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Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run 29-06-2017
« on: June 22, 2017, 10:11:58 PM »
Really looking forward to testing the track.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Fun Run 22-06-2017
« on: June 22, 2017, 01:56:14 PM »
I remember the Lada being the same but it made for some great close racing

LADA's are the best  :)

Dismal night...!
Story of the season, pretty good pace, like the car, had a good setup . . . results . . . Nil!
R1 got to 7th right behind the faster guys when Kero spun and collected me in the process.  The subsequent hit with the wall killed my engine so game over!
R2 If someone didn't either hit me, I get collected by a spinning car or I spin under my own doing then it wasn't a complete lap..! 
Time for Zandvoort . . .  fingers crossed for some points!

Same, had a slow but reliable setup but just could not keep away from other drivers incidents. Its the first XGN race I've been involved in with so many off-road excursions, shows the cars were pushing us to the limit  ;D

So what we doing till the 22 July?

Assetto Corsa / Re: AC News
« on: June 14, 2017, 01:53:37 PM »

I know we tried once to have points not based on a 32-1-1-1-1-1... Some people complained a lot. But I have to admit it feels a bit funny to be 17th of the round after winning the feature race in an F2 weekend ;)

I'm a fan of our current points settings as it places a premium on finishing. It discourages heroic, desperate passing maneuvers that have a high chance of ending in an accident. Its better for a driver to leave enough space for clean racing rather than risk an accident and a subsequent DNF.

As for the races, two very enjoyable races, lots of passes and being passed  ;D. Did one dive bomb on my team mate on the last chicane last lap, was not successful bit it did force him into a mistaken DRS activation  ;D. Race two was a race long battle with Shayne, he had fantastic drive out of corners and it took me a long time to make a pass stick!

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S17R3: Spa
« on: June 13, 2017, 03:48:31 PM »
I definitely cant get a good setup for this combo.... Been pushing into the 1:56's but cant be consistent  :-\

I wouldn't mind getting into the 56s.  :-[

Well I would mind Wally, seems Joe is already too fast for me and with Grat in warp-drive both Freezer and me is going to have to finish ahead of you to avoid falling  behind in the teams battle  ;D

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S17R3: Spa
« on: June 12, 2017, 10:34:26 AM »
Its been a while since I've been 4 seconds off the pace. Worst is it does feel like I'm driving well, no major mistakes and close to the limit but still the laptimes is on the 59's.

The only hope I've got is that there is going to be a huge pile up in Eu Rouge between the leaders.  ;D

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S17R3: Spa
« on: June 11, 2017, 07:34:28 PM »
We might need to figure out how to get MR ratings on the practice server. I've been taken out by so many idiots driving backwards!

(My theory is there are players being paid by other game developers to make Ac multiplayer look bad, what other reason can there be for so many idiots?)

Why does a KS track need fixes?

Yeah the Highlands track I was referring to is the Kunos fictional one, Highlands Short   :(

We can do another Alfa/Porsche cars swap next week on a different style track and then we are all ready for Season 9.

The Alfa/Porsche around Highlands Short? In my view one of the better tracks that deserve more attention. Like a short Monaco only without the ridicules hairpins.  8)


ps: Hey Mael!!! what happened in front of the finish line mate? i almost crashed into  your rear????!!!  ahahhahahahaa

I had 1.5 laps worth of fuel to do 2 laps  ;D Coasted most of the last lap (sooo frustrating) but finally ran out with about 200m to go!

Race 1 crashed into a wall while adjusting pit strategy, got a 10 second cut penalty. Race 2 ran out of fuel. Enough said  ;D

(I drove bad enough in the first part of race 1 that Bacchulum's T2 push had no effect on my race Wally. A penalty for two races in a row is a bit tough so can we let that one slide?)

Going to be an interesting race.  Managed to roll the car after getting a bit aggressive over the curbs  :o

T1 by any chance? You hit that inside curb it fires you skyward.

Hilariously no, lost the back end while on full throttle in the infield section launching myself into the barriers and somehow landed upside down.

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