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All good, was extracting it incorrectly and it is now working. Thanks you for your advice.

Thanks chap, but must be still missing something, it says server contains unavailable content ?


I have had a couple of tries at doing the patch, but when ui go to unzip the file (Winzip)
 I select, select all and extract and it says Win Zip Encountered a problem during the operation. Any ideas for the
inept computer owner. ;D


Im in

I’m in if there is still a spot

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: January 14, 2018, 04:13:57 PM »
Sorry guys, i did mean Tuesday night. Blond moment.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: January 14, 2018, 11:09:11 AM »
That would be good Wally, Love to join you guys on Thursday night.
Will i need a password ?

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: January 13, 2018, 03:13:48 PM »
Hi folks, some member will already know me and remember me in a good way (i hope) ;D.
I am 55 years old,  married with one son. I have raced sim before with XGN in the rFactor mod.
Looking forward to participating in some fun racing in my usual manner (at the back), so a special
hello to Freezer and  Wally and a few other i noticed but age is making me forget the names i seen and knew.
Looking forward to getting on and doing some practice laps with you guys at least for now.

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