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R4: Aug 22, Bridgehampton [DOWNLOAD 2.0], 8 laps + 19 laps

Note this is a new track version on RaceDepartment (2.0). If you have the old version 1.0, you have to delete the old Bridgehampton track folder first.

The track actually has 44 pit boxes, so you can ignore any warnings about there being insufficient slots.

Entry List and Restrictor
Phil.8   100
Kcender87   96
Joe   93
Freezer   89
diehard   86
Shayne   82
Mael   79
Uncle Tim   75
Jeremy   71
Matthew111   68
Doobs   64
Wally   61
ab156   57
RussG   54
Slow_As   50
bradc   46
GymHippo   43
Dave O   39
Bacchulum   36
Rob   32
SkilletKid   29
Shameless   25
Fozzy   21
AJ   18
buellersdayoff   14
JamieP   11
Simone   7
Dr.Dinkum   4
Flattop   0
Seanus   50
DC   50

Season Standings

No penalties - clean starts. Well done in such a big field of 27 starters.

Round Points

Phil.8   92
Joe   92
Kcender87   91
Uncle Tim   91
Shayne   84
Fozzy   84
Jeremy   72
Slow_As   71
Freezer   68
Mael   66
Doobs   61
Matthew111   60
ab156   57
diehard   55
RussG   55
SkilletKid   55
Dave O   49
Wally   47
bradc   42
buellersdayoff   42
Shameless   38
Dr.Dinkum   30
GymHippo   24
Simone   17
Rolz   15
AJ   10
Bacchulum   9
DC   0

Congratulations to Uncle Tim and Phil.8 for the race wins, and Phil.8 and Joe for a tie in the round points. A good round for Krahl Racing!

Season Podium
1. Phil.8, 192
2. Kcender87, 182
3. Joe, 174

Teams Podium
1. Krahl Racing, 366
2. Maki Engineering, 305
3. Struggle Street Racing Crew, 301

Hi guys, we now have more than 32 signups, so I've introduced a reserve list. Please let me know ASAP if you can't make any particular round, in that round's race chat thread, so that reserves can get a race if there's free spots.

Some tracks have more than 32 pit boxes, so we can get more racers in those rounds. If people don't turn up without any explanation, I'll move them to the reserves list, so others keen to race can get a drive.

A short video of Phil's opening laps in race 1.

<iframe width="640" height="385" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/zm_EopuosIQ?fs=1&start=" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

R3: Aug 15, Tsukuba Full [DOWNLOAD], 14 laps + 32 laps

(Real World) Weather
Race 1, clear and hot, 36 degrees, light winds.
Race 2, clear and very hot, 40 degrees, light winds.

Rolz    100
Matthew111    96
Bacchulum    93
Phil.8    89
diehard    86
Jeremy    82
Kcender87    79
Mael    79
GymHippo    71
Shayne    68
Wally    64
Joe    61
Freezer    57
ab156    54
Doobs    50
RussG    46
bradc    43
AJ    43
Slow_As    36
Reserve Spot - Flattop 4
Dave O    29
Shameless    25
Uncle Tim    21
SkilletKid    18
JamieP    14
DJB    11
Simone    7
Flattop    4
Seanus    0
Dr.Dinkum    50
KeRo    50

Rob    32

Fine Print
For round 2 only, because we drop the worst round, I have averaged the first two rounds to put everyone in order. Otherwise Phil would still be 1st with 100% restrictor because round 2 results, with some restrictor, would be dropped. From next round, the order will just be as per the standings, with the worst round dropped.


Race 1 Penalties
Bradc drifted across left to right in front of Dave O and clipped his front corner. As per the guidelines, bradc should have made more of an effort to stay on his side of the track in the first couple of turns, to avoid these side-by-side impacts. This time is a warning only.

Race 2 Penalties
The hairpin was a little messy, but it was just a concertina effect with slow cars in the corner, and no real harm done by any impacts.

Round Points
Rolz   98
Freezer   95
Doobs   88
diehard   87
Wally   81
GymHippo   77
Mael   76
Shayne   76
ab156   72
Phil.8   70
Kcender87   66
RussG   65
Joe   61
bradc   56
Slow_As   52
Shameless   51
Dave O   50
Rob   44
SkilletKid   40
JamieP   37
Simone   17
Uncle Tim   15
Flattop   13

Congratulation to Rolz on pole, race 1 win and the overall round win (more restrictor incoming!) and Freezer on the race 2 win, by 0.355 seconds over Rolz.

