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Can Am vs QR

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/o4YExzWyUQI?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Man i am ruined - that was the best racing ive had in a while against matt in that last race - that flat section through the uphill left kink is terrifying when all you can see in front is the other car - equally terrifying is arriving 2 wide through turn one on a car exiting the pits lol

good race guys :)

Bacchulum, at the moment of our incident I thought you were hitting me and ending my race and not vice versa as you've said. Well, of course, I can be wrong. Strangely enough just that race wasn't recorded so I still don't really know what exactly happened. You're a good racer, so if it really was my fault then please accept my apologies.

I didn't feel it on the night but I pulled out too late,

We have all been there

ROFL ^ extra championship point for that one

Sorry all - lacking a bit of quality in my driving this week - apologies to Phil for R2 (took avoiding action up the inside to the hairpin due to braking a bit too late and was hoping to miss you and Jeremy but didnt - hopefully my redressing didint get in peoples way thereafter) - also apologies to Matt on R3 in the first complex (light touch as a result of me being a bit optimistic up the inside resulting in a tank slapper - again sorry to others if my redressing this incident then got in the way)

Otherwise good times :)

Sorry to Kcender for the nudge in race two, I honestly didn't think you'd slow down that much after seeing you take about 5 cars under brakes around back section...with cold tyres...ballsy.

Lol all good mate - I made enough mistakes of my own so it kinda just blended in :P Ballsy / lucky - I kinda stuck the car there as a result of it being the only car sized gap to put the thing when it wasnt pulling up under cold tyres !

Thanks for a great season all - really enjoy these old things ... anyone up for a season in the old Maserati F1 cars.....?

Spent a hell of a lot of laps on this one to ensure i had a fighting chance over race distance against Phil who is always better on fuel (Tyrell seems to be an early Tesla) and I hate low downforce things :P luckily it all worked out with a breath of fuel in it across the line

Really enjoying the seasons here - keen for the next one

Thanks again guys

Yeah I could handle a season in these for sure,  have to find a heap of pace to keep up with you though Kcender, my one lap that got close was an out of control fluke through the final 2 chicanes :D

lol - i only realised on the last race that 100% boost would last the race - thats where the speed was

Really enjoyed that, cars are great fun, sorry Grat for running into you in one of the races

ditto - group c season anyone....

I keep suggesting the long/short tail Porsche 962C. ;)

I also second this

917k at fullonza historic with banking...400kph goodness

bunch of short sprints - lots of variety i say :)

pretty mega race had kcender and jeremy at the start all over my ass for the whole race pretty much lol, was interesting the cars were very different i ran low aero and kcender must of had high because he was all over me in the turns but i managed to hold him off down the straight, had a lot of good side by side stuff, felt bad when he went off down the fast left hander after the long straight, i was on the inside of the turn so had to brake earlier than normal to get the car stable on the tighter line and i think that caught kcender out. But he came back and then the last lap we had a good run again right down to the last turn, i got a little tap that sent me sideways on the exit so kcender got a small run on me and we were looking to go side by side, but somehow came together over the bump entering the gp circuit, i assume his car skipped out over it as we were fairly close, mine stayed straight i felt, i was trying to squeeze him to the wall so he would go the long way around lol but not to be would have been a photo finish.

Best race I can remember having - I was literally having to look between your wing and the top wishbones to see the corners I was that far under you gearbox for most of the race :P awesome race. I have 7f 5r wings in an attempt to minimise scrub and save the tires but it meant if i wasnt under your rear wing under the gantry onto the straight then you would get about 10 car lengths on me.

The rest of the race makes up for the last 50 metres - lets just blame the Germans for building the pit wall there :P

If anyone has a replay i can steal for viewing pleasure and personal James Hunt make believe sessions that would also be magic :)

so close! Gambled on the SS strat which was 5 - 10 seconds slower than that H S strat by numbers but gave better open track position in the first stint - Phil came out ater his late stop only 7 seconds in front and I started to gain for a few laps but then his newer tyres came good and he pulled a few seconds on me

also - did anyone else need 170+ litres to make the race or the DFV in the Lotus rather thirsty ?

well that all went terribly wrong :P

some windows update rendered the soundcard for the shakers unknown to the system which made the car feel weird (first world problems i know) - then the shifter's hall sensor for 2nd gear went a bit off meaning the 1st to 2nd shift at 3 points on track was a lottery at best (muich yellow gearbox and missed shifts were seen

finally i miscalculated how far the hards would run and committed to a HH strat when H S would have been viable with less top up fuel, faster finish and less time in the pits

also the wind was blowing the wrong direction, sun was in my eyes and didnt wear lucky socks + any other excuses :P

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