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Oct 16: Osterreich Ring 70’s (no chicane) [DOWNLOAD]
This round we are back to the usual 2 sprint format.

With daylight savings upon us again, I will revert to starting qually 15 mins later at 8:45pm AEST, as we've done in previous years.

Joe maintains his championship lead, and Freezer moves up into second place after Kcender's technical problems caused a DNS. Other big improvers on the standings were Killagorilla (+8 places), and Keith, Wally and Brad (+4).


Round Points
killagorilla   58
Keith   48
Freezer   42
ab156   36
Joe   32
bradc   30
Bacchulum   28
Wally   26
Rob   24
Mael   22
Seanus   20
Doobs   18
Mac87   16
AbleArcher83   14
Simone   0
buellersdayoff   0

Congratulations to Killagorilla on pole and the race 1 win - his first (and also first podium) for the season.


Race 1
Mac ran into the back of Seanus, causing him to leave the track – 15 kg penalty.

Season Standings
1. Joe, 145
2. Freezer, 123
3. Kcender87, 118

Oct 9: Feldbergring Enduro [DOWNLOAD]

This will be a single, 50 minute (plus 1 lap) race. You will probably have to pit for fuel and/or tyres. There are no pit restrictions.

Damage will be 50%.

The track is 11.6 km long, so don't leave it too late to start learning the track!

"The Feldbergring race took place every year in Taunus, Germany, from 1920-1928, from 1934-1936, and lastly from 1950-1954. I have made the last version they raced on. The circuit was 11.6km long and held on public roads, with a height differential of 280m. It was used for the German Motorcycle Championship, as well as single-seater sports cars.
For 1955, the authorities demanded that a bypass was built around the village of Oberreifenberg, which was not made. This meant the end for the Feldbergring, and as a result of the terrible accident at the 1955 Le Mans race, many motorsport event throughout Europe were cancelled or suspended in subsequent years.

Apps / My new Ghost Delta app
« on: October 01, 2018, 12:36:15 PM »
Hey guys.  I'm playing with a new app, which is a delta to your own PB, that shows throttle and brake inputs from your PB lap, as well as a delta bar to your PB.
The longer term idea is that you'll be able to get someone else's hotlap data, and race against that, so you can see where you're gaining or losing time compared to the other guy, and how your pedal inputs compare.
Give it a go, and let me know of any feedback.

As usual, unzip this into steamapps\common\assettocorsa\apps\python.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / S241R3 - Imola Race Chat
« on: September 25, 2018, 10:48:17 PM »
Joe extends his lead with a third place and a win, tying the round with teammate Phil. Other big improvers on the standings were Phil (+7 places), Simone (+6) and Rob (+4).


Round Points
Joe   48
Phil.8   48
Kcender87   42
ab156   38
Mael   31
Simone   30
bradc   30
Rob   28
Keith   26
AbleArcher83   23
Wally   19
Doobs   17
RussG   11
Bacchulum   0
killagorilla   0
Mark Hannon   0
Mac87   0

Congratulations to Kcender on pole and the race 1 win, and to Joe for the race 2 win.


Race 1
Down the final hill (which I hate) I went into a long locked-brake skid onto the grass and into Russ – 15 kg penalty for me.

Race 2

Season Standings
1. Joe, 97
2. Kcender87, 88
3. Freezer, 81

Krahl Racing now pull out a clear lead in the team points over Maki Engineering.

Oct 2: Imola 1972 [DOWNLOAD]
Thanks to Seanus for fixing the track.

Weather is going to be 19 and 21, sunny.

Here's a look at the track:
<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/Oxx-247eTGg?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / S241R2 - Kyalami Race Chat
« on: September 21, 2018, 01:43:09 PM »
Joe maintains his season lead with two second places, winning the overall round. Freezer found some great pace here, taking home is 5th Tuesday night win.


Round Points
Joe   48
Kcender87   46
Freezer   44
Bacchulum   36
Keith   31
Mael   29
Doobs   25
RussG   25
buellersdayoff   22
Rob   22
Phil.8   21
Wally   21
Mark Hannon   17
ab156   16
killagorilla   9
AbleArcher83   0
Mac87   0
Simone   0

Congratulations to Phil on pole and to Freezer (for his 5th Tuesday win) and Kcender on the race wins.


