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Had a blast last night car was super hooked up, helps that i do enjoy laguna seca.
Qual was mega not much left in it, just slid into all the turns just right was pretty happy with it, race started ok but car was tricky on lap 1 with cold tyres and a full tank and with kcender looking racey i went wide at the final turn and he took the lead and pulled away until his early stop so he must have been light. I kept running my own race pushing while trying not to over cook the tyres, come the 30min mark i pitted and again my maths failed as i took 8L too much fuel which is a killer when its 1second a litre to fill the thing so i robbed myself of a lot of time to kcender who was now 17secs ahead! I put my head down and just went qual laps to try and catch kcender, juggling the boost settings and still trying to save the tyres lol. With 5 mins to go i managed to catch him which i never thought was going to happen at the start of the stint. I could see he was struggling with tyres as i caught him and come turn 3 he went wide and i snuck passed, lucky that happened because i really didnt have much to fight with as i used up all the tyre trying to catch him lol.
 All in all a rewarding round for me probably the best i have driven in a long time good fun :) and the back markers did a great job leaving room!

had a good time in the porsche was handling good around here, disappointed i went a bit wide at 1 turn on my good lap which cost me pole but no big deal.

The race start was awkward i wasnt on discord so didnt expect grat to go on the back straight so i was on the back foot by 4 secs for the whole first stint, but i was happy with the pace so managed to keep the gap 4 secs until i pitted and then turned the power up on the fresh tyres, i was surprised to be so far behind grat when he pitted so i pushed some more to try close the gap but seeing as he didnt take on fuel it made sense especially when i came out 15 secs in front after the 2nd stop lol. The gap was more than enough for me to cruise to the finish and turn the power down to manage fuel, it was all going to plan until i came up too a group of lapped cars racing for position which is fair enough but it became very awkward for me trying to get past lol had a few close calls with some contact so i played safe and stayed put as i couldnt really turn the boost up as i was close on fuel so i was trying to drive quick in the turns to make the time but i couldnt while behind the lapped cars so grat was closing on me pretty quickly, add to that i was fighting to keep my shifter on the table lol so the last few laps were pretty full on but in the end i just held on for the win with 1.6L of fuel lol

Anyone else not able to see server?

Haha yep I was very last minute put the suit on and went

I was having a great time managing tyres and fuel to try and pull off a 1 stop until Jeremy called me after the 30 min mark telling me it was a compulsory 2 stop race haha so I gave away so much time cruising around for nothing ah well lol

Hi wally yes ill go the long tail with Jeremy thanks :)

wont make tonight either, probably struggle to make most nights this season actually lol

I wont be able to make tonight either sorry guys

yeah i dont see them either, only way i know is by watching the chat window when i think i cut and keeping count lol

all good phil got lucky to be hit again and put me back in the right direction, worked out lol. Pretty good nights racing, race 1 i out-braked myself on lap 1 and nearly took out kcender and jeremy but some how barged past and went back to 5th. Managed to pick off phil and shayne and get back to p2 and settled into a groove behind jeremy, happy for the 1 2. Race 2 got a clean start and again settled behind jeremy, had phil behind me and was managing that gap but then i saw he got the fastest lap so i decided to try for it the next lap but the car got really loose into t1 and just managed to keep it on the road but it allowed phil to get a run on me up the hill where we went side by all the way to the last turn where i managed to hold on, good exchange in a tight high high speed spot and no contact.
Race 3 got hit back to 8th but set my eyes on charging back, got to 3rd and watched jeremy an kcender fight all race and this let me catch up abit and then they came together and i got the lead lol was unexpected but ill take it, thats 8 wins straight for the team woo haha :D

Nailed qual was all good, set me up nicely for a good round, race 1 good a good start and stayed out of trouble out front. Race 2 was much of the same until the 3rd last lap where a lapped car spun on the last turn and decided to rejoin in front of me on the racing line sending me over the huge curbs on the exit of the last turn costing me my 4 sec lead, then to top it off on the 2nd last lap i thought it was the last lap so i nearly let kcender by on the start of the final lap.
Race 3 car was horrible for some reason and i had kcender all over me for the whole race so was a good fun battle no idea how i held on lol

Yeah couldnt find any comfort in the car here to match kcenders pace, Qual made a last ditch setup change from jeremys set and it helped me get 3rd for qual a big jump from prac results.

Race 1 was aiming for 3rd as that was realistic, had to fend phil for a bit but then got into a groove behind jeremy and pulled away with some decent pace that i was happy with.

Race 2 led for a bit at the start then went slightly wide coming on the back straight and jeremy got the run on me which i was cool with as he had good pace, was cruising in 2nd and had kcender catch me at the end and i was fine to hold him off but then just had a bucket of understeer coming on to the back straight again on the last lap and he also got a run on me, no idea how i did that was annoying lol

race 3 got a light hit by kcender at the start that sent the car into a tank slap and put me to 6th, then tried getting a spot back and wally, had a run exiting the tight 90deg right hander in s1 and tried a move up the inside into the next right hander, i felt i was past the b pillar as i went into the turn i saw wally start to turn across so i backed out of it just before the apex which was too late and we tagged, if i didnt back off at the last second we prob would of just rubbed doors and thats it. so i went back outside the 10 and finished 11th.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S23 Car Poll
« on: June 29, 2018, 06:40:32 PM »
911's are always fun and be good to go back to a one make tin top series from the open wheelers :)

had no knowledge of the track and had 45mins to learn and setup the car while being very tired from being awake from 3.30 lol so was never going to work well, qual was average and i forgot to put fuel in the car in all my tiredness so i had 7 laps of fuel at the start which gave me a nice pace advantage so i started to get motivated with the challenge of making a 2 stop work but as i passed phil i had some kind of lag jump going into turn 4 that ended my race.
Was a good season shame it ended like that for me lol even monza with the fuel issue on the last lap lol still kicking myself! but congrats to kcender drove well all season and had many a good race with.

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