Season Podium
1. Phil.8, 100 pts
2. Rolz, 98
3. Freezer, 95

Teams Championship
1. Krahl Racing (Phil and Joe), 182
2. Maki Engineering (Mael and Freezer), 171
2. Struggle Street Racing Crew (Matthew and Jeremy), 169

A strong showing this round, plus the no-show of Struggle Street Racing Crew, moves Maki Engineering up into second place.
3. Aleph Null Ltd (Bacchulum and Doobs), 132

R2: Aug 1, Riverside Spike [DOWNLOAD], 9 laps + 21 laps

To race here with enough pit boxes, you will need to download the attached ui_track.json file and put it in your ...\assettocorsa\content\tracks\riverside\ui\spike folder, replacing the original file.

Race 1: Hot, Air 34, Track 48, light winds
Race 2: Hot, Air 33, Track 45, light winds

Equalising restrictor is spread down the field in standings order, from 100% for the leader to 0 for the person coming last. Anyone who didn't race yet starts with 50% restrictor.

Phil.8    100
Kcender87    95
Matthew111    89
Bacchulum    84
Joe    79
Mael    74
Jeremy    68
Shayne    63
Diehard    58
RussG    53
ab156    47
Uncle Tim    47
Wally    47
AJ    42
Rob    42
bradc    37
Slow_As    37
Dave O    32
Freezer    32
Doobs    26
SkilletKid    21
Shameless    16
DJB    11
Flattop    5
Seanus    0
Dr.Dinkum    50
GymHippo    50
JamieP    50
KeRo    50
Rolz    50
Simone    50


Lap 1 Penalties
None - clean race starts.

Round Points
Phil.8    100
Kcender87    91
Matthew111    90
Bacchulum    88
Joe    82
Mael    81
Jeremy    79
Shayne    75
DJB    74
RussG    66
ab156    63
Uncle Tim    63
Wally    63
AJ    52
Rob    52
bradc    48
Slow_As    48
Dave O    45
Freezer    45
Doobs    44
SkilletKid    37
Shameless    32
DJB    28
Flattop    13
Seanus    11

Congratulation to Phil on the clean sweep, taking home maximum points.

Season Podium
1. Phil.8, 100 pts
2. Kcender87, 91
3. Matthew111, 90

Teams Championship
1. Krahl Racing (Phil and Joe), 182
2. Struggle Street Racing Crew (Matthew and Jeremy), 169
3. Aleph Null Ltd (Bacchulum and Doobs), 132

R1: Jul 25, Brands Hatch Indy [OSRW EXTRA PITS MOD], 17 laps + 39 laps

Make sure you download the OSRW Extra Pits Mod and install it in your Brands Hatch track. It won't affect AC's original track.

Everyone starts with 0 restrictor for this entire round.

Weather is 24 and cloudy in race 1, 26 and clear in race 2, with moderate winds.

We'll have a full-length practice race in preparation for season 18, at Paul Ricard WTCC [DOWNLOAD]

There will be qualifying at 8:30pm (eastern), followed by race 1 (8 laps), and then race 2 (19 laps).
The race 2 start order will be set in order of fastest race 1 lap times.

Just for this practice race, I'll also set a reducing amount of restrictor from 100% down to 0% in order of race 1 finish position, so we'll see how race 2 pans out. Hopefully it will give some good close racing.

Race 1 - 30 degrees, clear, wind 18 kmh WNW
Race 2 - 33 degrees, clear, wind 32 kmh WNW

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / "Meet The Driver"
« on: July 10, 2017, 09:11:41 PM »
In the inaugural interview of a new feature "Meet the driver", we’re profiling XGN racer Shayne (formerly known as Hylas).
Shayne joined XGN in season 11 in August 2016, where we raced the Toyota 86. Shayne finished his first season in a very creditable 8th position, in a field of 28 racers. From there, his career progression has been:

