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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Pat Phillips Cup
« on: April 11, 2018, 03:49:31 PM »
trophy is getting fairly big now lol

race 1 q was harder than it needed to be, i had a 3 sec lead to kcender but then a lapped car thought i was racing them and blocked me for 2 laps so my lead was gone and i then had to battle off kcender for the lead until he out braked himself and sent us spinning lol..

Race 2 was impossible i had so much stuttering for some reason, i dont think it would of effected people behind me so i battled on with it and was able to hold pace, went off at t2 as it was so bad i couldnt see my brake marker so kcender got me but i was determined to keep fighting no idea how i kept it on the road half the time, my pc timed all the stutters perfectly for when i was either entering a quick turn or side by side with kcender lol anyway was still fun, had a run on kcender on the last lap but going under the bridge it stuttered again and i braked super late because of it and went way off into the outfield and somehow got a cut track and a 10 sec pen lol...

Qual was decent, happy with the lap

Race was interesting lol, kcender got the run on me on the exit of t1 and got the lead and i settled in behind him trying to get a groove for the race but then grat caught me and i got involved in the most intense bumper on bumper, door on door battle ever lol i know i had a lag issue a few races a go but that was due to my sister jumping on netflix and i could clearly see the effects when she jumped on my ping would go to 300 and people would fly everywhere but she has since been banned from it so that isnt a issue anymore, the slow warp is a thing i have seen in ac for a while where cars would slightly float on a straight and its not just me i have seen vids etc so thats something i have always accounted for when racing online in ac and it hasnt bothered me much, my ping was always in the teens last night, to be honest though a lot of the contacts i got i felt was from grat being a tad aggressive and were avoidable lag or no lag wouldnt have made a difference, such as the initial hit in the rear at the top of the hill coming into the fast left no idea how i managed to keep it on the road lol, one hit put me in the wall and after that my car was rooted it had so much understeer and not much top end speed so a lot of the slowing down going up the hill which is normally flat out i was slowing down to negotiate it which could be seen as warping. It was a cool scrap though after surviving it lol and by the end pretty much from being put in the wall on i made it my mission to keep grat behind me for a brutal cship battle ;P

Race 2: I was just keen to not be in a belted car which didnt last long as grat had a moment going into the final set of turns being a bit ambitious on the cold tyre and sent me into the in field and straight into phils door sadly but i was happy to see he survived but im sure his car would have been shit, mine had bent steering and was a bit slow down the straights again so i had to limp it home but still had good pace sticking behind bueler before he went off and then wally but i couldnt do anything about him and it wasnt really worth it since grat dnf

You cant fight me that hard grat to then just quit come the last round lol

Tyre management was tricky here for me, i couldnt decide if i was quicker on the meds or softs for a while since the softs overheated so easily and made s3 a drift show for me lol, lucky i went with softs in qual as i managed to get a decent lap together finally driving neatly on the tyre lol.

Race 1: Got a good start leading into the first few turns and saw kcender was on soft tyres which i thought was a mistake so i pretty much let him go when he got a run on me as i figured he would slide off the track after 5 laps and id get him back lol but this didnt happen and he somehow kept the pace for most part of the race, it wasnt until the last 5 laps i clawed his gap back and passed him with a lap to go lol. No idea how he managed to get those tyres too last i could barely do a lap lol

Race 2: Similar start to race 1 except kcender were both on the same med tyres this time, so i was eager to keep him behind lol had a great race for all 20 laps with a few nice little looks from kcender where i was able to keep him at bay, was good pressure racing at a good even pace :)

Car was a bit average for me hear, didnt get to change it up much in prac so qual 4th with a meh lap.

Race 1 i got a decent start but couldnt keep up with grat and russ, somehow my pressures were too low and the car was sliding everywhere which compounded into tyre wear which put me back into phil for a nice little fight for 3rd in the last few laps.

Race 2 i made some changes to the car and it was way better and i could fight russ for the lead for a few laps but then he got away towards the end and again tyre wear started to kill me lol i think i may have it to agressive with the cambers or something. The last lap i decided to go nuts to try and build on my 1 sec gap to grat but i instead fried my rear tyre and he caught up lol. Was a good pressure race russ did not blink and the pace was super quick and consistent all race so well done man good drive.

