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I'll say Godzilla x 2.
Clearly moves left in the first hit, then with Russg coming through quicker up the inside moves left again. (albiet with russg on the kerb, but definitely over lap)
Nothing dramatic but a bit more awareness would have stopped both incidents.

Doubt the orange car would have made the corner at all from that tight line so should have lifted.

Like some i was not at all confident about last night but managed to qualify 12th.
Managed to make my way up to 6th when nearing the end i realised it was 14 not 12 laps so quick pit for fuel and came home 11th.
R2 equally surprising to find myself in 4th nearing the end and was able to grab two more to come home 2nd.  Best result in a while . . !
R3. Copped a hit at three start but pushed on for a hard fought run to come home 5th i think.
What i thought would be a shocker turned out to be a great night.
Didnt even make the contact report . . !

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R4: Road Atlanta
« on: January 10, 2018, 12:00:16 PM »
Sorry but won't be around for this or the next race as gone away with the family.  Its all up to Mael.

For some reason I didn't have any start lights come up for race one, this meant I had to watch for movement from other cars so lost 2 spots off the line. Tried to be gentlemanly and leave racing room for people but someone side-slammed me on the exit of one.  I am sure there is an excuse.

At the exit of the fast sweeper I could see heaps of smoke and cars off the track so eased off the throttle and got rewarded with full speed contact from a couple of people behind.  I am sure they couldn't see the issues ahead otherwise they would surely have taken a bit of caution..... all I will say is this is a common occurrence.  I need to adjust my driving style which is currently  to try and not create further carnage to "this is it, time to pass 10 cars, brake deeper than usual". Contact put me at the back of the field.

Had some good clean racing making my way back through the field.

Race 2 was good for the first few laps. Gave a few positions up in close racing, good fun when the cars are so close, once you get off line it is hard to get back in line.  Went side by side a few times. All came to a sudden end again at the exit of the sweeper when I was racing side by side with someone.  Strangely the person decided the braking line was 3 meters to the right so I was on the grass.  "Luckily" my high speed crash didn't take any innocent people out, pity it didn't take out the offender...

Pitted to try and repair damaged, twice, but the car was shot so finished 2 laps down, last.

Race 3 was awesome.  35% restrictor made it interesting, had to really focus on exits to try and keep with the cars ahead.  Has some great racing with several people moving up from last to 13th with one solo spin and NO CONTACT.  Clean passing, respectful racing.  Had great fun with Mael, DaveO, Rob, Keith and a few others.  Undoubtedly the quality of racing was excellent with these guys.

I don't have time to look at replays all day but I have a clearer picture in my mind of those that want to race and those who want to win at any cost - I will be adjusting my driving accordingly.  Not normally a vocal guy, just like to have a bit of fun however some of the driving is disrespectful leaving zero room for fellow racers or just plain not caring if contact is made, as long as you get the pass, be damned the consequences for the other guy.

Looking at the damage report it appears the car receiving contact often gets more damage points than the car creating the contact.  That is interesting to me and something I will have to consider.

Looking forward to next week.
Hey AB,  if you watch the replay of R1 T1 you will see that I was up the inside (close but no touch) when you got a slight tail out on the ripple strip and turned into me!
R2 that will be my fault.  Having got the run alonside up the straight then quicker into the left sweeper I briefly glanced at helicorsa and thought I had just cleared you so moved right but
it was also immediately before the braking zone.  You may have been braking later than me but I did ultimately give you the bare minimum to work with, sry!!
Re the disrespectful, not caring blah blah . . . that's not me!  I always do my best to race hard and clean.  Race 2 was just a misjudgment!

Love the track!  Hard to master, but once you get it going its good fun.  And yes, there was a number of places to pass . . :)

Race one was clean and steady. I grabbed two spots climbing to 6th.
Race two felt a bit like a demo derby.  I didn't actually go off but certainly had plenty of rear and door banging!
Race three . . . Wally had a loose under brakes into the hairpin and shot across in front of me. I subsequently bounced off into the wall
and had a busted screen and hard right hand down wheel.  Not to mention being last!  From there it was just trying to get it home.

Race two could have seen some cleaner moves but all up a pretty good night.

This is something that happens more with modded tracks. Some are as good as Kunos's ones, but others lack a little bit in details, and so you have fewer reference points.
I don't think it has brake markers in real life . . . its not the mod.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Best wishes to Flattop
« on: December 25, 2017, 12:30:59 AM »
Well its Christmas eve and I was about to go to bed when I thought of Flattop and thought I would post him a message.  Sadly then I read here to find
that I am to late.....
Stunned and lost for words...
I have raced with Bruce for many many years and held him in the highest regard despite never having actually met! 
A thorough gentleman who like many here I will very sadly miss.
RIP Bruce.

I had a great nights racing in the BMW.  I copped a couple of hits and i gave one or two small ones but all up I don't think I have raced so
consistently close for a long time.  On the setup front I decided that I can't make it go any faster in a straight line so I ended up changed most things
just a little bit do get it nimble in the corners and with good power down.  You cant afford wheel spin in these as to much time is lost.
All up looking forward to a good season although I will be missing two rounds.

Wally: Can you put dates on each round in the sign up?  I heard mention of no race next week.  (Disregard, Just saw the post)

All the best to everyone for Christmas..... Cheers!

Hey Wally, your probably already set on tracks but after watching the BTCC today I went looking for and found this
Oulton Park - https://actrackrebootproject.wixsite.com/ac-track-re-boot/oulton-park 
Fast, flowing and undulating circuit which I recall we used a bit in the Rf days . . . food for thought!
Me likee!
It's better than the other version we had. I think I'll add it.
Excellent... :)

Hey Wally, your probably already set on tracks but after watching the BTCC today I went looking for and found this
Oulton Park - https://actrackrebootproject.wixsite.com/ac-track-re-boot/oulton-park 
Fast, flowing and undulating circuit which I recall we used a bit in the Rf days . . . food for thought!

I'm in but will miss 3 or the rounds due to holidays etc.

"Not a single contact in the first lap", but turn 1 of lap two changed that.
I went for a dive down the inside of Joe who braked a bit early and I not only flew past him I started coming down the side of DC.
However he started tracking across from the far left I think to have a look at the inside of Aaron, but then Aaron turned in also.
This effectively squeezed me into the apex with no where to go and there was contact.  Trying to get untangled lost a bunch of spots
and then got going.  I was able to grab a few spots back before the first stop and then spent the second stint chasing Joe.  I was about
5 sec behind but couldn't close him down.  Love this track.  Had a fun season although the number of hits saw a solid result go begging!
Many thanks again Wally.

Somehow managed to crash into you again Freezer, seems like it happens every race this season! Thought I could make the move stick but started a disastrous drift before finally just running out of road.
Yeah took a few hits again tonight!!  Story of the season.

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