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In the last race last night watching Joe's car trying to climb over the trees and walls was a sight to behold !!!

Yes unfortunately once behind the hay bales the way out was over the big mound at the chicane. The first time I made it unscathed but the second time something went very wrong and my wheels fell off. Was happy with my pace though and had more in it.

I loved tonight despite not finishing either race. Going fast here felt great so i kept going for pbs during the race which was my downfall  ;D race 2 was unlucky just going slightly off track behind the hay bails twice

I am :(  what are you playing,   I play BF1 most nights after a drive and thinking about getting lawbreakers atm :)
Cool, any of you guys can add me on origin if you like. Same name, I still get on bf1 a bit, not as much now that some friends have moved to pubg (couldn't get into that one). Play the occasional round of overwatch and used to finish a night off with a round or two of rocket league...don't you judge me lol☺️

No judgement. I often went to play a round of two of rocket league before bed and 3 hours later....

Order and Chaos. Android World of Warcraft ripoff... I'll practice more for next race though with my BOP. Need to figure out how you do it  ;D

I used to practice as much as phil but now i'm addicted to another game  ;D You must be lonely on there without me Phil  :-*

I like the idea of no BOP as haven't driven the car all season without. I also like the idea of Mael crying  :'(

I did well this week and as it did poorly last week and only had 61% restrictor for this one. I wonder if will keep going like that; bad, good, bad, good repeat or whether it will level itself out. But agreed Phil is some kind of freak.

Looking at the BOP I'm putting my money on Matthew for the win here  :o


Final round and a 3 way battle for glory between Bacchulum, Seanus or Mael , which one of these might gladiators will have the raisins come race day  ??? Stay tuned as all will be revealed next Thursday

Just an idea but maybe drop the handicapping for this last round and let the 3 battle it out?

That could also be worded 'Let Bacculum win'  ;D His pace without handicapping is silly fast

Qualified 3rd and kept the position off the line which is rare for me in these cars. A few laps in russ went wide at t1 and got alongside him for a few corners coming out ahead. After that little scrap uncle tim had made a gap which i was closing little by little each lap but wasn't able to catch him.

Started on pole R2 and was immediately overtaken off the line by uncle tim. Had a small contact with phil when he was along side me which kcender was able to use to get by. A few laps later tim had an off allowing us by. After that the race stayed the same until the end. At one stage i did close up on kcender but he and phil are too consistent and I'm not so several bad laps meant the gap opened up to a few seconds and wasn't much i could do. Happy with 2nd and 3rd for the night.

oh god  should I not watch it

Wonder what i did
You just had a good view of racing in front of you, that's all.

Haha yes, that is all Phil; just good racing in front of you. Subtle way of saying your driving was shithouse  ;D

Well done on the win dave. Good pace and with my 70% engine restrictor no way i could match it.

Thanks to bacculum for taking mael out and giving me a chance to build a gap. Kept the leading pack in sight but with full tank of fuel and engine restrictor i couldnt quite match the pace.

I eventually caught up with rob who pitted so i pitted the following lap and came out ahead. Bruce was out in front and took his stop and i jumped him into 2nd which i didnt expect to happen. Must have been a longer stop for fuel?

Good fun.

It may only take a minute for a lap but that is one intense minute and not easy to get right .

 :o And very easy to get catastrophically wrong. I was right behind Joe last night when he launched into the air and completed a perfect barrel roll while airborne. I give a 9.6 for landing such a difficult maneuver

Haha yes that was impressive. I only just clipped the curb on exit. Can see a few accidents tonight.

Aww my last lap cut cost me 4 places. Bring on the 61% restrictor though! Enjoy your 100% rolz  ;D

I assume you you guys arent referring to the clubsport shifter? I have it and its great. I think they do some smaller pastic looking shifter.

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