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Title: Street Side View of Ferrari's 70th Birthday
Post by: Bruce on September 26, 2017, 09:28:35 AM
The prancing horse’s emotions in motion: Fortuitous close-ups from Ferrari’s official 70th anniversary party


Once in a decade, there is a moment of the year when it is possible to see a literal herd of prancing horses gathering together to celebrate their birthplace’s birthday: just like in previous years ending with number 7, 2017 was another one of those magical moment when such an event was possible.

Yes, Ferrari now is 70 years old, and rarely it has looked so young, successful and dynamic like in these months: with record-setting production and record-breaking stock exchange successes, seems like there were more than the usual amount of reasons to indulge in celebrations and festivities.

Also the recent F1 drawbacks in Spa and Monza weren’t enough to dilute the thrilling pathos of so great an era for the Maranello realm – apparently.

Therefore, it’s no wonder that during this past week of September, birthday events became a grandiose tribute like anything before, climaxing in the two-days meeting right on the Fiorano track, sort of ideal nursery for all cars with the Prancing Horse on the hood.
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