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Sorry not to make it. Not been feeling too well today.

yeah right, you just knew that you could not beat me today  ;D

Hope you recover quickly!

Found some pace after messing about with the gear ratio which set up a good qualifying position.

The race started well, slipped into second place behind Seanus, kept it clean with defensive lines to keep Bacchulum behind. Seanus  did a bit of off-roading on lap 5 to gifting me the lead. Bacculum's pace and consistency meant I had to keep on pushing until the end for a satisfying win.

Shout out to David, good lap to get into the sub  2 minutes, less than a second from the fastest lap!

Where is Marty these days?  I miss his musk.

Yip. Hope he'll join us again. The aliens need some competition.

Race one not a lot to report, Bruce was too fast, Bacchulum refused to let me pass  ;D

Race 2 was tricky with too many mistakes. Few laps in Humper out-braked himself at the chicane and I assumed he would not manage to make the chicane so dived for a quick overtake. But miraculously Humper succeeded to pull his car up in time to avoid the wall and turned into the corner. Sadly two cars do not go into the tight chicane, predictably much chaos ensued  :-[  Apologies for any other drivers who got involved. Still had fun!

Assetto Corsa / Re: Racer Introductions
« on: July 13, 2017, 12:07:32 PM »
oh no, not another Phil!  ;D

Welcome aboard.

Always found Gentrack very difficult. It feels as if most of the corners tightens at the end which means any attempt to drive aggressively usually ends up with me on the grass on corner exit.  ;D

Yet if I used more than 15% throttle out of Luffield, it spun instantly and uncontrollably.
And I'm pretty good at catching slides, hence my love of cross-plies, but I couldn't catch the AE86.

Trying to remember what I did to the setup  ;D Suspect I raised the rear end up a bit while softening the springs. I found it as solid as a rock.

Enjoyed all of the cars but the Escort has the most depth.

The two Toyota's I suspect would drive the same no matter which track they on, whereas the Escort demands a bit more skill and adaptions for different tracks. Setups would also be a bit more effective in changing the handling of the car in the ford.

yes please Wally

That was a fun start to the season  :)  The handicap system worked well, it never felt like my pace was hindered by the restrictor. When Wally passed me it felt more like my poor corner exit was the reason, not the handicap. Although the first few laps of the reverse grid was a bit strange, I could not keep up with Bruce or Rooshooter!

Really sorry for all the restriction Bacchulum :(   if you was handicapping from a mixture of ballast and restriction let me know, maybe some of the up coming tracks will not need as much handicapping


Bit of an eventful event.

In race 1 noticed an accident on the last corner of the first lap so slowed down a bit more than usual. Unfortunately Doobs did not appreciate my caution.

Nah I appreciated it Mael, :) I was just blind to the accident  and unfortunately, not fast enough to react to your caution. Sorry for the tail end but there wasn't much I could do. I didn't see the trouble ahead until I almost hit you, or I would have been showing the same caution.

Reading my own post and the tone of the post did not come through as I intended.  No intention in blaming you Doobs as, unless you could see through my car, there was no way you could notice the traffic in front of me. Maybe we should get Wally to double the penalty of the drivers who caused the traffic jam in the first place, would be nice advantage for the first race of the next season  ;D

Bit of an eventful event.

In race 1 noticed an accident on the last corner of the first lap so slowed down a bit more than usual. Unfortunately Doobs did not appreciate my caution. Pitted immediately hoping the clear track would be to my advantage. Spend a number of laps slowly gaining on Wally and just as I caught him he overtook Joe (i think). Unfortunately Joe's car made a sharp jerking move as I was about to overtake him and in my shock I overreacted in avoiding him spinning miles off track. Sadly I ten notice his car jump back which meant I was a victim of my poor internet, the move was only some connection lag. Ended the race with a good battle with Seanus.

Race 2 the pole position curse struck again. Got a bit of damage on first lap after Kero forgot how slow I am! Then the disasters really started. I pitted immediately to fix the damage but forgot my pitbox is the first one so did not have time to switch the fix damage on. Well at least got some fresh rubber.  After a number of laps I realized that is was just possible to do decent laptimes with the car damaged. So in for a second stop. Unfortunately I proceeded to crash into the pit wall severely damaging the front suspension which took ages to repair.   :-[  Not the brightest move ever.

Congratulation to Matthew for the championship and Joe for his win, you trounced me this season Joe.

Yeah I think the Escort, although I will have to seriously practice my sideways skills . . .  :(

Tested the Escorts and the new updated physics makes it worthy of a season  8)

(They really should have given the car another name  ;D)

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