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Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R5: Highlands
« on: January 18, 2018, 10:51:57 PM »
I joined OK. Didn't do any laps but I joined OK.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R5: Highlands
« on: January 18, 2018, 10:08:12 PM »

But the impact with Russ I still see as not Godzilla's fault. Watch the replay again - Godzilla is just driving in a straight line near the edge of the track, not deviating left, when Russ rejoins from off-track and clips him in the rear side. It is always the responsibility of the off-track car to rejoin safely.
RussG who hit me on lap one by his unsafe rejoining of the track

My last post on this subject.
I'm not looking for penalties here but recognition of what really happened.
As I previously stated, I had to go off track to avoid Godzilla as he was recovering from the other incident and moving left. You can even see this in Wally's replay. Then I drove in a straight line while Godzilla drove from the middle of the track to the kerb.
As for unsafely rejoining the track, I was in fact still off track (i.e. no part of any of my 4 tyres were inside the yellow line) when the contact happened.
I did everything I could do to avoid contact except drive off into the weeds. I believe there is also some onus on a driver recovering from an incident.

Wally's watching a different replay to the one I see.

Anyone got a replay of race two? Even the CR record file from Assetto Corsa will do, I can just load it up here on mine.


So last race where I got a good chunk of my car on the inside of Grat on the fast right hander and he turned not expecting me there you deemed as my fault. Now someone gets barely a nose in a place there’s nowhere to go and on the first lap and smashed me off track, essentially the same as the incident with me and Grat but in reverse and MUCH less overlap and you also deem that as my fault? Interesting consistency...

First of all, I didn't comment on the incident between you and grat so you have no idea of my opinion on that.

Then, I think you better check the replay ... this incident isn't remotely like the incident with grat, but I have given my opinion on this one as it impacted me. Are you saying that Joe smashed you off track? The replay shows that Joe even braked - obviously to try to avoid contact - did you ... NO, you just turned in when there was a car there (cars can't suddenly disappear). That will only ever end badly.

Is this the incident where I ended up T-boning bacchulum as well? It was a pretty messy part of the race
No mate, this was on lap 1. You got Bacchulum on lap 5 and not your fault ...

Race 2
  • Godzilla bumped the side of Joe, but given that they were side by side for some time and Godzilla had no real visibility of Joe’s car, this is a racing incident.
  • RussG was off track and clipped the side of Godzilla’s car while re-entering, and then clipped JamieP’s car while correcting – racing incident (while RussG could have re-entered more safely, he was really the only car

Sorry Wally. I must disagree with you here on pretty much every point.
I agree with Joe. Godzilla turned in on him causing the carnage. Yes they were side by side for some time, so all the more reason that Godzilla should have been aware not to turn in.
Then ... the only reason I was off track was to avoid crashing into the recovering Godzilla, but the recovering Godzilla thought it best to go straight to the apex when I was there just trying not to hit him. Who was re-entering????
The tap I got there unsettled my car which meant JamieP had no chance to avoid me and clipped me which sent me into the wall.
I rejoined last again ... with big damage again ...

Assetto Corsa / Re: Triple screen confusion
« on: January 13, 2018, 05:46:59 PM »
maybe Russ's one is the most similar in total, though I had no wheel like the other two.

I like having the wheel with this car as it has the rev lights on it  :)

Different braking points I get, but braking where there’s no braking is dangerous.

So Godzilla, I guess you didn't feel the need to brake into T3/T4 (whatever it is) in race 1 (lap 4?) when I braked and Freezer behind me braked but you flew past Freezer and took me out. Then you drove off with no redressing of the incident. Two weeks in a row you have taken me out from behind mate.
It's just getting a bit tiresome for me at the moment. I have been taken out by other people in 4 of the last 6 races, and the last race I had 52% restrictor due to other people crashing into me.

I hope my luck changes soon ....

The opening lap of the reverse grid race 2 - to show the good quality of racing with 21 cars.

Wally, I think that's race 3. There is no pile up in T3/4 where grat rammed me .....
You really wrote down a note to remember about it, did you? ;) (apologies again)

Hahahah, sorry grat. But as soon as I saw it I thought ... that's not race 2 :P
I already accepted your apology, you don't need to do it again :D

by the way, that wasn't the biggest note I wrote down  :o ;D

The opening lap of the reverse grid race 2 - to show the good quality of racing with 21 cars.

Wally, I think that's race 3. There is no pile up in T3/4 where grat rammed me .....

It was a bit disappointing to be passed in the chicane like this though, by a car going well outside the white lines:

But like I said, it's a bit difficult to make sure everyone's on the same page rule-wise when some aren't on Discord, or read the forums that much.

I guess the easiest solution for the future is to ignore the white lines and the track is wherever PLP says it is, and if you aren't up to date with PLP you can't race. That way the rule is simple and noone can complain about where another car drives :)

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