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I read on the AC forums from Aris I think that restrictor hurts most at maximum revs, which I guess is going to slow the engine at the end of every gear, whether hairpins or straights.

Thanks Phil - I was suprised to come 3rd in the end. I really enjoyed the Porsche. And Pau was great too once you got into the flow of it, especially the fast flowing esses near the end. I was doing really well in the second race until a fluffed gear change flicked me around and cost me about 8 seconds and a couple of spots to Phil & Joe (who then gave it back by getting lost out in the hay bales :) ).

Remember, please redress your position as soon as it's safe to do so if you cause an accident where you're clearly in the wrong. Redress isn't required on lap 1, where there are already penalties, and redressing would probably cause more danger.

If anybody feels like they were on the wrong end of an incident in any race, PM me afterwards and tell me which race, roughly which lap, and who you think hit you, and some time later in the week I'll take a look. If I think someone's at fault and they didn't redress, they'll get a ballast penalty for the next race.

I did well this week and as it did poorly last week and only had 61% restrictor for this one. I wonder if will keep going like that; bad, good, bad, good repeat or whether it will level itself out. But agreed Phil is some kind of freak.
It can swing a bit, but because it's based on season standings, I'm hoping that it will start to level out.

Looking at the BOP I'm putting my money on Matthew for the win here  :o
Nah, Phil can win with any amount of restrictor.

.....  Race one ended up being fairly quite.....

No surprise you were the loneliest driver in race one? Quite unusual to finish in the top 10 and be the loneliest of the race  :P
Here you can see Freezer was in a little "Freezer bubble".

Don't worry Freezer, with a little more restrictor you'll be back in the pack ;)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: "Meet The Driver"
« on: August 16, 2017, 08:11:25 PM »
Meet the Driver - Bacchulum

Before we raced Assetto Corsa at XGN, starting in June 2014, we raced in Kunos Simulazioni’s netKar PRO, starting in April 2011. Some names from those very first netKar PRO races who are still racing today are DaveO, Flattop, Rob and Simone. In netKar season 2, round 3, we were joined by the driver we now know as Bacchulum. Since his debut in the netKar Formula 1800 at Ricardo Tormo, Bacchulum is now a veteran of 454 races at XGN in netKar/AC. He has 53 wins in netKar, and 6 wins in AC.
Bacchulum was the joint season champion in season 9 (with StanDaam), in the Formula Renault 3.5, and he also finished 3rd in the Lotus Exos 125 season. His worst season result was 15th in the Maserati GT4, so it would appear to be fair to say his best results have come in open wheelers. He normally finishes seasons around 6th or 7th, being a consistently good performer.

XGN: Tell us about your racing rig. What would you upgrade if money was no objective?

Bacchulum: If money were no objective I'd get one with wheels and an engine. :D
But let’s assume we're still sim. My current rig is a Next Level GTXtreme cockpit, 3 x 22" monitors, Fanatec CSR Elite wheel, Clubsport v2 pedals and a DSD button panel.
All I'd upgrade is the wheel and pedals to the latest Fanatec gear. I'd like larger monitors but would necessitate a larger unit, which brings us back to "If money were no objective...".
XGN: What is your favourite style of racing car, and what do you like about it? 

Bacchulum: Formula!
They're pure race cars, designed and built for nothing but racing. Not adapted passenger cars.
Favourite of the formula cars? Formula 5000. They kept the aero pre-diffuser.
XGN: What's one thing you'd like to improve about your racing? 

Bacchulum: Winning. ;)
I'd like to win more. That's one thing. ;)
Thanks Bacchulum.

Great right up Bueller! Yeah, 45 litres was the go.

Wow... what happened with Rolz? I don't want to create any drama, but not being there I am kind of curious of figuring out what happened... After all, he is the cofounder of my team.
I'm not sure. Racing around me was hard but fair. 27 cars on a relatively short, twisty track...

Hey Wally, I'll be away for work again so I'll miss 17/8 and 22/8. but definitely in for THURS 31/8 and TUES 5/9 if there's racing, thanks
OK, thanks.

It is a bit abrupt, yes. Everyone has better races and worse races from time to time - that's racing.

R4: Aug 22, Bridgehampton [DOWNLOAD 2.0], 8 laps + 19 laps

Note this is a new track version on RaceDepartment (2.0). If you have the old version 1.0, you have to delete the old Bridgehampton track folder first.

The track actually has 44 pit boxes, so you can ignore any warnings about there being insufficient slots.

Entry List and Restrictor
Phil.8   100
Kcender87   96
Joe   93
Freezer   89
diehard   86
Shayne   82
Mael   79
Uncle Tim   75
Jeremy   71
Matthew111   68
Doobs   64
Wally   61
ab156   57
RussG   54
Slow_As   50
bradc   46
GymHippo   43
Dave O   39
Bacchulum   36
Rob   32
SkilletKid   29
Shameless   25
Fozzy   21
AJ   18
buellersdayoff   14
JamieP   11
Simone   7
Dr.Dinkum   4
Flattop   0
Seanus   50
DC   50

I'm out - being crippled to the extent I was has sapped any enjoyment out of it... one of the reserves can take my place

 did Rolz delete his account ,, bit extreme if so, I hope not
But in saying that if you are happy to race and win one week with low BOP then dummy spit the next week, doesn't seem fair
It seems that way, but this is a Drama Free Zone. If people want to dummy spit, then so be it. The rest of us will all still be here next week, having fun.

I wasn't on the pace tonight, qualifying in 21st. Race 1 was a pretty intense battle, chasing Rolz and Bradc who were pretty close in front. It took Rolz a long time to get past Brad, but I wasn't able to do so, with pretty much nothing splitting our lap times. I was less than a second from the car in front every lap of the race, so that was some really good close racing.

The first half of race 2 was similarly close, but then the two cars I was chasing (AB and someone? I can't remember now) came together and I could make an opportunistic pass. From there it ended up being relatively lonely chasing SkilletKid a few seconds in front, but Diehard and AB were heaping on the pressure behind me, catching up in the slower corners. I knew if I was going to run wide on any of the slow corners, they'd be in, so I had to be pretty careful. It's no wonder I was Hunted in race 2, with Diehard chasing hard.

Race results in first post...

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