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Just googled for it...nah, don't use it.

Thank you. Now I've got to figure out what that is  :)
Means, I don't know if I run it or not.

Wally, I've done a few laps on the server and noticed the validity of them is unknown. You know what may be the reason for that? Grat's the same.

Just set the fuel multiplier to one or off and have compulsory pitstops for tyres only.

Screw that, Kcender ran soft soft soft anyway so just leave pitstops out of the equation altogether.

That's actually a great idea...just take fuel out of the equation by reducing the multiplier. We just change tyres and it's all good :-)
Btw I ran all 3 stints on soft's as well. Had a very tidy race...no accidents and got lapped.

Seems like AC fails miserably as a sim in this case :-) I can't believe it reflects what's happening in the real world. Not sure if I got that right, but based on Wally's response slowing down refueling speed is not possible. The problem is, if you lose let's say 50s in the pits it will set you back a lot more just because you have to make your way through the field overtaking others in order to get back to the rear bumper of the C9 you were chasing before you went into the pits. No idea what factor you can apply there...it's very individual, but it's probably not unrealistic to say that there can be cases where the 50s increase significantly just because you get stuck in traffic.
I still think these series with multiple cars to choose from are good now and again and make things more interesting...will never be perfect.
Working out a restrictor to compensate for that must be extremely difficult, it just doesn't get to the actual problem.
Ok, this is a joke...easy fix - we just let the C9's start the race 40s...50s...60s later than all others  ;D
I'm pretty relaxed about this...will stick with the Mazda. Just think it's poor what AC has done there.

Yeah, we'll see how this turns out. It seems to be a minute especially the shorties lose per race on the C9's on a 2-stopper just because of that.
We are a little bit better off as we don't need as much fuel as the guys in the short tails...and I don't have any hopes to win this anyway  :)
I understand you've tried all the tracks (I only know a few) so you can assess this better than me.
Unfortunately I really struggled with the turbos so I'm still happy with my choice anyway.

I don't know if there's someone picking the Merc who's made his decision based on the quicker refueling times, but if not and they don't have a problem with it, it may be a good thing to adjust that and make the refueling speed the same, if it's possible at all. What's happening there with filling them up is just ridiculous.
I wouldn't be surprised if most or even all Merc drivers weren't aware of that when making their choices. I didn't check that anyway.
So in this case adjusting it in order to get at least a little bit of a level playing field would make the series a bit more interesting...whatever, I can see it as a fun run kind of thing as well, no probs.


Note: Interesting to see how long it took to fuel, almost had time to go get a drink!!
Update: I see the Porsches/Mazda refill 50L in 30 sec, whereas the Merc does it in 11.  Big difference!

I wasn't aware of that. It seems there's no chance of compensating that drawback...doesn't matter what track you're on. How do you want to make up 40-60 sec a race on track on a Merc on a 2-stopper? I filled up 71l twice during this race...that's almost a minute lost. Stupid me.
Smart choice for the guys picking the C9...congrats :-)

Was a fun race for me. It's more because I like the track, competition was a bit rare. I think I haven't seen a single short tail during the race and the LT's and Merc's were racing in their own leagues. However, there was a bit close racing with Phil, which was good.
Lighting conditions in quali have made it very hard for me to see the chicane on the back straight...first time I went through there I just couldn't see this fucker...was blind and that had an effect on my braking of course. Someone ran into me and that caused a bit of a mess there.

Hey Wally, can you get me the Mazda please?

Hardware & Reviews / Re: Direct Drive Wheels
« on: November 06, 2018, 04:04:04 PM »
Look for Brett Stiles of Hybrid Racing Simulations on FB. He's doing DD wheels.
I've tried quite a few high-end pedals (HE, Tilton, DSD, CST F1's). The best pedals I know are the Ultimates from Heusinkveld...that's just my opinion though  :)

That's a good thing. Will be very interesting to see how they compete in a race. As much as I like the short tail, being approx 30-40k's slower than the C9 on the long straight is definitely not a good thing...that's where overtaking usually happens, isn't it? I've got the rear wing on zero and do Eau Rouge full throttle...that's all I can do...hm, maybe taking the rear wing off completely is a solution ;-)
See if you really can overtake in the curvy bits of the track.
So my focus is on the Mazda now...not the fastest either, but handles quite well I find.

pending final decision on restrictions etc i may go to the longtail to mix things up
You'll most likely have company  :)

Grat's almost got Kcender's time in the long tail...see what happens when he's changing into the (imo faster) long tail himself.

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