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Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S16 R7 - Usce - 13/12/2018
« on: December 08, 2018, 01:12:42 AM »
It must have been the laziest, most unimaginative track designer ever, but still fun  ;D

Question is... will anyone break the 1 minute barrier?

The worst race of the season, mostly due to my own poor driving  :-[

A surprising 3rd position on the grid was followed by misery after misery with me being unable to handle the longtail's propensity to understeer. On lap 8 I went from 4th just ahead of Jeremy to being lapped by Jeremy  :'(

Then an unplanned divebomb at the last corner almost ended up in tears with light contact with Bird, tried give the position back back suspect another driver took advantage of the situation. Sorry mate.

But another wall jumped in front of me to destroy a second set of front suspension, this time to make matter worse the pit mechanics were caught asleep. So I had to first park for fuel, then reveres and do a second set of refueling while the lazy #%$#%$ repaired the damage. Surprisingly after this I wern't last!   (LOL RUSS)

so chuck a block full of fuel I spend the last few laps trying to catch a few of the other fellow tortoises  ;D Wally with his reliance on " Natural Talent and skill" was one of the unfortunates caught  ;D 

Hey guys i know you could not care any less but i wont race tomorrow.
Of course we care!
Thx wally...... :-* :-* :-* :-*.simply i had no time for practice this time

Do pitch up Simone, its an easy track to learn!

The following drivers have a 15 second post-race time penalty:
Hahah - all Short Tail drivers.
Won't matter at this track anyway as I think we will be lapped twice again  :o  ::)
But with the same penalty we can keep alive the battle of the Shorties  ;D ;D ;D

I've made the ballast for the Short Tails a paltry 10kg (practice server updated).
So let me get this right. The Shorties keep on crashing into people so you give them a reward?  :P

Looks like Jeremy select 100% boost in the Long Tail at the start and blew everyone away to jump from 7th to 2nd at T1, upset my mojo and I ran Phil off tarck ... haha

Quite impressive that, I started on 60% boost. Any higher and the risk of doing donuts on the grid is too high  ;D

At the jump I got away slightly better than Mael in front and went to move left to go past, but didn't realise Bradc had done similar from behind
and was coming up my left.  Contact and I was into the wall hard!!

Apologies for initiating the misery Freezer. Actually got a good initial start but found myself blocked by the cars in front with no way through so lifted off the throttle  :-[

Otherwise had a very good race not withstanding under-estimating the tire wear, running softs only probably wasn't the quickest strategy  ;D The last few laps was spend chasing Russ, hoping in vain that the back-markers would hold him up. But his shorty was quick enough to keep ahead of my ice-skating Long-tail, good driving mate!

Shark attacks on the increase  ;D

Assetto Corsa / Re: Race start using clutch...when to engage gear etc.
« on: November 22, 2018, 01:31:17 PM »
I always start in gear, with cluch, it's definitely working.  The car may roll, though.   So keep your right on the brake until the last of lights to avoid false starts.

AC has a sort of automatic hand-brake at low speeds. it won't roll on the grid.

I'm starting to feel like Danny Glover, I think I'm too old for this shit. I was slow and made mistakes galore.

I suspect if you slightly off on the setup you have no chance. Normally I would suggest Bacchulum to steal a setup off but he was in the same (sinking) boat last night :)

It was a great moment in R2 coming into T1 3 abreast :o :o and we all survived, I think you get to know the other drivers pretty well, when you race together a lot :). It was also nice to have a visitor from near the track, he probably lived in Riga Latvia.

Race 2 was probably some of the best racing I've been involved in. Defending and attaching at the same time is always tricky and GW good defensive work compressed a lot of us into a very small piece of track, made for great fun!

I'm happy to leave the cars as they are ... but looks like the Short Tail will need 3 stops at Sebring.
I'm using 9.68L per lap. I'm calculating I will need minimum 305L to finish. Full tank = 99L, so 3 stopper or fuel saving.
As ab said, the main thing in this series is really about your class. All I'm aiming for is to be at the pointy end of the Short Tails. It's just fun to drive  :D
Happy to leave it also!  Just did a few laps the the C9 is a huge handful to drive . . so you can have it!  :)

Ok going with Freezer on this, the Merc guys took a gamble on the most difficult car to drive. If it pays off then good on them  :)

Also im away till Riverside so will need all the help i can get second half of the season especially with Laguna Seca in there :S  see everyone then!

I'm going to enjoy seeing the Merc attempt the corkscrew  ;D

Maybe we can add a new rule; if you're being lapped by a C9 (especially kcender), you're allowed to try and take that car out?  ;D
That'd work. But a 20 seconds penalty in the pits after the end of refuelling seems easier. They do this in many series: minimum pit stop time. Of course, it requires gentlemen agreement: you stop, you end refuelling, then look at the counter on top of your monitor and count to 20 before you go.

Easier to mandate an additional drive through penalty for a certain alien.

Just treat it as fun runs like I am, Kcender has already won the season, but will have some lonely hot lapping races, where as the rest of us will have some fun close racing as the season goes on if last night is anything to go by

Won't go that far, besides if Kcender wins by 60s again he might find a rather overweight passenger courtesy of Wally.  ;D

First 15-20 mins were okay with some position swapping with Freezer but after my first stop I was pretty much alone for the rest of the race. Time to fuel will definitely need to come into strategy for the future races. Before my last stop I was catching Phil by a second a lap and only 5 seconds behind him, but because he put in a lot less fuel than me on his final stop he finished 30+ secs ahead.
I just manually time those stops to check, but that means 38sec difference per 100L tank.  Not sure about fuel consumption differences which may or may not bring the Merc back to us.

I hope the tricky handling may bring the Merc back to us on other tracks. Daytona did not really have any difficult corners to test the handling. Even the chicane was pretty tame.

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