Got qual pretty good was happy with the lap, Race 1 everything felt good and i was able to manage the pace and build up the gap back to grat :)

Race 2 the 72kg ballast killed the car but made for a interesting race so it did its job, lap 2 through the fast right hander the extra weight caught me out by how much understeer it induced into the car so i gave up the lead to grat by going wide, but i probably wouldnt of been able to keep him behind anyway, i really had to use all the car to keep up with him and by lap 10 i had no tyres and the lead blew out lol and then last lap got caught up with phil didnt even notice he had a go at turn 3 i was too busy trying to keep the car in a straight line lol. Made a big difference to points apparently a lot more than i thought

Havent done any laps here yet but here is my blackwood setup I wasn't a huge fan of it but hey it seemed to serve me well last round. Id say will need the tyre pressures adjusted for here

surprised to grab pole i wasnt overly happy with the car, i got to a point where it was ok but not great but obviously everyone is in the same boat so it must not be bad.

Race 1 got a good jump and gap after lap 1 so i could focus on building a gap to grat, was fairly consistent and got it to 7 secs in the end with the tyres starting to feel sketchy so backed off a bit.

Race 2 was a great race with phil on my tail the whole way, i noticed it was a lot easier this race to excite the left rear tyre maybe due to the 63kg or extra heat, so had to manage that a little bit which was tricky with the pace needed to keep phil at bay lol, had a lag issue unfortunately near the end of the race where phil vanished from my screen, he said he hit me in the warp but i didnt feel anything so was a bit weird probably my connection doing that. Still a good pressure race, but being a hard place to pass i knew as long as i kept it straight i should be ok lol

Yeah it was hard to pull the move off as i tried to get you off line into the chicane to get the run on the exit but i couldnt manoeuvre the car properly just lacks that grip you think it would have lol, but yeah the corner exit traction was a killer because every time i felt i got a good run into a turn i lost it all on the exit lol, i felt maybe i had the tc too high at 6 and it was cutting power or maybe too high rear camber i dunno ill have to look into it, it was mainly on the tight hairpins.

Car was a bit hard to drive off the racing line couldnt really pull off any passes, Got a good start in race 1 and slotted in behind grat where i stayed until the last lap where i got a massive lag spike sending me off the road relegating me to 3rd :( was really hard to capitalise on any little mistakes grat did as the front end wouldnt stick if it was off line for a pass lol and i just didnt have the drive grat had out of turns.

Race 2 was much of the same but behind phil, stayed 3rd till the end this time no lag lol

last minute something has popped up so tonight ill be away, love austria too lol

Nearly forgot lol me + jeremy

I think it works for making people more cautious, kinda lol but it was annoying at times when you were minding your own business and got caught up in someones moment and then received a huge restrictor making your car useless down the straight in race 3 lol. What kind of got me about it all though is that from a mechanical stand point it doesnt make sense that the car loses hp from a hit, usually after a hit the structure and alignment of the car would be affected therefor the handling and feel of it so for me it would make more sense if you did a weight penalty since that would focus more on the handling of the car.

Congrats to kcender on the season, his runs in the reverse grids were awesome!

qual didnt get the lap together, was on a good one at the end but stuffed it at the 2nd last turn so finished 4th where i stayed all race 1 with mael on my tail was a good pressure battle, i decided to switch to hard tyres for the race since i saw some overheating in qual. This was a bad move couldnt get any heat in the tyres and my pressures were too low so race 1 was a struggle for pace.

Race 2: Had some good battles on the way to a surprising 3rd, avoided being in the wrong place at the wrong time which helps lol.

Race 3: Enjoyed this race as simple as it was lol, Again went hard tyres since the track temps were higher so i figured it would work also had the pressure right this time and the tyres worked well, i thought the extra heat would hurt kcender on the mediums but it didnt seem to despite the pace being pretty quick and consistent, was a good battle to the finish with the gap between 1 and 2 secs all race at qual pace lol nobody blinked so was cool :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Future Season Ideas
« on: February 04, 2018, 08:56:27 PM »
Bah, we were all in a similar bracket, I just had time to practice some more.

Would love to come back, and one day it will happen, but I think I'm waiting for VR to go higher res before I make the jump.  I'll have to get a new wheel/pedals + GPU.  Sim Racing is one of my favourite hobbies but it is addictive and all-consuming for me - two bad combinations.  Mrs Threepwood isn't going to be happy...

Nah doesnt have to be, just jump in on the night, adapt to it then and have some fun, its what a few of us do and its good fun like that, prac is over rated takes the surprise and challenge away lol. You look forward to driving more when you wait till the tues night, over doing it and driving it every night of course you will get over it and so will everyone else in the house haha, all about balance  ;)

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