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I read it as you couldn't know that I had 4 podiums, 4 wins, but then you stated the fact. It didn't really make sense to me, but now it's all clear.

I can't know it, of course... but the man has 4 wins out of 4 podiums. When he has a chance, he does not let it go ;)

What do you mean you can't know it?

I don't think I've disliked a car as much as this one. I did no practice because I hate driving it, but then that means I can't drive it at all for the race. Usually a car I don't really like I can still have fun with in a race but not this one.
+1 :'(
Really sorry to hear this guys. I am really starting to like the car. When I first drove it I called it a tank because I thought it was so bad, but after some setup tuning, it's become a different beast.
Maybe you have bad setups or maybe it just doesn't suit your style, but once again, I'm really sorry to hear that people aren't enjoying their racing at the moment.

What an amazing night  :) :) :D :D ;D ;D
It looked like I had really good pace on the practise server but then I expected grat and Phil.8 to raise it a notch tonight and Matthew usually comes in hot on the pace. I was really surprised to qually 2nd.

Race 1 I managed to stay in 2nd off the start and chased grat all race with nothing between our times. I wasn't used to being in this position and was full of nerves and sweat. On the 2nd last lap grat got on the grass after the chicane and I cruised past, then I think I started to shake but still had another lap to go. Somehow I kept enough composure to complete the lap cleanly and take out the win. Really great feeling  ;D ;D ;D 8) 8) 8)

Race 2 grat somehow alongside between turn 1 & 2 so I just pushed him out of the way  :o No, really sorry about the contact grat. I thought you would give it up but you didn't and I think the cold tyres, ballast and the inside kerb all worked against me as well, but the steward has spoken ... All good here mate.
After disposing of grat  ;D I put the head down and went for it and managed very slowly pull a gap to Matthew111 who had inherited 2nd. Kept it clean to the end to take the win again.

This is by far the highlight of my XGN career so far. Look out though, I might get a taste for it  ;D :o :D

Thanks, but it's on softs. A qually test  ;)

Taking the corner too slowly is too bumpy.
Taking the corner too slowly is too slow  :P :o ;D

I just took 1 second off my PB. A bit more toe out (0 in setup), and TC 2.

You mean I can beat you by even more  ;D :o :P
Nice time Russ.

Thanks mate,
but I know it's not a one lap time that does the business - it's consistency. Here's hoping I can have some tomorrow  :D ;D


Have you tried FFBClip?

Just had a run with it then and it was a vast improvement. Much clearer feedback. Still learning the track but feels a lot better and 10x easier to catch a slide

Cool mate.
I know we have different wheels, but I won't run without it :)
Have a play with the options.

I just took 1 second off my PB. A bit more toe out (0 in setup), and TC 2.

You mean I can beat you by even more  ;D :o :P

Had a horrible night this round. No balance, no feel, no consistency and no grip. Going to play with the FFB settings this weekend and see if I can get some sort of feel from the wheel.

Have you tried FFBClip?

I had a difficult night. I couldn't understand why it felt weird and I was unable to get near my practise pace. I was blaming it on the lower grip level.
Then 3 laps from the end of race 2 I noticed that the onscreen wheel was turning a lot more than the real wheel :o ??? >:( Then I made the bad decision to try and adjust it on the wheel menu. While fumbling around I let Keith through and then had Wally right up my clacker again. At least I managed to hold Wally off to the flag  ;D ;D

As for the racing, it was fantastic. I had great battles with Wally and Joe with passing and repassing and side by side stuff  ;D ;D At other times there was some good pressure driving, sometimes from a car behind and other times trying to pressure the car in front.

On to Misano  :)

Apps / Re: Camber Extravaganza 2.1
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:41:17 PM »
Ah, OK.
Well I guess the latest changes haven't been released in a stable version yet.

Apps / Re: Camber Extravaganza 2.1
« on: March 07, 2018, 10:15:19 PM »
It's still v0.8.1159.24085 (8/12/17) and I see they're up to 0.8.1606.32525 (7/3/18)

Where are you getting these version numbers from. Mine auto updates fine and it's 0.8.1575.31871. A manual check for updates finds nothing. The page that is linked on the CM "About" screen for "More Information" (http://acstuff.ru/app/) has a download link to Content Manager (0.8.1575.31871).zip. So you are looking at unreleased versions.

Apps / Re: Camber Extravaganza 2.1
« on: March 07, 2018, 06:01:31 PM »
Just download the latest version and delete the old one. It's just a single EXE file.

Apps / Re: Camber Extravaganza 2.1
« on: March 07, 2018, 05:13:03 PM »
BUT, since I've paid for CM I keep getting a pop-up saying it can't update to the latest version.
I thought it was because the developer disappeared, as it did taking 3 weeks for my unlock key after donating.
I guess it's just another curse on my head though. :'(

Where did you put CM? If you just dropped it on the Desktop like I did, then it won't auto update. You have to put it somewhere else where you have write permissions and put a shortcut on the desktop.

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