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Welcome to the XGN netKar PRO League

Author Topic: Welcome to the XGN netKar PRO League  (Read 2303 times)

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Welcome to the XGN netKar PRO League
« on: September 21, 2013, 08:59:00 PM »
The XGN netKar PRO racing league is about close racing in a competitive but friendly environment. Close racing in a tight field is favoured over lonely hotlapping in a race. Close racing is achieved by assigning ballast to faster cars. After each race, the faster your best lap is compared to the average driver's fastest lap, the more ballast you carry the next race. Your ballast can vary up and down from race to race. After each race, you get bonus championship points the more ballast you carry.
The league has the usual expectations about maintaining a respectful attitude to other drivers and racing cleanly and fairly. Drivers are helpful and setups and tips are freely shared. It is worth pointing out that in the event of a race incident that puts another car off the track, redress is not required, but will attract a post-race point penalty.
League races are held on Tuesday nights, and a typical season, racing one car, might go for 6 or 7 rounds with a short break between seasons. A typical race night schedule is:
  • Practice 8:30pm (all times AEST)
  • Qualifying: 9:00pm
  • Race 1: 9:10pm
The race night format is typically 2 or 3 sprints. Some races will be in the wet.
The server is called www.xgn.com.au and is usually up 24x7 with the next week's track/car combination. You can read about server details here.
Most league members use TeamSpeak for in-game chat [download]. TeamSpeak server details are here.

You can read the league rules here.

Any questions, just ask!
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