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Yep, I'll see how the timing works out holiday/Christmas wise before the next season proper starts, but there will always be at least some fun runs.

As for my race, I never felt comfortable with the slow corners, probably after buggering around with my setup too much, and qualified 2nd last. At one point about a third of the way into the race, I overtook a bunch of cars with the boost, but then I lost the rear trying to negotiate the upcoming slow corner, and had a slow spin that left me at right angles to the track, where I collected a few cars. Sorry about that! That left my steering bent, so I pitted for suspension repairs and came out as the last of the LMP1s, lapped by the leaders :(

The rest of the race was largely uneventful, except for trying to finish within 10 seconds of Bacchulum, who I knew had a track cut penalty. I was just within the 10 seconds, but in the closing laps I caught up to a couple of GT3s which saw my gap stretch out over 10 seconds. Once I passed them, I was able to close the gap up again, and managed to finish 6.7 seconds behind Bacchulum.

Results are up in the 1st post.
Hey Wally, i think the results might be out.  I finished 3rd on track behind Joe yet am showing as 6th in the round points?
Sorry, fixed. It was just the round points in that post (they were still from the week before).

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / S19R6: Bahrain Race Chat
« on: November 21, 2017, 11:03:11 PM »
R7, Nov 28: Bahrain [DOWNLOAD] (sakhir - grand prix layout)

Weather is 26 and sunny with a light wind. This is the hottest race of the season.

This is the final round of the season. DC only has a 10 point lead over killagorilla in the GT3 class, so the GT3 championship could come down to the wire. Joe's 3rd place could come under assault from any of Phil, Shayne or Freezer who are all within striking distance.

Matthew has a 9 pt lead in the LMP1 class, but neither Kcender nor Grat will be at Bahrain. After Kcender and Grat, Diehard is 26 points away.

Results are up in the 1st post.

Well that was fun until the server kicked me when I entered the pit lane. Was 3rd after Matthew and Kcender at the time. Rejoined the server and did the laps but looks like it put me in 20th  :(

I tried a stop in qually after hearing people say it kicked them back to the pits if you overran the pit lane. I went in really slow and still managed to do it. I guess in race in kicks you out rather than back to pits with a penalty  ???

Hmmmm... random discos are an "act of god", but I feel bad for a track issue kicking people, especially race leaders. I think I'll still award Matthew 2nd place and Diehard 3rd place, based on where they were when they were kicked, and lap times (still rewarding Kcender for winning the race).

I'm online and in #general in the right server but see no one yet?
Just for future reference... make sure you join using the link in the first post, the first time.


Penalties: Mael had passed Bacchulum and was just clear, but Bacchulum sped up a little and hit Mael, who was still on the racing line, in the rear corner, spinning him off the track and causing him to lose several positions. Because Bacchulum should have backed off a little once cleanly passed, a penalty is issued (an extra 25% restrictor).

Round Points
DC   26
Joe   18
Freezer   15
Aaron Thomas   12
RussG   10
ab156   8
Shayne   6
Gratulin   5
killagorilla   2
Shameless   1
Phil.8   0.5
rexology   0.5
Dave O   0.5
Rob   0

Kcender87   25
Matthew111   18
Diehard   16
Mael   12
buellersdayoff   10
JamieP   8
Wally   6
Bacchulum   5
Seanus   0

Congratulations to DC and Kcender87on their class wins, and to Diehard and DC on their respective pole positions.

Season Podium
1. DC, 103
2. killagorilla, 93
3. Joe, 64

DC's continuing good form and killagorilla's 9th place finish sees DC move up into the championship lead. A 2nd place finish for Joe sees him jump from 5th to 3rd, leapfrogging Phil and Shayne on the standings.
Aaron Thomas managed to climb 3 spots to 9th, with a solid 4th place.

1. Matthew111, 102
2. Kcender87, 93
3. Grat, 89

Grat's absence from this round sees him drop to 3rd, with Matthew and Kcender moving up a spot each.
Buellersdayoff and JamieP both climb a couple of places.

All's well that ends well Rob :)

Assetto Corsa / Re: Deleted Post
« on: November 20, 2017, 10:56:56 AM »
I personally don't know why it was deleted. It wasn't me. I even replied to the post.

To sum up and repeat:

LMP1s will go when the red lights go out, and then go no higher than 2nd gear. Keep as consistent a speed as possible.

GT3s will go 20 seconds later on a call from the GT3 leader (watch the race timer), and then do the same as the LMP1s, going no higher than 2nd gear.

Both groups independently form into grid formation after the 2nd last right hand corner, and both groups get a GO call from their leaders.

General Discussion / Re: RIP Malcolm Young
« on: November 20, 2017, 07:35:19 AM »
He was only young too (no pun intended).

I still think speed should be limited rather than gear.. 80km max speed, if people can't follow that, they shouldn't be racing.
It's not open for discussion - to avoid confusion the rule is clear - stay in 2nd gear.

Mod Cars / V8 supercars mod
« on: November 17, 2017, 11:41:31 PM »
Here's another new one: http://v8scorsa.weebly.com/

I haven't checked it out myself, yet.

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