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I only had a short practice in a few cars and only one more on the night, so not every car and forgot to save the set for the abarth. I also preselected my car choice without really considering lap times and chose, mustang, abarth, m1 (not tested and no set up until final qually).
R1. Surprising last lap effort to snag pole in the first race, I just had to keep it straight with qualifying times and not let anyone past in the race, a few slides though and I thought I'd send myself off like usual but kept it together (enough).
R2. The abarth deserves it's own championship. Good fun battles with everyone.
R3. So not much of a set up and toying with boost control during the race meant I got close to mael and freezer, not enough to pass, but also possibly running out of juice. I wound down the boost to save fuel and dropped off the lead battle.
Again Abarth needs it's own series, also there's the seat leone? mod that would be great for a pommy touring car series too being similar to the Abarth ie fwd, not everyone likes fwd but variety is the spice...
Thanks all

Thanks guys, that was great, really tough to pass, had me sweating quite a bit. It's certainly good not having to worry about setting up the car and just drive. With only 4 rounds this is the last one I can attend, unfortunately due to work. I wonder if it were longer how it would go for me not being able to attend many events, I think I'd end up with a slow car while everyone else starts to upgrade throughout the season?

So, why Porsches?

They tick these boxes:
  • Similar cars, but with a range of performance
  • Simple to set up, in case you're in a different car every week
Query, could this kind of thing be implemented with a single make car but using ballast & restrictor, it would be hard to find suitable cars otherwise?

Assetto Corsa / Re: GPU Sales Thread
« on: January 19, 2019, 11:53:28 AM »

Assetto Corsa / Re: GPU Sales Thread
« on: January 19, 2019, 07:51:07 AM »
one of the cheapest overpriced graphics cards 2080ti $1700 https://www.umart.com.au/goods.php?id=49412

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 17, 2019, 11:25:51 AM »
Funny that LFS still had a better interface & community features then, than AC now. Huh.
In my mind AC has never past the Beta stage. It's woeful in so many areas.
I think you've mentioned it before but What's your preferred sim and why? I've got some steam credit to burn, I have ams and rf2 in my wish list and also heard race room is ok, if you've tried these which is worth the dollars?

Racing general / Re: My very first sim
« on: January 16, 2019, 01:09:10 PM »
Test drive, commodore 64...with a joystick lol

Here's a picture (no idea if this is working :-)

Just let me know if you're up here in Brissie and if you want to give it a go.
Sweet rig

I'm pretty sure my video card shat itself last night and needs to be RMAd. The screen locked up and went multicoloured, and when I rebooted, Windows no longer recognised the card because it reported an error. I updated drivers with a clean install, downgraded drivers, reseated the card, but it would no longer be recognised by Windows. So I've chucked my 980 back in for now.

I'll get the results up tonight.
Nooooo, bummer.
I was crazy busy during the race and running a motion simulator

This took my interest
Yeah, do tell!

It's a 3dof one (seat mover & rear traction loss - pitch, roll and yaw) and I built it myself. A mate up in Moloolaba has built one quite a few yeas ago...I tried it...and crazy me couldn't resist of course :-)
We need pictures.... :)
Pleeaase no, that would be too embarrassing  ;)
I mean the rig is ok I think, it's just that I should be a bit faster with it. Need more seat time, yeah.
Yeeeeeeessssssssss, pictures, more infos

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run 10-01-2019
« on: January 04, 2019, 09:53:25 AM »
4 times waiting for zip and still didn't download anything lol, the last time, I decided to do an ai race while waiting and during the race the browser pops up asking if I want to leave the site...hell yeah fu google...ruining my race lol

Assetto Corsa / Re: Setups
« on: December 23, 2018, 01:02:16 PM »
A setup guide from Chris Hayes (youtube), his setup videos are pretty good too

Yeah I think it is quite common particularly if the ram modules are not on the motherboard qvl list.

Mine were. It was a pain in the arse because I'd changed my mobo-CPU-Ram and didn't reinstall windows and so suspected it was that because it had run fine for a couple of weeks and didn't start playing up after a windows update....I re-installed windows, and still had the problem till I realised it could be the ram.
Turns out it wasn't the ram, but the XMP. I'm pretty sure I've got it manually set to the same speed, timings and voltage as the XMP but now it's stable....go figure.

I hope it's fixed for you buellersdo, crashes are a pain in the arse.
So far so good in bf5, I've now just got to get good at the game lol. But from what I've read online anything over stock clocks can be hit or miss even with xmp, especially the high speed stuff, more so if not tested by motherboard vendors (qvl). Hope @imperious can get his system sorted too, because as you say it's quite the pita

Yeah I think it is quite common particularly if the ram modules are not on the motherboard qvl list. I was running my xmp 3200MHz @ 3466 and tested using hci memtest and all was OK until I started using bf5. I'm now running @ 3333mhz with tighter timings, with manual tuned voltages. GSAT tested for 1hr and a couple hours of bf5, no crashes now.

Previously, xmp 3200 set in bios, 1.15-1.18v for vccio/vccsa and 1.36v dram, manual 3466mhz override.

Now, tried a preconfigured 3333mhz profile in bios, manually set 1.2/1.25v vccio/vccsa and 1.42v dram, with slightly tighter than xmp timings (also preconfigured in bios).

Anyways I think it's worth using gsat if you need to test ram, particularly if the system is freezing

Shutting down msi afterburner and its off-sider rtss seems to have solved the crashes in bf5 for me, assuming it's rtss since it is also an overlay software

Edit, nope after more crashes in bf5 (game freeze, instant quit to desktop, no bluescreens, no driver crash errors) I decided to dig deeper. I use hci memtest @~400% for memory stability testing in Windows so I thought it was good. I've heard google stress app test was better but needs to run in Linux, so I gave it a run and got errors pretty quickly, a few tweaks to memory clocks and voltages and gsat lasted an hour. https://rog.asus.com/forum/showthread.php?73665-Our-preferred-memory-stress-test
So far no more bf5 crashes even with gpu oc back on with afterburner and what not running in the background. I think this game is really ram intensive compared to anything else I run on my pc

Merry Christmas to all, hope the beer flows without any restrictor and don't gain any ballast.

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