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Pleased to hear the track was as I hoped it would be, I was disappointed to have missed this round.

Bruce XGN

It certainly was a challenge Bruce, good choice.


Final round and a 3 way battle for glory between Bacchulum, Seanus or Mael , which one of these might gladiators will have the raisins come race day  ??? Stay tuned as all will be revealed next Thursday

Just an idea but maybe drop the handicapping for this last round and let the 3 battle it out?

That could also be worded 'Let Bacculum win'  ;D His pace without handicapping is silly fast

Noooo!  I'm very happy for the handicap to stay, Bacchulum will destroy us without it.

.....  Race one ended up being fairly quite.....

No surprise you were the loneliest driver in race one? Quite unusual to finish in the top 10 and be the loneliest of the race  :P

As for Jeremy he caught and easily passed me on the last lap during race 2, next time hold him up for a bit longer please (team order ;D).

Was hoping to have a bit less restrictor for this round, and now Freezer's engine is also a bit asthmatic   :o  That uphill final straight is going to be a .........

Less said about race one the better. Race two however was great fun. A race long battle with Fozzie till Jeremy came to spoil the party on the last lap  ;D

No idea how you won the race with your restrictor Phil, seriously impressive!

I was just pointing out how awesome I am, requiring extra restriction for doing nothing. 8) ;D



We expect one of these David  ;D  Congrads


Fine Print
For round 2 only, because we drop the worst round, I have averaged the first two rounds to put everyone in order. Otherwise Phil would still be 1st with 100% restrictor because round 2 results, with some restrictor, would be dropped. From next round, the order will just be as per the standings, with the worst round dropped.

Can we appeal against the decision? Phil certainly deserve his 100% restrictor and the averaging gave me more than I deserve  ;D

short track is better, nice flow, with some tricky bits entering the home straight!
It is the first time I have blown a tyre/lost a wheel in AC! it was a huge uncontrolled jump!  :o

Did a few laps. Fun

Enjoyed the nights racing even if a number of errors meant the results were poor. The battle in race 2 with Bacchulum and Joe was especially fun.   ;D

Sounds like another bug in the game, I got it with a cutting track warning when I was slammed into and run off the road at the first corner and then again when another car ran wide into me on the exit of the hairpin at the bottom of the hill. Whilst I've got no problem with the game policing people doing the wrong thing, it needs to get it right more often before I will have any confidence in it.

It's not really a bug. You should view it as a warning for going off-track. The app does not calculate whether you gained an advantage or not by going off track  ;D

I do like to read others race reports, I am hopeless at it, I get into some zone and have no ideas whats happened after a race .

My report example
race one started, did some laps and finished well

race 2 started from pole went around and around for 39 times passed some cars was fun

I have a feeling the next race is not going to be as easy Phil  ;D

Race two was crazy. I lost a couple of places on the start and got stuck behind Diehard, Joe and Jeremy. AT stages it felt like they connived against me. Every single time I got a good run at Joe he pulled alongside Jeremy leaving me no space to pass  ;D  That went on for lap after lap. And when i finally got pass Joe ( missed gear?) I managed to orchestrate a accident in the only straight of the track. Not sure what happened Joe, I may have drifted over into you path without intent.

The off-road excursion meant a bit of hard work to get past Diehard. I even almost made it past Jeremy after a mistake by him in the last few corners, unfortunately he parked his car smack in the middle of the road. No space to pass  :(  Good defense Jeremy.

Great racing!

Hey Mael and your "I just set a new fastest lap for you to aim for Joe". Can you make it a little more challenging. Only took me about 10 laps to beat it. Thanks

Lol, You must have cheated, my lap was perfection! I'm sure Freezer will sort you out in the race  ;D

Sorry not to make it. Not been feeling too well today.

yeah right, you just knew that you could not beat me today  ;D

Hope you recover quickly!

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