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Bugger. First time in a while I've had time to join in. No practice but I was enjoying it, but somehow my race setup didn't save and I ran out of fuel after 5 laps.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Thursday Server
« on: May 18, 2018, 09:21:48 AM »
Like Wally said this is more an internal Amazon thing when authenticating for RDP. I wouldn't sorry about it. You don't need your own SSL cert on the server.

I will try tomorrow using my phone for data, not sure how it will go as I live in a place where mobile reception is crap, But I have been getting pings and speeds at least as good as my normal nbn internet and sometimes a bit better, but it does not seem as stable and anything that happens on my pc in the background causes big lag and have been getting random ping hikes, so be sure to let me know if I am warping about :)
I heard an ad on the radio yesterday, telstra have an nbn modem that has a back up mobile connection built-in, might be worth hitting them up for freebie if your main connection is still down.

My problem is and keep in mind I am only 15 mins from Tassies capital, is that our mobile coverage only works inside if I have my phone near only one window of our house, otherwise its 0 bars inside and only 1 or 2 outside

So move the rig outside. Easy. Put up a gazebo. Job done. You're welcome.

I may miss tonight as my house sale in the UK will be completing today and my soliciter wants me on the phone. Will just depend on timing.

Bad night for me. Feels like something wrong with the car I just have no grip and am being lapped by people I usually race closely with. Didn't do much practice and am using default setup but I didn't expect to be that far off the pace. PLP said I had 15 cuts after just a few laps then stayed at 15 so not sure what happened there.

I'll take a lotus please

I was doing okay until I missed a gear and put it in the wall which gave some pretty nasty damage and the car was all over the place. I thought I'd try one more lap then maybe pit and fix the damage but the car being all over the place let me to miss more gears and blow the gearbox  :o

Agree i was happy with my time and its nearly 2 seconds off kcender. I was 100% stock setup.

Anyone know optimum pressures for these?

Which car from the pack are we racing or will it be any of them? Praccy server still on the 2004.

The worst offender went outside of track limits 24 times! Matthew only went outside once.

Haha I thought I was bad this race. I had to go to check the results to see who that was  :-X

I'm happy with how PLP works and we all know the rules. I did think it gave me cuts when only 2 wheels were off the track a few times but at the speed of this car I was probably way off track and didn't realize. Being a fun run I threw caution to the wind but in a league race I'd definitely have tried not to get any.

Hadn't done any practise but was quite happy how I went between crashes. It was mostly hotlapping but I enjoyed it.

Is this tonight? Been away just got back

Yes pls

Will miss this one. School holidays and am down in Canberra.

Now we're talking!!

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