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Thanks Glen, I'll send on the race 1, but sadly I lost race 2 :(
Hehehe it was a long time coming, but very enjoyable, I was able zone in as if I was swimming...
Still smiling widely.

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I have race2 Bruce but have yet to find a way to share it. I tried Dropbox but did not seem to work. I am a bit clueless when it comes to this stuff. :-[

Another great night even if my results were a bit disappointing. First a big congratulations to the winners and to Flattop for his win from pole in race one and then to backup with a second in the reverse grid. He was driving like a man possessed ;D
I was taken aback to be on the front row in R1 with just Flattop in front of me , however I stuffed up the start and Bacchulum was in second place by the first corner.
I thought no problem I will just hang on the back in third position and everything will be sweet and a podium position finish will eventuate. I must have been overconfident  and on cold tyres that is not a good combination, I hit the grass a few corners later and rejoined the race in 7th place behind Wally and we had a great chase to the end, I do not know how he stayed in front though, he was having handling troubles to put it mildly.
Race 2 reverse grid I started in 5th place behind Seanus but quickly ended up behind RussG and we had an epic battle to the end with just .4 of a second between us across the line.  ( I also detected a change in grip level from R 1 to R 2, I was right, R1 grip was 98.8% first lap and R2 was 97.6% first lap).

Thanks  Phil and all participants.

I couldn't get into TS either.

Did you check your AC video resolution?
No TS here also

Flattop is still at the top of the list for lap times at this circuit despite some concerted attempts to knock him off, 1.51.571 is the time to beat  ;D. I will try again today but I do not like my chances :'(

Did you see my AE86 drift in the video? That was actually fairly controlled. The car felt great to me. That was just using the default setup.
I did Wally, beautifully done  ;D ;D

News / Re: 1953 Abarth 1100 Sport by Ghia... lovely!
« on: July 12, 2017, 08:39:35 AM »
Beautiful car beautiful restoration job :)

Great idea Wally.

Didn't we try to run Mas du Clos previously and there was something wrong with it?

ahh timing!  I will investigate more...
My Asetto driving stats show me only having done some laps in a Merc 190, although the track does appear to be hard on FPS.

glad you like it, I had 6 in mind, but I will keep the others for next season...  :-X but pleased these fit the bill.

Denis, you said the "AC Version" is there another/better version?
Sorry Bruce , misunderstanding, no , there is no other AC version I am aware of. :)

Great track selection Bruce. I drove the AC version of Pau67 this morning , looks great . I remember driving this track years ago but I cannot remember which SIM it was. :(

General question...is it still fun racing with the restrictor ?

Well , what a great start to the new season it was worth the wait. The cars and track combo proved to be just perfect and with Phil's handicapping it was anyones races to win. I was having a great three way battle in race 1 with Robin and Flattop with me in the lead until I got too excited watching Robin and Bruce beside me and forgot to change gears !! Race 2 reverse grid, I was sure Flattop had a win in the bag , there was noway they would have caught you Bruce without  a mistake on your part, maybe next week. I felt everybody had some good clean close racing.  ;D ;D

I have just watched both replays, race 1 was intense, no wonder I felt stuffed. I take my hat off to the winners no mean feat on their part.

Imola it is
Good choice, another of my all time favourite tracks  ;D ;D

The Mid-Ohio without chicane works OK, but not sure if that has other problems
Page 1 of this thread and yes,Bradc was having exactly the same problems

I cannot find that version of the track on race department
 should we pick a Kunos track to make sure everyone is ready to race
Valleunga Classic could be a possibility.

I'll be out for most of this season. Away on holidays in Norway etc. Haven't raced much recently anyway due to various injuries...
Have fun Gratulin and I hope your injuries heal while you are away.

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