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Yes, the rule is very simple. The problem we have is that you can go 30k's in second gear and you can do 160.
Forcing the field into formation earlier and at a lower speed would probably help...and I don't think it would be complicated at all.
The problem we have is that everyone accelerates at different points in time. The leader gets onto start finish straight, maybe at a lower speed for the field to catch up, one guy in row 3 hits the gas pedal earlier and comes with so much momentum that he gets into turn one first...and , of course, he most likely doesn't even do it deliberately.
The faster you go, the later you get into formation and the less practise...the more complaints and discussions here.

What do you think about if Wally sets a spot during warm-up lap, maybe 3/4 or 2/3 where we have to shift down to gear 1 (which probably goes up to 90-100km/h with the GT3's anyway) and get into start formation and strictly adhere to it for the rest of the warm-up lap?
That may give everyone the time to catch up. Then accelerating & up-shifting after crossing start-finish line...and that for each car individually.
Just an idea...

Sorry Freezer! What can I say...feel shit about it. I know you're getting that sort of treatment almost every race and that makes it even worse :-(
Had a bad start and then quite a battle with Jeremy which messed up my race a bit.
Congrats to the winners.

Congrats to Phil and Matthew for their wins.
My start was good following Freezer and Phil closely. Probably could have gone a bit faster at times, but there wasn't enough excess speed to seriously think about overtaking. I went into the pits last and came out in front of Phil and Freezer. Phil was too close so I had no chance preventing him from passing me with my cold tires. Then, shortly after that, Freezer showed up pretty big in my rear view mirrors...sorry Freezer for going a bit defense line there...it was difficult keeping you behind there on my first lap out.
It was a tricky situation seeing DC and Joe coming out of the pits together...thought, far too many cars there in turn one. Happy we all made it though. There was slight contact with DC, but no damage I think.
Not too long after Freezer and DC went off Joe was closing in and putting pressure on me...yeah, so lots of action...was great racing, thanks everyone.

Anyway, great skills there. Interesting gear ratio. Should actually try it out, but just looking at the numbers I wouldn't be surprised if I struggled doing better than a 2:30 with it :-)
Err, guess I was wrong. Just checked the latest lap times, that setup seems to work...great!

That thing turned out pretty much perfect for me. Wouldn't have thought ending up on pole as especially DC seemed to be out of reach based on his lap times in practise.
I was lucky getting passed the two LMP1's at the start and the race went well from thereafter apart from the spin which got me on P2. However, that favour was returned so I went into the pits on P1. Yeah, the pitstop...it was pathetic. Must have gone in too slow so Shayne behind me was going right through me before we turned right onto start-finish straight. Then I missed my pits, had to reverse, went too far and at the 3rd try I finally made it. It must have looked pretty funny for someone watching this...like, what the hell is this guy doing there ;-)
The result was, I lost a lot of time and two positions in the pits.
Racing with the LMP1's was ok for me. I tried to be predictable. Didn't want to be rude when I was going there in the middle of the road, but I just thought, stay where you are and let them decide where to pass you.
Reg. cars, looks made me go for the Lambo when the choice was narrowed down to the Beamer & Lamborghini. Well, actually, the best looking car is the GT-R anyway ;-) but I just couldn't get rid of its understeer unfortunately.
I was very impressed by the time Phil squeezed out of the Ferrari in practise.
Cheers everyone. It was good to have Shayne around going pretty much the same pace :-)

Am I getting that right, the race starts for each driver when crossing the start-finish line - no acceleration and overtaking before that?!

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 19 Skins
« on: October 12, 2017, 04:42:33 PM »
Hi Wally
Not Italian, but I still find this thing cool enough:-)
Can you put that up for me, please? Don't bother if it's a hassle...otherwise maybe the red one (#99) would be nice :-)

Cheers Wally.
I'll grab a Lamborghini Huracan then :-)

Thanks for the great racing...really enjoyed it.. Still slow and inconsistent, but hopefully that will change with more practice.

Can I join you on the GT3's?
How about the actual cars, can we choose?

Ok, will do that. Thank you Phil/Wally

Mate of DC here...wonder if there's a chance to join you on Tuesday and for the rest of the season as well? :-)

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