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Can you put me down as a reserve please. I can't make last few races.
OK, will do.

Results are up in the first post.

Well done to Grat for winning the practice round, with Phil.8 in very close proximity. Mael came 3rd.

My first race was a really good cat and mouse game with Bacchulum. I followed him closely for 12 laps, at about the same pace, moving around in his mirrors, trying to keep him guessing where and when I might make a move. As both of our tyres wore, it made a mistake look more and more likely. Finally I managed to sneak a pass and open a bit of a gap. That was a good, long battle.

Race 2 didn't go so well, getting turned around on the first corner of lap 2 and having to wait for nearly all of the field to pass. The bit of ballast I was carrying meant I could see a group of cars tantalisingly close in front, but I just couldn't catch up to them. My prize for race 2 was "Loneliest" :(

The ballast worked really well - in race 1, 10th place was 55 seconds from the lead. In race 2, 10th place was 24 seconds from the lead. People still finished in roughly the "right" order, but the field was compressed.

>:( VR side swipes have to stop. I saw a driver who I know is in VR take out another driver and even though I was prepared for it I couldn't avoid the ensuring carnage. >:(
Granting a bias on my part, I have $1500 of Vive just tossed on the floor gathering dust, it still seems to me that 80% of the mishaps I get involved in occur with a driver in VR. >:(
I know what you mean. VR seems to make you lose awareness of who's around you. I don't know if that's because radar type apps like Helicorsa don't work in VR, or it's too hard to look out the side window, with your view more fixed straight ahead. FOV issues maybe?

Looks like a no show for me Wally, nbn have been working in the area. Haven’t had internet all day.
Ah bugger. Damn NBN  :-X


Points by the finish gap to position 2/3 (i.e. pos 10 tonight in a field of 15).
Grat and Phil.8 were very close in both finishes, so get nearly the same points etc.

That's why I take holidays from Wednesday to Wednesday. ;)
When you get back to work, you only have 3 days before the next break. 8)
Good plan.

Can I has teh one here please http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/ferrari-599xx-evo-gopro_hero3.1769/ I like the colours. Wally, I will miss the practice race tomorrow, dang it's tough being back at work after having 5 wks at home with the family
Yeah, anything over 3 weeks is hard to return from.

Septic flags are septic.

p.s. Just noticed, I'm glad Team Maki think the same way. ;)
Riiight... The wing flags.

Phil.8: http://www.racedepartment.com/downloads/schumachers-1998-f300-for-ferrari-599xx-evo.2892/

The Schumacher pack has two different cars in multiple resolutions and is 195mb.  May I suggest we pick out the one that you want to use Phil!
If not, Phil, I've assumed "ScuderiaFerrariMichael" for you.

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