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My reasoning is I was in front, I left a car width of track space available and I got hit from behind putting me in a wall.

I want to drop this but none of this is true. Sure call it a side by side racing incident as wally called it at the start but pointing blame at me is pretty unbelievable.

I didn’t want to start it yet here we are. I’m not apointing blame, i don’t believe either is 100% responsible for it. I’m just giving my view of the incident. Seems I’m getting crucified for it though and copping a penalty

My reasoning is I was in front, I left a car width of track space available and I got hit from behind putting me in a wall.

I'm good with whatever decision. Like I said I accepted the decision from the start even though in my mind it wasn't my fault at all as shit happens. It's only when I'm being told it was actually my fault I feel the need to defend myself as to me this is the most clear cut incident I've been involved in.

I don't come here to win, I come here just to have fun. I've never said a bad word on voice chat and I don't complain really in the forum, and this type of drama kind of takes the fun out of it.

Thing is I didn’t complain about the decision either. After watching the replay I though racing incident was fair, we will of course both have different opinions on it but that’s racing. Then RussG had to get the pitchforks our even though he wasn’t involved and ironically the only one who is 100% at fault in the following incident for joining the track unsafely and hitting me, maybe he wanted to increase my damage restrictor....

So race stuards cave to public opinion, nice.

At the time of the hit I was absolutely fuming, end of the day it was a hit from rear left and caused me to lose all control of the car. There was no visibility of the car to the left at the time but I though Joe may be there somewhere and left a car width to my left, which is frankly all the the car behind is ever entitled to. Was a fairly messy start and my concentration was was much more on what’s in front. Looking at the replay it’s hard, I turned in slightly for the corner essentially following whoever the yellow car was but Joe went for a straighter line and clipped my rear left, angry but happy enough as a racing incident.

But then RussGmanUnit has to come on here and start his witch hunt and finger pointing as he clearly has issues with me in general. The same RussG who hit me on lap one by his unsafe rejoining of the track (which is a penalty on any lap in any Motorsport category btw). And to add insult to injury after trying to fight my way back up the grid from near enough last I score restrictor penalties, get bounced around like a ping pong and by race 3 end up with a car that can do a mid/low 1:33 at absolute best, so arround 3 seconds slower then normal, seems fair.

Race 2
  • Godzilla bumped the side of Joe, but given that they were side by side for some time and Godzilla had no real visibility of Joe’s car, this is a racing incident.
  • RussG was off track and clipped the side of Godzilla’s car while re-entering, and then clipped JamieP’s car while correcting – racing incident (while RussG could have re-entered more safely, he was really the only car

Sorry Wally. I must disagree with you here on pretty much every point.
I agree with Joe. Godzilla turned in on him causing the carnage. Yes they were side by side for some time, so all the more reason that Godzilla should have been aware not to turn in.
Then ... the only reason I was off track was to avoid crashing into the recovering Godzilla, but the recovering Godzilla thought it best to go straight to the apex when I was there just trying not to hit him. Who was re-entering????
The tap I got there unsettled my car which meant JamieP had no chance to avoid me and clipped me which sent me into the wall.
I rejoined last again ... with big damage again ...

So last race where I got a good chunk of my car on the inside of Grat on the fast right hander and he turned not expecting me there you deemed as my fault. Now someone gets barely a nose in a place there’s nowhere to go and on the first lap and smashed me off track, essentially the same as the incident with me and Grat but in reverse and MUCH less overlap and you also deem that as my fault? Interesting consistency...

The 50kg penalty, looked to be worth about half a second, seemed fair enough. The 50 odd percent restrictive though by race 3 smashed another 2 seconds a lap to that, this seemed extreme.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R4: Road Atlanta
« on: January 14, 2018, 10:54:55 AM »
I know we suppose to keep two wheels inside the white line but what if there are no white line, only a yellow one? Can we then use all of the curb  ???
There's one in every crowd...
For this race, go wherever PLP lets you!

This is really the only way to keep it fair as otherwise there will be some people that do it sometimes, some that do it always and some that try to do it never but then take issue with people that do.
Also the server is set to allow 3 wheels out, so if I find myself a reliant robin I’m golden :)

Watched the replay a heap of times now, was hard and at times very close racing, unfortunate it ended the way it did as would have been an epic battle

yeah it was not a "burn at the stake" event, and admittedly on that track almost very overtake were always going to have some risk. Going to be fun watching you managing risks as the season goes on since you right up there with a chance to win the season... cannot afford not to finish Godzilla  ;D

Honestly this race was a bit of a disaster for me overall. Started going bad when I binned two different quali laps either of which should have hit the 18’s and got worse from there. Will be interesting from here, have never driven this current track and maybe 10 laps at the highlands so will need a heap of practice to keep up. Okayama and Laguna should be better

Different braking points I get, but braking where there’s no braking is dangerous.

So Godzilla, I guess you didn't feel the need to brake into T3/T4 (whatever it is) in race 1 (lap 4?) when I braked and Freezer behind me braked but you flew past Freezer and took me out. Then you drove off with no redressing of the incident. Two weeks in a row you have taken me out from behind mate.
It's just getting a bit tiresome for me at the moment. I have been taken out by other people in 4 of the last 6 races, and the last race I had 52% restrictor due to other people crashing into me.

I hope my luck changes soon ....

I did apologise to you at the time and got no response. I can give you a heap of reasons why I did what I did but none of them will change anything so can we just please move on here?

As I had better acceleration at the time and wasn’t braking for that corner the aim was to get side by side down the straight more then a pass through the fast right as grat had very good speed in general and didn’t think he was braking there either. I thought I had that inside line. There was a role reversal in race 3 where grat got a run on me at that same corner and race room was given, probably to much as I REALLY wanted to avoid contact. Watched the replay a heap of times now, was hard and at times very close racing, unfourtunate it ended the way it did as would have been an epic battle

For a bit of clarity Wally can we please see camera 9 of that incident as I have the replay but no real means/knowledge to upload it.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R4: Road Atlanta
« on: January 11, 2018, 03:23:08 PM »
1.31 seems like a fairly rapid time, did a handful of familiarisation laps offline before the server was updated and I think I was well over 2s off that. Should be on tonight chasing it :)

Try to remember, Godzilla, everyone has different braking points (hence why some people are faster than others).
Just because you don't brake there, doesn't mean no-one does. ;)

Different braking points I get, but braking where there’s no braking is dangerous.

Took a good shot at wiping me out in the fast right, though I think you came off second best there, had comfortably two thirds of the car on your inside.
I remember that. I actually thought you were way later, but evidently I was getting there very slowly as I was battling with somebody else before. Sorry about that, though, as you said, it went bad for me.
To be brutally honest: I watched my replay: at braking point there is no overlap and at turn it there is a very small one. Personally, I would have backed up given the nature of the corner. I don't blame you at all: you had the full right of taking that move and meet the risk. But to say I "took a good shot at wiping you out" and "you had comfortably two thirds of the car on my inside" is a big stretch, if not plainly wrong. Material for Wally's thread? ;)

There is no braking point in to that corner, only a touch if you have stuffed the entry and are running wide to get a bit of weight on the front to help turn. Otherwise it’s a very quick lift and flat back on it. You turned in hard and whacked the car to your right. In either case, doesn’t really matter now, on to the next one

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R4: Road Atlanta
« on: January 10, 2018, 11:50:38 PM »
Hope wally does not mind, but I just update the server with the new updated track

Thanks. Ran a couple of laps offline, awesome track and looks to be really well made

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