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Hi Wally
I'm sitting another one out, the wrist is up to it, but I'm not up to driving a sedan.
Good selection of tracks though, have a good season.
No worries doobs, maybe next time. It's good that your wrist is better.

Looking at the time sheets, Grat, Phil and Kcender have found some early pace in the BMW, posting times in the 1:39's, with Grat a good 0.6 seconds faster than the other two. Most people are putting in times in the 1:41's, although Godzilla and Mael are sitting in the 1:40's.

For what it's worth - the Cobra 289 is working for me, offline. I tried a couple of tracks, no crashes. I didn't have the car at all - it was a fresh download (I deleted it a long time ago).

But that car ran just fine.
The Cobra 289 won't run anywhere though, with or without apps turned on. :(
Yeah, that error shouldn't impact anything - it just means that mod is a car that TyrePressureEngineer doesn't know about.

it looks like you're using some kind of dodgy app called TyrePressureEngineer  :o
It looks like an error trying to find a setting for a mod car: "No option 'rss_formula_79.soft (s).mintf' in section: 'IdealPressure'"

I'm in if there's a free spot.
Yep, you're in.

d:\dev\dev_pc_master_race\acs\pythoninterface.cpp (340): PythonInterface::printErr

This line may mean an app is misbehaving.

Do other cars still work.

Can you disable all apps and test please?

Anybody else had a go at testing?
If anyone with errors can post up py_log.txt, that may have an error from an app.

Assetto Corsa / Re: Best wishes to Flattop
« on: Today at 09:10:55 AM »
Thanks Glen - marvellous photos.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Next Season - Shelby Cobra of course !
« on: December 15, 2017, 12:24:24 PM »
I have Castle Hill still on my PC, if you need it.

Should hopefully be able to make it home in time for quali so can I get in on this?

Hi Wally,
Could I please take the last spot ?
Kind regards,

Yes and yes.

Australian Assetto Corsa League, Tuesday nights / Re: S20R1: Tor Poznan
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:10:30 AM »
Is there a lap tracker running for this server? Would be good to get an idea of times
For anyone else, the link to lap times is always here: http://xgn.com.au/index.php?topic=837.0

Yep I'm in walls, not sure if Jeremy is he is having wheel troubles
Thanks, yes Jeremy told me about his wheel.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Next Season - Shelby Cobra of course !
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:08:22 AM »
I PM'd you Phil.

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: S11 R6 - Silverstone 1967 - 14/12/2017
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:02:21 AM »
A little later I snuck past the outside of Mael, giving his door a little knock on the way past. Then the Nissan oceans parted on the final lap and I was able to dodge them wide and carry enough speed to keep the 3rd spot.

Great driving Wally and a deserved Championship. Sorry for the bump but I saw you behind me and judged you were too far behind to make a move so only concentrated on the upcoming apex. Was quite a shock to suddenly have you alongside stealing my paint. You obviously had much better brakes than the cardboard cutouts the corvette uses.

Was a good season, Bruce chose well.
It was no drama - it was good door-to-door racing, playing chicken into the corner :)

Thursday Nights fun racing / Re: Flattops Thursday - Chrsitmas schedule
« on: December 15, 2017, 08:01:13 AM »
If anyone knows how to do a trophy like the Tuesday trophy and would like to maintain it or teach me how to, as I have no photoshop or anything like that, I think it would be a nice thing to do
 and if folks would like to suggest some trophy's that would be fitting for Bruce please do.
I would gladly do it. I presume you want to start with this season and my name  :P

If you wouldn't mind doing it that would be awesome  8) ;D

and of course your name first :)

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