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Apps / Re: Got a spare android phone or tablet?
« on: November 17, 2017, 02:26:23 PM »
Just say that the Simdashboard mentioned at the start of this post requires no connection.  It talks to the PC via wifi.
I just start the app, place my Galaxy phone in front of me and it works . . . very well.

Yes, the rule is very simple. The problem we have is that you can go 30k's in second gear and you can do 160.
Forcing the field into formation earlier and at a lower speed would probably help...and I don't think it would be complicated at all.
The problem we have is that everyone accelerates at different points in time. The leader gets onto start finish straight, maybe at a lower speed for the field to catch up, one guy in row 3 hits the gas pedal earlier and comes with so much momentum that he gets into turn one first...and , of course, he most likely doesn't even do it deliberately.
The faster you go, the later you get into formation and the less practise...the more complaints and discussions here.
I reckon last week I was just speeding up to get into position as the Go Go Go was called and I powered on and flew past 3 cars......
Not intentional, just the way it worked out.  I actually lifted a bit at first as others weren't going as quick.....

I think nominating a top speed rather than 2nd gear would be more specific as to what needs to happen!
And keeping that speed down say 80Km/h should reduce the lag front front to rear of the field.

Not sure about the start but I heard "Go go go" hit the loud pedal and shot from 4th to 1st of the GT3's.  Did the others miss the jump?  Not sure....
The race progressed pretty well with DC behind until the pit stop.  Despite a clean stop I came out behind DC, and by a reasonable margin. 
Had a good battle with Phil who eventually got by and not long after copped my mandatory hit and spin which whilst not costing a spot, put the two or three
cars right on my tail.  I think the hit cost me some speed as I couldn't match the speed of the first half of the race and eventually lost a few more spots to come
home 15th.
Weirdly I went up one spot in the standings, which after another lost opportunity seems strange!

I couldn't believe it when Freezer and myself came together for the second week in a row dropping us both down the order !!!

The racing was incredibly close between Freezer, Joe, Killa and myself and considering how fast Freezer was around 90% of the track, my only opportunity was to pass in one section of the track where I had pace, he finally made a mistake and opened the door, I went up the inside and looked clean to me but please tell me if that wasn't the case from your perspective Freezer ?

By the way Freezer you have the coolest Skin on the grid IMO I've been looking at pretty closely for the last 2 races !! :)   

Tough one.  At first I thought WTF......!!  Then I watched the replay a few times and I did run a bit high on entry and then straightened out the exit, but in that moment you were there . . . so hard to say!
As for the skin . . my homage to Skaife . . . those where the days!

So I managed to grab pole for the GT3's in the dying lap of qualifying and got away in the race with Phil and Killa behind.
We stayed this way until around lap 12 Phil peeled off then on 14 I did also.  Unfortunately I overshot my pit bay by around two feet and had to reverse.
This meant when I came out I was immediately in front of Phil but with cold tyres I couldn't put up much of a fight and he went by.  From there I climbed up to Killa who Phil had managed to pass however I could not.
I was probably marginally faster but not enough to make a move stick.  A handful of laps later I had DC on my tail.  Sadly for the second week in a row we had contact.  I ran a bit high on entry into the final corner before the back straight and DC made a dive up the inside but hit my rear right spinning us both.  From there I followed him home not really able to improve any further.
That make 3 out of 4 races this season being stuffed by contacts (:

Apologies to rexology for the contact, totally lost sight of you :-[  and ruined your race  :-[

And apologies also to Freezer , ( I think it was you)  I had contact with on turn 2  ::)

Might be getting too old for this racing  :(   Dave O.
Hey Dave.  All good, I did dive past but then swept across a bit which might not have helped.

Did a reasonable qualifying lap to start 5th of the GT's.  Got a great start and was able to use the big power of godzilla to drive past Phil and DC on the first lap.
From there they continued to slipstream pass each other and I maintained a modest gap in front.  Meanwhile Killagorilla was inching away in front.
Lap 5 trouble strikes . . . !  DC having got past Phil gets closer then braking into the 1st chicane nails the rear of my car and I'm around.  Managed to get going losing a few spots but looped it again on the next chicane.
Seems the rear wing was damaged and making the handling a bit off.  Pitted on Lap 6 for a longer second stint.  I pushed hard for many many laps trying to catch Jeremy but the car was a second or two slower and couldn't really bridge the gap.  It wasn't until the last lap when he got slowed by a LMP1 that I was able to pounce.
All up a good race, but definitely an opportunity lost.  LMP passing all went well.

Well given the times I was seeing in practice I didn't hold out much hope as I couldn't see anyway to get more speed out of the Nissan.
Qualified 17th and once we got going I was tucked in behind Shayne for the first 8 or so laps.  I could keep close but not really find any gaps.  With Phil and Joe only just in front things were looking more promising.
I stayed out until lap 16 with everyone around pitting earlier.  The softs started to get a bit slippery in the dying laps but not far of my normal lap times.
After stopping I again came out behind Shayne but now with much newer tyres.  This seemed to pay of as I got past under brakes at the end of Kemmel straight and was able to pull a few seconds gap.
All in all no incidents, LMP1 all got through pretty cleanly.  I did notice how much down force is lost if one goes up the inside, creating a lot of understeer!

Learnt a few things tonight.  Firstly don't crash on lap one as that really sucks.  Two, use soft tyres as they are quicker and three, don't start with full fuel . . . you have time to refill.!!
Aside from that, I didn't put a wheel wrong during the rest of the race.  The LMP1's were pretty controlled with their passes although I did have a weird moment with Mael.  He went up the inside under brakes and as I braked a bit deeper down the outside of his car it  suddenly shot forward and spun him despite their being no actual contact!  Weird.
Anyway it can only get better from here... :)

Sorry everyone. :(
Following the restart after the practice start, I began getting micro stutters.
I hoped these would go away but they got worse, I lost it on a curb, and killed half the field. :'(
They didn't go away so I left, I didn't want to cause another accident.

I was not upset at you at all, and if it came across like that I am sorry.  I was just salty because while I am all for realism, I also think it should be fun also, and tonight was not fun and the whole week turns into a waste of practice and to top it off don't even get to race,  just lapping god knows how many laps down
+1 on that. Disappointing to go out on the first lap of a 1 hour race.  I finished it, but it was a lot of work for last!
Sh#t happens Bacchulum . . . if it makes you feel any better I can punt you off next week :) :) :)

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: Season 19 Skins
« on: October 13, 2017, 02:27:27 PM »
I am going to re use a skin I did from a previous season . .

I will take the Nissan (GT3) thanks Wally.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Best wishes to Flattop
« on: October 12, 2017, 10:15:01 AM »
Hey Bruce, we have raced together for many many years and whilst we have not met in person I do feel like I know you.  It concerns me that
you have been unwell.  You have always made racing here such a good place to be and I only hope that the future looks promising for you.
Look forward to many more races . .

Apps / Re: Got a spare android phone or tablet?
« on: October 12, 2017, 09:31:17 AM »
I grabbed this Simdashboard last night ($16us), setup a custom dashboard with everything I want (and there is a lot to pick from)
Enables me to remove the clutter off the screens and i find the info in the new dashboard easier to read . . . impressed!

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