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Agreed but they do rely on the fact that the leader bunches the field around the final corner before the start.

So it is all Grat's fault?  ;D 

Did a few exploration laps, it certainly is a different circuit. Track cuts is going to be an issue for me but did end up having to run a longer top gear. Since the boost is not worth much in the corners you can save it for the two long straights  :)

Had fun annoying Mael at the start but I was using too much juice, so concentrated on beating Wally.
A slow in lap let him by but I was just teeing him up when I disco'ed, :(
Can't remember disco'ing in AC before......

LOL  Not sure if it was me annoying you!  Apologies for the contact in that first chicane, it is a corner that always does my head in. Got a surprising amount of damage front and rear from that scuffle. I had a spin by my lonesome later in the race at that chicane which probably cost be a place to Diehard.

Going on the practice server times Grat is going to walk over us  :-[
Grat is getting huge speed down the straights compared to me. More boost? Less wing?

Maybe skipping the chicane in the back straight?

Going on the practice server times Grat is going to walk over us  :-[

Played with the Porsche's setup in an effort to make it easier to drive consistently; and succeeded beyond expectation. Unfortunately as side effect it appeared that I tuned all the speed out of it!

Still except for the last couple of laps in race 2 there were always someone to race with. I was genuinely impressed by the driving standard of the racers who passed me, had no serous contact with the diminutive Porsche during the two races. :)

Now back to the drawing board on that setup.  :o


cannot join the server again.

Same  :o

That make 3 out of 4 races this season being stuffed by contacts (:

Keep on using your bad luck during this season, I expect only good luck next season.  ;D

The Toyota was certainly the fastest car, especially on softs. Lost a bit of time to Matthew and Diehard during the opening phase after mechanical difficulties (Windows did an upgrade in the background) but managed to quickly catch up. Matthew's medium tires were a bit slow. Tried the undercut but poor driving after my pitstop cost me any chance of a win. Nice work Matthew.

My day was made when I lapped Wally  :P

Watched a bit of the European Le Mans series Algarve race highlights. Even with professional drivers there was a LOT of accidents when the Lmp's lapped the GT cars. Some of them would have earned a race ban from Wally, appeared really clumsy.

ah man I am an idiot.

Kept on getting errors on joining so assumed it is the cars. Downloaded the cars so many times in my effort to fix it that I probably blew my monthly data allowance already.

Turned out my copy of the track is outdated  ? :o

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: November 03, 2017, 10:14:05 PM »
Hi peeps,

Im pooEyes but if you get to know, me call me Dan. I'm in Adelaide, 37, love a bit of gaming in the evenings.

I recently got back into AC after getting MK1 escort DLC  ;D (so much fun).

I'd like to get involved in some racing with people, and you guys seems well organised.


You sadly just missed a great season in that Escort, welcome Dan.  :P

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Nov. GT Legends Series Signup
« on: November 01, 2017, 08:59:25 PM »
Getting checksum error but Content Manager not showing any missing content. Any ideas?

This was never going to be a strong showing for the toyboatas lol with all the long straights there wasnt much we could do, so it was a matter of circulating and staying out of trouble waiting for a result. Car was a bit average all race and i was hoping once i put the softs on in the final 20mins the car would come alive but it was the exact opposite being a absolute handful lol it was probably the worst car i have driven so unpredictable, on the softs i had a couple moments, 1 on my outlap at highspeed turn in and another on the 2nd last lap again through a high speed turn, the car would just snap like it had no wing was really weird so obviously something was wrong with my set for the race which is odd as it felt okish in prac, not sure how the other toyota boys found the car especially on the softs?. Anyway 4th was ok considering so we shall look forward to some of the up coming twisty tracks :)

Found that I could not use the setup for medium tires with softs, it felt like the stearing inputs were exaggerated with the car wanting to swap ends at every corner. But with a modified setup the softs was definitely faster and the effect of tire wear on laptimes were limited. In fact I did my fastest lap on the last lap of the race with worn tires.

I seemed to spend most of this race playing KERS cat and mouse between Bacchulum and Mael, watching ptracker to see when they were faster than me and vice versa, trying to figure out when they were using KERS and when to deploy mine. I vaguely caught up to Bacchulum by the end of the lap, but he'd pull away again over the course of the next lap. It's no wonder I was Hunter and he was Hunted - that's certainly what it felt like. With Mael as well, the three of us were in fairly interesting battle the whole race - ruined at the end when both Mael and I had to do a splash 'n dash stop for fuel at the end.

I was testing different KERS deployment the whole time to try and catch you Wally while trying to stay ahead of Keith and then Bacchulum. In the last few laps I tried to fuel safe before giving up and doing a splash and dash. I think a ballast penalty should be in order for whoever said the race is going to be 16 laps.

And accidents happens Dave, if you're Verstappen it happens every second race! I almost destroyed Bacchulum's race with a brain-fade before my last pit-stop.

For all the new-drivers.

You going to need some patience as this is a terrible season to make you debut in. You may very likely end up hot-lapping for an hour without any company.  ???  But stick with it, we should be close to doing a sprint/reverse grid season, Nothing is more fun than blocking Aliens  ;D

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