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also - did anyone else need 170+ litres to make the race or the DFV in the Lotus rather thirsty ?
I needed 178 litres in the Maki. No idea how Mael did the same sort of times and only used 165 in the same car  :o

Very happy with my night though. Qual 3rd and finish 4th in race was more than I had wished for  ;D

Interesting race.
Qualified 12th with Wally 13th.
I didn't have a good start and Wally got alongside. We did a few turns side by side until I had to yield and drop in behind. Then followed Wally until he pitted, knowing I was faster but he didn't make any mistakes.
I jumped Wally in the pit stop phase as he put in more fuel, as did others ...
Then caught Bacchulum. He pitted, then I pitted a few laps later, only to find that he was so far up the road that I couldn't see him.
Apparently he put in less fuel than me, even though I thought I was cutting it fine in the Maki ....
That's the way it stayed until the end.

I love these type of races  ;D

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Thursday Fun Run - 10-05-2018
« on: May 10, 2018, 04:53:29 PM »
I like this comment someone made

"I like how he just stares into your soul the entire time"

You mean they watched it the entire time?  :o  ::)

I will be on holiday and will miss this round ....

Team Maki will be supplying SNRL Racing Team with cars for the coming season, with the understanding that they should not hold up any of the factory team cars of course  :P

The factory cars gotta keep up first  :P :P e,g, Renault F1 ..   ;D ;D ;D

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S22 skins
« on: May 07, 2018, 11:52:34 PM »
MAKI Skins for SNRL Racing Team - ab156, Keith, RussG

The Lotus doesn't work with the latest patch installed. I joined the server and got a blank screen. Then I tried in single offline mode and got the same thing.

I re-downloaded the Base and the patch.
Deleted all cars.
Installed the base set, and it works fine offline.
Installed the patch and it doesn't work ...

So many cars. I don't have time for testing them all. I tried the Hesketh and Tyrrell before the test race and was going to go with the Hesketh, but when I joined there was no Hesketh or Tyrrell available so I just plonked my arse in a Surtees and went for it.
I'll try to make a final decision over the weekend.

Wally: regarding cuts that aren't cuts. I know that PLP has the green/red light to tell you if you are going to get a cut when you come back on but I usually don't see it. Maybe make it bigger or an option to make it bigger so you can't miss the red light. I don't even know where I got the cuts last night.
Take a look at the PLP app thread - there's a new version with the option to make the green/red square much bigger. By default now, it's the size of the entire app, but you can make it smaller.
Good work!!!
Thanks Wally.

I like these longer races. I don't mind if it's not all door to door racing, but instead trying to bridge that gap or hold the gap to the car behind. Also strategy decisions will come into it at different circuits where you might be happy to let people get away while your playing the long game and trying to do one less pit stop.

I had too many offs for my liking last night, but can't complain with the outcome. I was watching tyre wear and gaps all through the race. Had some close racing with Matthew who was on a different strategy. Thought Wally was doing a one stopper and I was going to have to catch and pass him on track if I wanted the place, but then he made another stop.

Wally: regarding cuts that aren't cuts. I know that PLP has the green/red light to tell you if you are going to get a cut when you come back on but I usually don't see it. Maybe make it bigger or an option to make it bigger so you can't miss the red light. I don't even know where I got the cuts last night.

Yes please.

Hi roo,
I only race on Tuesday because I'm a married man under the thumb  :o
I also race on Sunday nights with a private group and the wife reckons 2 nights a week is enough  :'(

Don't know if I'll make it. Currently caught up with work  >:(

Race 2 - Russ and Shayne had a side-to-side contact which sent Russ off track – racing incident as no driver was clearly at fault (maybe fractionally more Russ as he was the one trying to make the pass, but he ended up worse off anyway).
Wally I agree it's a racing incident, but have to disagree with being more at fault. I was on the inside, holding my line and not drifting towards the outside at all. Shayne turned in and contact was made with the front of my car level with Shayne's front wheel.

R1. Was going well. Settled into 3rd place after a handful of laps. Phil.8 reeled me in and I had a good time trying not to make any mistakes to keep him behind. With about 3 laps to go, Matthew and Kcender were off the track and suddenly I was P1  ;D The Crewchief popped up and said "Pit this lap". I looked at fuel and I had 1.5 laps of fuel left but 2 laps to go. I reluctantly backed off the pace and ran out of fuel about 30 metres from the line. Rolled across to still snag 5th place.

R2. The incident with Shayne put me last. I had fun trying to pass Dave O, Jamie and Dadio with the restrictor ruling out any passes on the straights. After that I think it was Wally, ab156 and Bacchulum way in the distance. I was slowly gaining but was never going to get there.

I didn't mind this car, but looking forward to whatever the next season brings us ...

Qually: I thought I had more in it but just couldn't put the lap together. Still quite happy with 6th - except that Keith was 5th  :P

R1: Got away with the pack and looked like everyone kept in their lanes through T1 & T2. After T3 Keith got on the grass which allowed me to get beside him at T4a. T4b I think I left him too much room  :-\. Got partly beside him again for T5a but Keith ran me out of road and onto the grass - as he was entitled to do. This let Jeremy get a better run to T6a and there was contact at T6b. I followed Keith & Jeremy for a few laps until I had a big "Crewchief has stopped working" Windows error in the middle of the screen".  Dropped back while fixing it, but still kept my place. Head down, Keith went off somewhere and I pulled Jeremy back in, then pressured him for some laps until he made a mistake.
At this point cruising for a nice 4th, then suddenly Matthew and grat were not far in front of me. They were squabbling over position and I hauled them in. On the last lap grat ran into the back of Matthew at T10 (fast left at top of hill), putting him sideways and torpedoing me. Keith came around next and T-boned me at full pace. Car totally wrecked I limped it home in 11th.

R2: Battling from 11th with the 3rd highest restrictor was never going to be easy. Looked like a nice clean start and we fell into line. At T14, Matthew and grat were recovering from an incident, Matthew joined in front of me and grat behind. Next lap, Matthew got up the inside of ab156 at T13 and grat was threatening me. As I was braking I felt in danger of contact with ab156 and pulled back to the right a bit, got the right tyres on the grass and got spat back across the track into grat (sorry grat :( ).
Rejoined in 16th a long way behind. Made a pass on Dave O - good racing Dave, side by side through about 3 turns without a touch  :D picked up a couple more places as people went off.  Hauled in the Freezer, Shayne, Mael train, then Shayne generously gave up places due to his warping. Ran out of laps to mount a serious challenge on Mael finishing 10th.

The pace was there for good points but the motor racing gods were against me :o That's my story anyway  ;D

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