Race 1

Race 2
Mac87 ran into the rear of Rob spinning him – 15 kg penalty.

Season Standings
1. Joe, 49
2. Kcender87, 46
3. Freezer, 44

Krahl Racing and Maki Engineering are also tied on 73 points apiece, in what's shaping up to be a good team battle.
Sep 25: Kyalami 1967 [DOWNLOAD]
2 x 25 minute (+1 lap) sprints.

Joe starts of the season well, taking the lead with a 3rd place and a win.


Round Points
Joe   49
Freezer   37
Kcender87   30
ab156   29
Bacchulum   28
Keith   27
Mael   27
AbleArcher83   26
killagorilla   24
Phil.8   24
RussG   23
buellersdayoff   22
Simone   19
Rob   18
Mac87   15
Seanus   14
Wally   14
Mark Hannon   10
Doobs   8
Jeremy   0

Congratulations to Kcender on pole and the race 1 win, and to Joe for the race 2 win - his 2nd ever Tuesday night win!


Race 1

Race 2
AbleArcher locked up under brakes and ran wide from the inside of the corner, pushing Simone off track, and shortly after squeezed Russ off track – 15 kg penalty for the next round.

Kcender suddenly dived across the track into the pits in front of me, causing me to blow my engine while trying to miss him – 15 kg penalty for the next round.

Season Standings
1. Joe, 49
2. Freezer, 37
3. Kcender87, 30

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Season 24 Sign Up and Info
« on: September 04, 2018, 10:30:09 PM »
Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0

Round Format
2 x sprints of 25 minutes + 1 lap (with a couple of enduro rounds)
Race 1: In qualifying order.
Race 2: Starting in reverse groups of 4 from race 1 finish, e.g. 4,3,2,1... 8,7,6,5... 12,11,10,9... etc.

Damage restrictor to be applied for car-to-car contacts over a certain speed only (but not contacts with the environment), meaning the faster you hit someone, the more damage restrictor you accumulate for the next race, but it won't carry over into subsequent races.

Track List
Sep 11: Bridgehampton[DOWNLOAD]
Sep 18: Bye - fun run
Sep 25: Kyalami 1967 [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 2: Imola 1972 [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 9: Feldbergring Enduro [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 16: Osterreich Ring 70’s (no chicane) [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 23: Goodwood [DOWNLOAD]
Oct 30: Spa 1966 (Enduro) [DOWNLOAD]

28, 24, 20, 18, 16,15,14...1
1 bonus point for pole and 1 bonus point for fastest lap in each race.
Enduros are double points.

Must complete 75% of the race laps to be classified a finisher and get any points.

Start Time
Qualifying starts at 8:30 pm Eastern.

Other Bits
The usual ballast penalty (15kg) for the next round for causing an avoidable lap 1 incident such as rear-ending someone or moving across to the other side of the track in the first 2 corners.

Sign Up
1. Wally
2. Bacchulum
3. Freezer
4. Phil.8
5. Mael
6. Dave O
7. Kcender87
8. Matthew111
9. Jeremy
10. Seanus
11. Russ
12. Keith
13. Rob
14. BuellersDayOff
15. AbleArcher
16. ab156
17. Doobs
18. killagorilla
19. Joe
20. Simone
21. Mark Hannon
22. bradc
23. Mac87
24. BGardner


Apps / Load Engineer
« on: September 02, 2018, 11:41:36 AM »
Based on the weight transfer stuff I added to Tyre Pressure Engineer, I created a new app - Load Engineer, which is more graphical.

Read about it here: https://www.assettocorsa.net/forum/index.php?threads/load-engineer.50685/

Download is attached to this post.

You can choose more than one car if you'd race either.

Also, cast a vote if you want to see the top 8 drivers in the standings get a modest amount of success ballast to close up the field at the pointy end. If more than half of the voters say yes, then so it will be.

The season format will be 2 x 25 min races, plus a couple of endurance rounds of an hour.

Track List
Kyalami 1967
Imola 1972
Feldbergring (endurance)
Osterreich Ring 70’s
Spa 1966 (endurance)

This is a practice run to try the season 24 cars - the Porsche 911 Carrera RSR 3.0 (circa 1974) and the Ford GT40 (circa 1969).

The format is a combined practice session, then a race in the Porsche followed by a race in the Ford at Goodwood Circuit [link].

The races will be timed races of 20 mins + 1 lap.

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