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Xtreme / Joint Operations - Path Finder v2
« on: September 28, 2018, 08:15:12 AM »
...are we there yet?

It was some crazy idea i came up with when Shevy-AUS- showed me this "new" online game Joint Operations in June or July 2005. Played it for five mins and i was hooked. Shevy had three JO PC's online and out of the kindness in his heart, he always gave me the crappy one.
The tactical comms and random banter needed to be recorded though. I have to do something with this shit. But how? FRAPs rapes the HDD and Shevs didn't have the HDD space to record three to four hour sessions two to three nights a week. What about if i clone the graphics card out to TV and put a VHS recorder in the middle to capture the moments in time? Yeah that worked ok. Fairly good image quality provided i used top shelf VHS tapes and regularly de-magnitized and cleaned the new VCR heads with isopropyl alcohol. Now i just have to convert the VHS tape to DVD....so, off to Harvey Norman and top of the range six head panasonic DVD/VHS combo recorder. Managed to kill the DVD recorder side of that in about 2010. Now i just use the VHS side to convert straight to PC.

 January 12 2006...a lot of chopping n pasting with a demo version of cool edit 1995, a hybrid never done before audio tune is finished and burned to CD.
Track 1. Joint Ops-Auto Bots v1.3 ....well i had to name it something didn't i? I didn't know what the fcuk to call it. Joint Operations was the video game and the backbone of the backing track sampled came from something called "Auto Bots" (creator unknown) which was on a mix CD DJ Toza gave me in 2001.
"Joint Ops-Auto Bots"...it will have to fcukin do. I later cleaned it up added more TS samples and pushed it out to v1.07.02 and that's where it stayed.

There is no point in watching it on youtube. A VHS tape converted to DVD/DIGITAL @ maximum 8000kbps 800x600 (720x576 actual) gets nerfed by youtube down to 480x270 avi, becomes too grainy and you can't read the kill feed. I don't care about view counts with these, so until i can upload the raw MPEG2 video files somewhere for anyone interested to download, here is  GB's JO Reality mod test range i enhanced and put together from Shadow play recordings.

General Discussion / For original xbox owners - ATTN -
« on: February 15, 2016, 04:22:51 PM »
Hi all, posted this in the squad forums about a week ago, i hope it's in the right department here.
Do you or anyone you know still own an original xbox?

If you do, and you already know about the exploding acid for blood xenomorph motherboard destroying capacitor that needs to be removed and have fixed it,... then please ignor this post.

If you own an original xbox and you didn't know about the exploding acid for blood xenomorph motherboard destroying capacitor that needs to be removed, then you should listen up because i only just found out about this.

Ok, ok, the acid for blood xenomorph bit isn't really true, lols, but you still need to get onto this as soon as you can.

Click links for the seriousness.






tl;dr version.
Never owned an xbox, yet still collected the odd 15 titles until 360 came out. Bought the 360 for Chromehounds and Ghostbusters in 2008.

Maybe five outta the original xbox games in the collection were not backward compatible with the 360 even after the update. Very sad face.

About eight months back i scored a modded one off the young part time lad i worked with on Saturdays, it had survived garage sales and a couple throw out attempts. I got him into Squad before he got a real job. Dude is currently still on my Steam friend list from EA and said he would never do Squad forums,...so i get to say his mum is my age and she is stonking hot as!

hehehe, well,  xbox boots with a custom wallpaper UI and i was finally able to play, for the first time in nearly forever, Gun Metal, Crazy Taxi 3, Battle Tech, Serious Sam 2 and Midway Arcade Treasures! Very happy face.

But!...none of this shit im telling you now would have happened if i had not found an abandoned xbox two weeks ago. I assumed at first it was broken. Cleaned it up, turn it on, awesome it works! Re-set date and time, save, bonus game already in the disc drive starts loading. Play game for two minutes, power down,  add console to spot right next to the PS2, Saturn, 3DO and GameCube in my little console arcade man cave thing i got going...

Play Squad.

Couple of weeks later, i boot up the xbox, the darn date and time had re-set. Im thinking, must have a coin battery or something somewhere, like the Saturn does, but i find zip...so i google how to change the bastard and find out,





So my dear fellow gamers, if you have an xbox stashed away in the attic or garage you were saving for that nostalgic game night with your mates, you need to find it and check the date of manufacture, If you loaned it to you're little brother, call him up and get the little rascal outta bed. If you have loaned it to the parents or grandparents, im not sure what to do there. ???

If the console was made before 2004, safely remove the capacitor, de-solder it from the back, clean the motherboard, put it back together and Kevin or Jim or Steve is your Uncle!

Your old xbox should live a long and happy life. Done the operation twice, only took me around fifteen mins each console...

My xbox - acid stain (RED) from leaking capacitor (YELLOW)

For 2004+ xbox's, Check link to find what version xbox motherboard you have, im reading these capacitors can't be removed without being replaced or no boot up? Once re-newed, monitor. Good luck!


Take the xbox apart vid.

Xtreme / SQUAD
« on: June 01, 2015, 06:36:14 PM »
Hey fellas, have you heard about SQUAD yet?
It's AAS evolved!
Almost all of the SQUAD dev team own nologics DF and JO series. Guess they got sick and tired of waiting for Angel Fails so they went and made their own game. From the makers of BF2 PR and ArmA 2 PR and yes

Sign up when you get the chance and Kickstarter is going off if you feel the need to get in early and back these guys!
rulie out!

ok, you're clear; please put that link back if you like.
Sorry for being trigger happy; as I wrote we had too many advertisers in the past.  I'd rather be wrong than let things get out of hand quickly.

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