :'(

Then an unplanned divebomb at the last corner almost ended up in tears with light contact with Bird, tried give the position back back suspect another driver took advantage of the situation. Sorry mate.

But another wall jumped in front of me to destroy a second set of front suspension, this time to make matter worse the pit mechanics were caught asleep. So I had to first park for fuel, then reveres and do a second set of refueling while the lazy #%$#%$ repaired the damage. Surprisingly after this I wern't last!   (LOL RUSS)

so chuck a block full of fuel I spend the last few laps trying to catch a few of the other fellow tortoises  ;D Wally with his reliance on " Natural Talent and skill" was one of the unfortunates caught  ;D 

Hey guys i know you could not care any less but i wont race tomorrow.
Of course we care!
Thx wally...... :-* :-* :-* :-*.simply i had no time for practice this time

Do pitch up Simone, its an easy track to learn!

The following drivers have a 15 second post-race time penalty:
Hahah - all Short Tail drivers.
Won't matter at this track anyway as I think we will be lapped twice again  :o  ::)
But with the same penalty we can keep alive the battle of the Shorties  ;D ;D ;D

I've made the ballast for the Short Tails a paltry 10kg (practice server updated).
So let me get this right. The Shorties keep on crashing into people so you give them a reward?  :P

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