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I've done a handful of laps in each car at Riverside Short until I could put in consistent laps. Only changed gears and tyre pressures from default setups. Here are my times:

BMW CSL 1:25.5
Capri 1:25.5
Daytona 1:25.7
Pantera 1:25.9
Ferrari 365 1:26.2
Nissan GT-R 1:26.4
Porsche 906 1:26.8
Porsche RSR 1:27.7
Corvette 69 1:28.2
Corvette 67 1:28.9

I'm just a little concerned with trend.
When an LMP1 driver asks the GT3 driver for a heads up, the response seems to be you're on your own, you work it out.
If we all work together we can have a clean race but if some GT3 drivers are just going to ignore the fact that there are LMP1's out there, then crashes will follow.
I concur. It will always need awareness from both classes. However the LMP1 is the one doing the passing, so the onus is primarily on the LMP1 to make a safe pass.


Just a comment.

GT3 drivers would need to be positive about which side of the track they going to go after Eau Rouge. The LMP will be doing around 315 on the exit on Eau Rouge and trying to pass GT3's safely will be impossible if we  need to guess which side to go. So pick a side, left or right, it does not matter. But do it immediately.    8)

As an LMP driver coming out of Eau Rouge you will have to be cautious. All GT3 cars will be on the right, but will merge back to the left for the straight, this is what I was doing when you side swiped me and put me into a wall, you came out lightning fast and I had no time to avoid.  So all LMP drivers will have to show caution coming out at the top and it makes sense that they should all stick to the right and show some patience.  I really don't want to see LMP drivers diving under brakes into a corner and forcing GT3 cars out wide and off the racing line for a second race either.  In the few areas where the racing line crosses from one side to the other of the circuit to line up for the next corner LMP drivers will just have to wait for a clear path rather than make one.  Both sets of drivers will have to check the track map more to see what is happening around them,

All cars will exit Eau Rouge on the right and be on the right through the following Radillon left hander, before moving over to the left up Kemmel. It's the natural line. I think the only way LMP1 and GT3 are going to play nicely through there is for the LMP1s to be patient through Eau Rouge and Radillon, as that's not a place for passing at the best of times, and wait for the pass on Kemmel (probably on the right of the GT3). It will mean the LMP1's sacrifice a lot of top speed by the end of the straight without a flat out run through Eau Rouge, but that's what will have to be done if you're going to safely pass a GT3 there.

LMP1 drivers will have to be aware of what GT3's are ahead of them, right back from La Source, and plan their move accordingly.

Never seen that way of sharing a setup before! :o
It's the damn youtube generation.

Wally, read the readme file.

You have to copy some files from the Porsche DLC Pack.

Love al the cars I've tried. They all handle and sound different. Should be a great Season (or two)
Thanks Rob.

To my Toyota bros I attached the setup Ill be running it feels pretty good I haven't done a huge amount of work to it but its something lol, you may need to pump the tyre pressures up for the track temps I found 34 hot worked nice and 7th gear may need to be longer.
Stracker shows your top speed is "only" 299kph (I can hit 325), but your aero doesn't look overly aggressive in your setup. And you got a 1:59. What's going on there? 

Well done Mael, Bacchulum and Wally.  Might have been a bit tighter if Wally hadn't taken holidays!
Good Season.
That's what I was thinking.
*cough* dropped round *cough*

All the cars are great, drive nicely and sound cool (except for the BMW which sounds just as much like a sewing machine as it did in GTL). The Daytona is LOUD. It should be a great season.
I couldn't drive the Porsche Carrera though - I got lots of errors about missing kn5 files.

Well done Mael. We had some good racing. It was a very enjoyable season in these cars.

Thanks Wally,

I'll join the BMW brigade and take the GT3 Z4.

Excellent. See you next Tuesday at Spa.

A bit of a root around because the original OSRW mod for Spa was just called spa_osrw, but the modder changed it to spa_osrw113 at some stage  ::)

I just uploaded a new version, as the UI folder still had a "spa_osrw113" in it.


I now have the content for the server but I still get the same error on entry.. PROBLEMS DURING CHECKSUM.  Game is 100% validated and I've added nothing since to the game since the last race other than setups for the amg.
Try now... I restarted the server.

I just uploaded a new version, as the UI folder still had a "spa_osrw113" in it.

OK, try the updated link in the first post. I repackaged and uploaded the mod, so all folders and files are just spa_osrw instead of spa_osrw113.

You shouldn't have any folders or files called spa_osrw113 left.

ok done. now it's saying spa-spa_osrw in the track name on the server.. but tells me i dont have the content
My server list shows the track name as "Spa OSRW". Is that what you see? I was able to join OK.

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