Season 11 (Toyota 86) – 8th
Season 12 (Ferrari 312/Lotus 72) – 6th
Season 13 (Jap Pack) – 7th
Season 14 (Maserati GT4) – 4th
Season 15 (Praga R1) – 25th (Only ran in 4 races)
Season 16 (Porsche GT3 Cup) – 5th
Season 17 (Lotus Exos) – 7th
Shayne’s season results are very consistent across a variety of cars, between 4th and 8th, with the Maserati GT4 bringing him his best result. He’s had 82 races. His solitary race win was in the Nissan Skyline R34 at Tsukuba in 2016, finishing just 0.35 seconds in front of Matthew111.
We asked Shayne a few questions:
XGN: What is your favourite track?
Shayne: Probably Spa, I really enjoy Imola and Nurburgring as well but I never do well at either of them. I don't really race outside of our league races so a lot of tracks that I have little knowledge of, do come as a surprise to me and I can find I really like a track that I've rarely seen before. As it stands, Spa stands out as the most favourite.
XGN: What is your favourite style of car to race and why?
Shayne: Similar story as the favourite track, I don't get through testing a lot of them so chances are there's going to be one that I haven't done many laps with that could end up being a favourite. I do enjoy open wheelers, I was really hoping that the 98T was picked for last season as that was a blast in practice. Also the season where we had the older Lotus 72D Vs Ferrari 312 ? I don't remember the models exactly, but that season was very enjoyable. I really enjoy them older open wheelers where throttle control can make or break your race at any one turn.
XGN: Who do you most like to beat?
Shayne: Now this is the question! This answer has actually changed as time has gone by. Initially it was you for a long time Wally :P
The idea behind it, is that I mostly want to beat the guy that's just in front or just behind me most of the time. As we have gained more members, I find there's always someone moving into that space that I want to beat more then anyone else. Last season it was ab156 but this season could be different. Sometimes I really try to beat Mael but it depends on the cars, some cars I have a chance and other cars he just always has that little bit extra. I still always look to try to place ahead of you Wally, but as the field has grown. It's become very busy around our speed so I try to qualify as fast as possible and hope that those around my speed end up fighting each other so I can try make a gap.

Season 18 will be in the Ford Escort 1600.

Two sprints per round: race 1 about 15 mins after qualifying, race 2 about 35 mins, with the starting order set by the order of race 1 fastest lap times. Race 2 is double points.

No tyre warmers. No compulsory pit stops.

Balancing the field
Each round from round 2, the top half of the field according to the championship points, will all get the same amount of restrictor, such as 20% decreasing restrictor will be applied from 100% down to 0 across the whole field (e.g. 100,95,90,85...0) according to the championship standings, to close up the field and give backrunners a better shot at being up the pointy end.

R1: Jul 25, Brands Hatch Indy [OSRW EXTRA PITS MOD], 17 laps + 39 laps
R2: Aug 8, Riverside Spike [DOWNLOAD], 9 laps + 21 laps (32 spots)
R3: Aug 15, Tsukuba [DOWNLOAD], 14 laps + 32 laps (32 spots)
R4: Aug 22, Bridgehampton [DOWNLOAD 2.0], 8 laps + 19 laps (new track version, must delete old bridgehampton track folder first) (44 spots)

- 2 week break while I'm away on holidays -

R5: Seo 12, Vallelunga [OSRW EXTRA PITS MOD], 8 laps + 18 laps (32 spots)
R6: Sep 19, Nurburgring Sprint GT [OSRW EXTRA PITS MOD], 9 laps + 20 laps (36 spots)
R7: Sep 26, Barbagallo [DOWNLOAD], 13 laps + 31 laps (30 spots)

30 down to 1.
1 point for pole position.
1 point for fastest lap in each race.

Race 2 is double points. Worst round is dropped.

70 kg ballast is applied for the first race only of the next round for causing lap 1 grief (or 10 second post-race 1 penalty in the final round). 70 kg should equate roughly to a 5 to 10 second penalty over the whole of race 1.

Sign Up
1. Wally
2. Flattop DC
3. Shayne
4. Free Spot
5. Joe
6. Phil.8
7. DaveO
8. Mael
9. Freezer
10. Bacchulum
11. AJ
12. Kcender87
13. ab156
14. Slow_As
15. Simone
16. Rob
17. JamieP
18. Doobs "your Uber is 3 minutes away"
19. SkilletKid
20. RussG
21. Seanus
22. BradC
23. Shameless
24. Matthew111
25. Jeremy
26. KeRo
27. DJB BuellersDayOff
28. Uncle Tim
29. GymnasticHippo
30. diehard
31. Dr.Dinkum
32. Fozzy

1. Flattop

Hardware & Reviews / Nvidia surround settings
« on: July 06, 2017, 09:41:54 PM »
Hey GW, here is my setting. I have dragged the monitors in the control panel into the same order as the numbers identify on my physical monitors.

For monitors 2, 3 and 1, I have HDMI, DVI, DVI.

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