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That was fast
Yeah, they tested it at MSY, confirmed it was dead, and just exchanged it.
Cool  8)  ... There is an MSY just down the road from me. Got a few things there but never had to take any back yet   ;D

I think I'm too embarrassed to talk about my race .... my own worst enemy  :-[ Blew the only chance the handicapped Shorty had of winning a race. Still struggling to see why the Shorty was handicapped at all, let alone still handicapped ...
But then I found the second half of the race to be fun trying to come back from a lap down  ;D  So that's a positive  :o

dumb question....but what is a GUID and where would I find one?
It's your Steam ID, a 17 digit number. It's also in AC's race.ini file.
In Steam, look at your Profile and you will be able to see your GUID in the web address - see attachment ...

I think the Shorty needs more handicap  :o

Qual setup attached for Shorty drivers to try ...

I had a good night  ;D
Didn't get everything out of it in qually, but still a fairly good lap and good enough to qually 4th,
Before race start, I predicted it didn't much matter where I quallied as I'd be behind the Merc's and Longy's by the end of the straight.
As predicted this was the case, but the good qually meant I was first in line behind them in 9th. Picked up 2 spots with the Keith/Mael tangle.
I was much faster than Brad, but couldn't do anything until he made a mistake. Managed to get by ab, then Freezer went off as I was getting close to him.
Matthew must have had some issue and came back to me, then at the icy left turn he went wide and I stayed on the line. As we converged my front lightly tapped his rear (I wasn't even attempting an overtake) and turned Matthew sideways. Waited for him to get going and pressed on. About 8 seconds lost.
This incident turned out to be crucial as after the pit stops Brad (with much shorter stop) came out just in front of me, and although I was much faster I couldn't do anything as he just pulled away after the exit of every turn. I must say it was great fun trying to get Brad - I even managed to stick the nose up the inside a few times but was unable to complete a pass.
5th was the best possible, but 6th is still a great result for the might Shorty  ;D ;D ;D

Should be an interesting race.

Shorty will lose all hope after the long pit stop of course.

Wally, Mazda has 5 gears ... why did you say it only has 4?

I will be away this week.
Not looking good for the Shorty again anyway :)

Gonna be a long race, with 3600 laps. :o
Man that's a lot of refuelling for our Shorty  :o

The following drivers have a 15 second post-race time penalty:
Hahah - all Short Tail drivers.
I don't have a penalty ;)
We penalised Shorty drivers will be doing our darndest to make up 15 seconds on you then  :P

At turn 1, Russ drifted wide across the track on corner exit and bumped Phil off the track, causing him to lose positions – penalty.
Bacchulum collided with the rear of killagorilla, sending him off track – penalty.
I also take from this ruling that the "stay on your side for turns 1 & 2" rule is now obsolete?
Rules is rules: "don't deviate from your side of the track in the first two corners to reduce the risk of hitting someone beside you".
This is fun  :o ;D
So, from the Bacchulum ruling, I read it that Phil collided with the rear of RussG and sent Phil off track, but with the RussG ruling, killa deviated from his side of the track and hit Bacchulum .... LOL. Honestly I didn't even know that there had been any issue until I saw I had a penalty.
Stay strong Wally  8)

Qually went good. I had a better lap going but it messed up at the last chicane. The lap I did was still good enough for second  ... phew, but there was no hope of getting near Matthew's time which I assume was 100% boost for the whole lap in the Long Tail.

Looks like Jeremy select 100% boost in the Long Tail at the start and blew everyone away to jump from 7th to 2nd at T1, upset my mojo and I ran Phil off tarck ... haha
Then I was easily faster than Jeremy over a lap but there was no way to pass so Matthew eased away in front. I tried a bit too hard and made a couple of small mistakes and Jeremy got a small break as well.
About lap 9 Jeremy went off over the hill at the end of lap and I was released. I pulled Matthew back in from an 8+ second gap, then the pit stop .... yawwwwnnnn - you go to sleep in a Shorty pit stop.
After the pit stop, Matthew was 30 seconds ahead due to needing to add a lot less fuel to go to the finish, so it was game over for the Shorty.
I decided to just cruise to the end, but then as so often happens, lost concentration and made a few mistakes, and with a handful of laps left Mael was right on me. I knuckled down and got going again, but Mael also had good pace at the end and I was really chuffed to hold him off to finish 2nd.
Great result for the Shorty that I didn't think we would get at this track, but due to some others misfortunes (looking at Shayne), it came off  ;D ;D

Thanks all for the racing and disappointed that Freezer had the incident at the start as currently I see him as the main Shorty threat  :P

The following drivers have a 15 second post-race time penalty:
Hahah - all Short Tail drivers.
Won't matter at this track anyway as I think we will be lapped twice again  :o  ::)
But with the same penalty we can keep alive the battle of the Shorties  ;D ;D ;D

At turn 1, Russ drifted wide across the track on corner exit and bumped Phil off the track, causing him to lose positions – penalty.
Only one thing I can say about that - Harsh!

If you're doing 15s Phil, I DO need your setup!

Damn... I wanted to practice last night but I decided to watch the F1 first but fell asleep watching it at 9.15pm  :-\
Your F1 dedication is lacking Joe  :P

will be interesting if the mazdas stand a chance now. russ was so much faster through the corners last week and the only way I could keep ahead was accelerating out of them
Remember that the Short Tail loses 20 sec per pit stop compared to the Mazda.

I see you found some extra place Phil!
How? I'm 3 seconds off the pace :(
For a start:
Phil =  Soft tires & 0.7% fuel
Wally = Hard tires & 12.7% fuel.

Surely that will account for some of the time.

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