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The very first race that used the chicane was the 1975 GP.
If we've been able to be accurate, we have so far, so that's why I said 'with'.

The Scheckter (esses) chicane was in use in '75, the bus stop wasn't built until '92!  :P
Let's just back up a year and pretend this race is in 1974.  ;D

The layout should be the boot with chicane. ;)

Did you mean without chicane?

As long as we leave out the Chicanes.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S14 R3 - Zolder67 - 21/06/2018
« on: June 16, 2018, 02:34:32 PM »
0: Newcomers
1: Imperious -----------------
2: Dave O ------------ Lancia
3: rooshooter ---------- Capri
4: Bueller --------- Porsche K3
5: Mael -----------------------
6: Grant Waterman -----------
7: Seanus ------------- Facetti
8: Phil.8 ----------------------
9: humper ------------- Capri
10: Wally -------------- Facetti
11: bradc -------------- Lancia
12: Bacchulum -------- Facetti

Are we at Monza? Or may I suggest Highlands, either the Long layout or the Very Long layout where these cars can stretch their legs a la Le Mans.


Should I remove password and risk some public joining ?


917K, have we run this before?

I'll take a Lancia then.

Seems like track limits aren't enforced in a few places on this track. Is this correct .....?

Yes.  ;)

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Wreckfest
« on: June 08, 2018, 02:12:28 PM »
We don't need a whole game, just someone to do a figure-8 track for AC. ;) ;D 8)

No no no no no no Yes.

I've got more than two figure eight coursesfor AC, but Wreckfest does this so much better.
I've had Wrecfest for a while, never played online though.


Provisional Grid for the Feature Race and chosen car.

gratulin ---------------- Escort

]bueller ------------------ Capri

Imperious -------------- Capri
Seanus ---------------- Lancia
Grant Waterman ------- 2002
Dave O ------------------ 320
Mael ------------------ Escort
rooshooter -------------- 320
humper ---------------- 2002

XGN Wally ------------ Escort

Bacchulum ------------ Escort
Phil.8 ------------------- none
bradc ------------------- Celica

Due too internal politics at the Porsche factory their cars were prevented from attending this round. Several other teams also stayed away in support of one faction or the other.

Car list for this round;        Drivers who have already used this car;

2002 Gr.5                            Wally, Dave O
320 Gr.5
BetaMontecarlo Gr.5            Bacchulum, Gatulin, Humper
Celica LB Gr.5                       Mael
Zakspeed Capri Gr.5
Zakspeed Escort Gr.5          rooshooter, Grant Waterman

I guess two of each +/- any that drivers reserve should be enough Phil?

Servers back up.
 Try again fozzy.

@fozzy, jump on Discord.

Do you have the Porsche DLC?

Anyway we are taking that car off the server.

Double check you have all FOUR downloads for the cars. i.e.

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